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  1. ^ But Great Escape didn't really announce anything about Shipwreck Cove, I got there in July, looked at the map and was like, "Wait there's two new additions?"
  2. ^ Yes, but it was kind of announced (also I think SFOT did this), but I don't think Great Escape really announced Shipwreck Cove at all. Either way, it was just an interactive splash pad but it got you soaked, it was pretty cool.
  3. EXACTLY. People are just so used to the park getting big addition after big addition, but get so mad when they don't add something huge/nothing at all? Like I get it, Jim said "EVERY PARK," but Frontier City kinda got nothing as well, White Water Bay/HH Oklahoma City got an addition, but it's technically separate from the park. Either way, you'd rather take a huge addition every few years than another cookie cutter ride which I know for a fact people will still bitch if Magic Mountain were to get something from their "cookie cutter inventory."
  4. This. Before planning to go to a park, I check EVERYTHING. Events, concerts, weather, what day it is. Everything factors into when a park will be busy or not, so if you have the option to go on a different day when you KNOW it's gonna be packed due to an event, then DO THAT.
  5. ^ Either way, it looks like an eyesore and it's begging for a redo. Great Escape last year quietly opened another kids area across from Bucket Blasters and it wasn't advertised in the 2019 announcements video. So maybe?
  6. ^ It was just a rough ride compared to the others in Europe. That, and it didn't spin as much due to it being stuck upside down in the station a lot so maintenance had to end up flipping them every ride cycle. It was a nightmare.
  7. I would at another Six Flags park but SFGadv is pretty good about using all the trains. Nitro always runs three, Bizarro usually runs three in the summer, Ka only runs two or three of four because of the way they use the single station now. Bizarro was running three when I went during Easter break.
  8. ^^ Honestly I think that's so cool that you did that lol. Props. Either way, good addition haha. Then why is Hook's Lagoon still open if the water blasters and dump buckets aren't no longer working and the slides closed off? Wouldn't have the answer to that.
  9. Me and my mom lucked out, we have Platinum membership that allowed us to use the membership entrance and skip the regular line. That line was awful though, it was easily 30-45 mins and to just get into the park that is atrocious. We didnt know about the second entrance before we went to Goliath and found it but next time we go we will be using that entrance if its open. I got there a half hour before it opened so I only waited around 5-10 mins. Rode Goliath 20+ times that day, and it was one of the days the park was open till 11:30pm. The other entrance wasn't open both days I went, it seems like they don't want people entering there, cause the parking situation is so annoying and that results in them blocking off the road to get there.
  10. ^ I'd say land wise, either behind Brain Drain, or over the bridge. I don't really see any other area to put it in, unless Kahuna were to close.
  11. ^ I had no problems going in July, but yeah, they have like 5 buildings run down and unused that look like eyesores. Hopefuly next year they add something in Cobra's plot so we can see sprucing up of that area as well.
  12. ^ Both Frontier City (focus was on White Water Bay) and SFMM didn't get a segment and they're not on the map of the attractions pointing to the park they're going to.
  13. Guys... Let's talk about how there was not ONE freespin OR super loop this year!!! But for real, this seems like an awesome year for Six Flags! They really stepped out of their "cookie cutter additions" this year to try new things at different parks! Super excited.
  14. I hope they fix what was wrong with it at SFMM, it gave such a bad ride, if so, it'll be a good fit for this park!
  15. This looks UNREAL, can't wait for this to open! Glad they're finally getting that crazy thrilling attraction they needed.
  16. It looks strikingly similar to Tsunami Surge at multiple Six Flags parks. Either way, this is super cool! With the lines our water park gets though, might have to skip out on it.
  17. Have they done anything like that before? I remember when Maxx Force was leaked and it didn't seem like they did anything. Hasn't the local news accidentally announced something too early?
  18. ^ Imagine riding rides AFTER that concert started, you could probably hear a pin drop.
  19. I would be satisfied with a new water playground to replace hooks, it's in shambles, half of it's effects aren't working, slides closed off, no bucket. It's depressing.
  20. Part of me wishes that they'd pull a Golden Lasso Coaster and announce it earlier than the others.
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