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  1. I've been expecting the 2018 project to be a floorless conversion for Vortex. I never gave thought to a Planet Snoopy expansion. Now that you mentioned it, that really does seem more likely. If the floorless was happening in 2018 it would have been mentioned in the 4 coaster announcement or teased somehow. Nothing in the description of the coasters points to it. I expect 2019 is the conversion of Vortex and then Carowinds gets a ground up coaster in 2020.
  2. The out of state deal was something I was thinking about too. I want to ride all the RMC's in the US, I am headed to KI next week and was thinking of spending monday at KK, hard to beat for $30. Park closes at 7pm so then make the 2 hour drive to KI that multi day visit.
  3. 1)Bizarro 2)Dominator 3)Rogorou The rest are bunched as a toss up.
  4. July 12th opening and supposed test July 9th for employees? It seems like quite a bit needs to get done in a weeks time.
  5. The Raptor could be like the Infinity Coaster, there are ones that cost 20M+, ones that cost 8M, and many in between the extremes that are customized.
  6. There are already a bunch of companies targeting the cost conscious coaster market. S&S is designing all their coasters and concepts towards this market. There are others such as Skyline and Chance with the Hyper Gt-x, etc...The big coaster market is dominated B&M and Intamin and it seems many companies don't want to play in that arena. Even then, the big boys are building more coasters abroad, especially China than the US. The fact is the number of parks buying big coasters domestically is much smaller than those buying less expensive ones. Six Flags is essentially out of buying big coasters regularly, when they were buying 5 a yr in the 90's and 2000's. Coaster companies are adapting to the new market which changed in the 2010's. The sub less expensive coaster market is becoming really competitive with new players. RMC seems to want to play in the big coaster market and the small.
  7. Based on the paint scheme, it sure seems like it. Same with how Vampire seems like it was supposed to be Batman based on the paint scheme and bat theming. None of these rides were intended to be DC themed b/c they can't use DC themes in how the licensing deal works. SF must not think it's worth paying more to change the deal. How come the DC licensing deal doesn't extend to La Ronde? The license with Warner Bros. and DC Comics is not valid in unbranded Six Flags parks, this applies to the Great Escape too. La Ronde was bought by SF at a dirt cheap price 20M, with a land lease from the city. Even though patrons complain, the park surely has been a money maker b/c the low purchase price. SF seems not to want to make it a branded park as it may not be a good ROI, just like Escape wouldn't be. Both parks are deemed as the bottom parks in the chain. DC themes will not likely change that much, but cost SF more in licensing.
  8. Based on the paint scheme, it sure seems like it. Same with how Vampire seems like it was supposed to be Batman based on the paint scheme and bat theming. None of these rides were intended to be DC themed b/c they can't use DC themes in how the licensing deal works. SF must not think it's worth paying more to change the deal.
  9. The Ride Line up appears to be: Roller Coasters Thunderbolt Twisted Coaster(Zamperla"s version of Wild Mouse) Mega Disk'o - Not a coaster IMO, but Zamperla lists it as such Flats Air Race...looks like 8.2 or maybe the 6.4 model Endeavour Vertical Swing(Zamperla's version of Funtime Star Flyer) Midi Discovery Flying carousel Windstar Z Rockin' Tug Tea Cup Disko Samba balloon Also 8 Kiddie flat rides and 1 kiddie coaster. 21 rides total in the park. Pretty decent start.
  10. It's not a shock at all. The park is doing all Zamperla rides. This was announced long ago as it being a Zamperla Showcase Park.
  11. OWA is going to be like Luna Park(NY), it's a Zamperla ride showcase with all the rides being Zamperla.
  12. The amount of space isn't necessarily all for 2018, They have a long term plan and be prepping for both 2018 and the future while it's easier. What quote(s) from CF point to Maverick/Cheetah Hunt? I was always betting on the Intamin Impulse - surf rider model, It fits with the "Hangtime" trademark and recently the stakes with SR1 2018.. SR1 - Surf Rider 2018.
  13. Intamins newer impulse coaster model surf rider fits the 110ft specs. It's a snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing inspired ride from Intamins own literature on it. This happens to also fit with a recently trademarked name "Hangtime". I would bet on the surf rider impulse coaster
  14. The simple fact is construction is really at a snail pace now. If you look not too much was done all of June. There really is no need to move quick b/c it's not opening. Cedar Point also wants to hold back things like the lift hill height, which enthusiast want to know. Btw, having to the park 5 days this year, the GP's literally have no clue. Some of the comments I overheard were down right hilarious. Cedar Point has fed the buzz beast all this time, why not continue to milk it. I actually could see them holding some of the final touches till just before season opens 2018 or at least till late winter.
  15. SF capital investments are based on a formula. One that they are very happy with and have no intention to change soon by their statements. They are not likely increasing investments over 9% of revenue and actually heavily hinted in last quarters conference call, that the % may decrease as revenue increases. One could interpret that to mean SF has a capital investment cap in mind and when that is reached by the formula, the % will decrease. Currently SF formula gives them about 75M/yr for rides. The question may be when the formula reaches what level do they cap it...80M, 90M, etc... Each 100M in revenue increase adds 9M to the overall capital investment budget and out of that about 5.4M would go to rides using the formula outline.
  16. Ziz has been a rumor for four years now. Yes, and a rumor for good reason. CW has the space and it's a top end park in the chain. The names Behemoth, Leviathan, and Ziz are linked in mythology representing earth, water, and air. The trademarking of the name was purposeful to complete the triad of coasters at some point. I predict minimum 3 CF coasters in 2019...CW, Dorney, and Carrowinds vortex conversion to floorless. 2020 Carowinds gets another coaster b/c CP got and CGA by all indications will be getting a coasters the year after their floorless conversions.
  17. Interesting factoid Wonderland and Dorney have both received coasters the same year the last 3 times 2005 - CW- Backlot Stunt DP-Hydra 2008 - CW - Behemoth DP- Possessed 2012 - CW - Leviathan DP- Stinger Neither is getting a coaster in 2018, but they may both get one in 2019. I predict CW finally gets "Ziz" as B&M Wing or Dive coaster.
  18. RMC hasn't used those color markers in the past. Second, RMC is working with CF and there are claims the deal excludes SF builds. It was rumored when SF went on a run of RMC's they put in terms to exclude CF projects in that period so they coud reap the benefits of the innovative new RMC conversions exclusively over their big chain competitor
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