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  1. The addition to White Water sounds exciting. I did make an interesting observation: the "python" in the logo of Python Plunge is IDENTICAL to the "viper" in the new Vipere ride going to La Ronde! That is vintage Six Flags right there...they are masters of recycling and reusing everything, from old ride buildings and fixtures, all the way down to logos!
  2. Not a coaster but I love these additions. I still miss the Wheelie and am glad we are getting a 2nd generation. Also nice to see White Water getting some love. All this plus more announcements yet tut o come should make for an interesting 2020.
  3. There are readers over on some of the Six Flags discussion pages resisting the strong urge to throw things right about now....
  4. Isn't most of everything at SF lost in the tree line, especially Mind bender? Mindbender benefits tremendously from the wooded setting. For that matter, any 'fast' coaster does, whizzing past nearby objects, trees, etc. A ride like an S&S 4D would not really gain (or lose for that matter) anything from being nestled in the woods. If nothing else, from a pure marketing perspective, the park would want such a ride to be in the open and take full advantage of the eye candy that this type of ride is. While anything is certainly possible, I would not expect the park to start clearing away much forest from the beautiful Carousel Hill area to make room for any new attraction.
  5. I have to admit I have been impressed with the dropping of hints and mind games this park does annually. This park sure likes to have fun teasing up new attractions! If only other SF parks would drop more hints. Speculation season is in full swing after all!
  6. I have noticed too that SFOG is the only park (I am aware of) that goes to such great lengths to require riders to make arrangements for loose articles other than drink bottles. Ride ops will hold up the entire train dispatch to wait for a rider to claim a ball cap left harmlessly on top of their drink cup. Of course loose articles can be left with a non-rider but the money grab hope is you will pay for "personal storage" - and the park is willing to foster bad will to achieve that extra revenue. Again, this seems unique to this park. When I travel with my friends to other SF parks, this is a non-issue.
  7. Just visited the park Saturday for the first time in a few weeks. I was only there a few hours at the end of the day but am planning a full day tomorrow. I was in the area and thought I would look for hints of project 2020, paying close attention to the Splashwater Falls area. Alas - nothing has changed, no survey markings, etc. Also I am quite surprised the park has not added an entrance sign for ScreamPunk coming from the Piedmont section. I know this area is very underdeveloped and am sure there is much more to come. Which got me thinking about what may be coming next year. I share a popular theory that the park will likely add an S&S 4D Free Spin coaster as it seems to fit well in the former Splashwater Falls area. However, while that type of ride would fit, the size and height of such a coaster would be lost in the tree line. In fact, the only real clear view of this ride in that location would be from an angle, and it would seem to me that such a ride would look much better in the open area behind Pandemonium. What if the new attraction coming to the SWF area is NOT a coaster? (The park could still receive a coaster in 2020 but maybe not in that spot - with the aforementioned lack of survey markers there.) There is a rumor going around that SF Fiesta could possibly receive a Zamperla NebulaZ model - and there is a video of a similar installation in Luna Park. I have to say this is one cool and fun looking flat ride! This type of ride would fit in PERFECTLY with the ScreamPunk theme with all the gears and such. And - it would fit in the space where SWF sits, thus taking on a ScreamPunk-themed name. For arguements sake, if such a ride were to get a DC theme, with its proximity to other DC attractions, it could receive a Cyborg theme too. Speculation season is here! Let's enjoy every minute of it!
  8. Actually the park has done pretty well giving guests a way to get wet on hot days. I remember in 2003, the park did the unthinkable for Splashwater Falls when they installed splash deflectors on the boats, presumably to protect the adjacent Dahlonega Mine Train wooden supports from damage as well as the wooden observation bridge itself. It sounds crazy but that was the explanation I was given from then park management. This brought an end to that glorious splash on the bridge and forever ended my interest in this ride. But - fast forward to 2005 when the park added "Skull Island" (now "Paradise Island" inside Hurricane Harbor), guests were given an instant way to cool off without waiting in any line. Although the rest of Hurricane Harbor would not be added for another nine years, I spent many hours cooling off in this standalone water play structure. If anything, our park would be smart to add water sprinklers around the park like SFoT has. This would fill the need for guests not wanting to enter the water park or for after hours when only the 'dry' park is open. I know many here complain about cloned rides but quite frankly, I would much rather get an off the shelf model of something which has been tested and is reliable versus some prototype first-of-its-kind ride that wows the media but may or may not be a hit or may or may not function reliably. (Batman & Robin: The Chiller anyone?) Right now, my money is on an S&S 4D Free Spin for 2020. If they give it a Scream Punk Theme they might use the previously discarded "Total Mayhem" name and have 'gears' on it, similar to Pandemonium. Otherwise if they go with DC, they could use Cyborg or the previously suggested Wonder Woman theme.
  9. While this park is one of the only SF parks without a launched coaster - and such a ride would be a great fit, I do not believe the space currently occupied by SWF would be the most ideal for a launch coaster. An S&S 4D would fit there while a launcher would be better suited for the back of the parking lot adjacent to Pandemonium. Whatever does get built in the former SWF location will be part of ScreamPunk District. It looks like this underdeveloped theme area will be getting the most attention in the coming years.
  10. I would not be OK with riding that. I've ridden it too many times to count when its a walk-on. I would not be OK with waiting a long time to ride Mean Streak unless I needed the credit. At Cedar Point, I try to buy to the FL+ to get my production on Steel Vengeance. Any more negativity or trying to poke holes in my logic guys? I guess I'm just a little surprised at how people don't try to factor in ratio of wait time to ride length. Think less...party more.... Waiting in line is not always a bad thing. It is nice to be able to talk with your friends and other enthusiasts while waiting. Plus if a queue house is themed well and tells a story, all the better.
  11. He says his home park is SFOG. They have a Superman Ultimate Flight there and in my opinion, it is better than the one at Great America. It plays with the terrain better, has a tunnel, just more enjoyable to me anyway. Bull does do a pretty good job of running people through and speaking of running, SUF is typically a coaster people do run for and is toward the front of the park. That's why I would recommend Bull and Goliath since they're towards the back. Thanks for the suggestions. I failed to mention in my prior post that we have the dining passes so we will be eating inside the park. Any food and beverage location recommendations? I did see there is a Strutters chicken wing location - SFoG added one this year and it is really good actually. We are also hoping we can get a decent salad somewhere. We will have two full days inside the park so we do not plan on purchasing flash passes. We will also strategically use our Diamond Elite S-T-L passes - two per day - for some of our coaster credits. In related news, I have learned there is a major event occurring nearby: Nickelodeon Slime Fest. With thousands of families and children expected to attend that event over the June 8-9 weekend, perhaps that might reduce the SFGam crowd a bit - we will see.
  12. With SFoG being our home park, we have decided to skip our annual trip to the two Texas SF parks and instead are traveling to this one and SFStl. This will be my first visit to SFGAm since 2001 and my friends have never been. While my memories of Raging Bull are great, I know a lot has changed and been added since then. (We are REALLY hoping Maxx will be operational by June 8th.) We generally do not buy Flash passes but we do have our Diamond Elite two skip-the-line passes. We are also interested in checking out the Hurricane harbor area as well. We will have TWO days - Saturday and Sunday June 8-9. Any pro-tips for the major rides? After our two days here we will be off to SFStl (my first visit to that park since 2005).
  13. Me and my friends braved the heat and had one of our longest days at the park in a while. It was almost like attending a second 'grand opening' as the park officially kicks off full time summer operations with the opening of Pandemonium and Hurricane Harbor. All in all - it was a great day albeit HOT! Food lines were not bad at all. It may just be the improvements the park is trying to make in the food and beverage service are for real. I never had to wait longer than a minute or two to refill my drinks - and today that was important! Hurricane Harbor was somewhat a flop as the wave pool remained closed for the final 3 hours of the day. The Diamond/Elite seating area has been relocated to the area directly at the foot of the wave pool and not underneath Tsunami Surge. We had reservations and the attendant just let us right in. No scanning or wristbands. However it was a free-for-all as the seating area was full with no one really enforcing anything. As one would imagine with the heat, the area was extremely crowded. Fortunately the Skull/Paradise Island was fully open so we cooled off there. In spite of the wave pool woes, the new paint and décor at the head of the pool looks nice. Now...on to PANDEMONIUM! Although we rode a copy of this ride in SFoT (Riddler's Revenge), I forgot how wicked and fun this ride was! And when the sun went down, the lighting package on this thing is amazing! There were a few more set pieces added to the Screampunk District area but it still seems under-themed. There is so much more potential for this cool theme. The area immediately around Pandemonium looks really nice though. Overall, the park was not too terribly busy. The heat surely played a role and once Hurricane Harbor closed for the day, many guests headed for the exit. We got in lots of station waits after dark. The staff were very friendly and considering they have to wear long pants and uniform for hours in the heat, that is impressive. Tomorrow we head to White Water. Happy Memorial Day! Crowded Hurricane Harbor Wave pool closed but nice looking refresh paint job! Here's what we really came for! Inside the shaded portion of the Pandemonium queue house, formerly Thomas Town train station! The new gift shop at the ride exit. e really (and I mean REALLY) unique items for sale in there! This new sign was located at the former Splashwater Falls exit.
  14. Across town, SF White Water had their opening day, in spite of a terrible weather forecast. Good news is there were NO storms and the weather was quite pleasant! Crowds were at a minimum and every attraction I observed was a walk-on. A few observations: The Little Hooch (Lazy River) got a major overhaul with resurfacing of the trough as well as new paint for the entirety of the circuit. The walls and fencing adjacent to the lazy river were extensively cleaned as well making this attraction look really nice. There is an all new small retail location located near the park entrance next to the tube rental station. The 2019 Dive In Movies list banners were posted at the head of the wave pool as in years' past. Looks like there is some rehab work taking place near the movie screen building. in talking to an operations manager, he confirmed the Rapids ride would remain closed permanently; it has been removed from the park map. He also indicated this would eventually be the location for a new attraction. The Diamond / Elite seating area has been reconfigured somewhat and looks much better. A new membership lounge and charging station has been set up near member services. I cannot comment on improvement (or lack thereof) in the food and beverage service as the park was very much empty and lines were non existent. Hopefully this will be improved from last year; the next busy weekend will tell the tale. Welcome back, summer!
  15. Had a great visit today - not at all crowded; most rides were station waits including Twisted Cyclone. This was surprising as the weather was excellent. We got our first rides of the year on the (newly repainted) Scorcher. The trains got some love too as the restraints all look new. Oddly enough the ad wrapping for Georgia's Own CU was still present. The new membership lounge has added more features including serving as the location to pick up Skip-the line passes (no more going to Flash Pass HQ) as well as more refill stations. Pandemonium is built; the construction on the surrounding areas continues. We got a great look from the top of Sky Screamer, which incidentally was doing extra long cycles today - up to the top, halfway down; back to the top; halfway down; back to the top and then a long slow descent down - never seen that before. I really hope they add more theming to the Screampunk District. I admit I am spoiled by the immersive SFMM version; I will reserve judgment until they are officially done though. I can really tell the park is working hard on improving food and beverage service. We did not wait longer than 5 minutes anywhere to get food today. The new refill stations are helping cut down the actual food lines. Still not sure what the plan is for the former Goliath games area...all the shade canopies installed at the top of those tall poles has been removed. For now it is a large seating area with no shade. Next visit: Sunday May 5th. Cheers.....
  16. Over Georgia is removing their Shoot the Chutes. It was confirmed at ACE Winter Warm-Up that it “would not be returning this season.” At least SFoG has an attached (included) Hurricane Harbor water park. It is a very small water park but anyone can get drenched (in street clothes if desired) without waiting. One feature Over Texas does have though to deal with triple digit heat are water sprinklers around the park, most notably the huge one next to Mr. Freeze. Stand there for 30 seconds and you will be absolutely drenched... One caveat for Aquaman is that it creates issues for Justice League riders in that you will not be allowed to ride if you are wet. And since it is across the walkway, Aquaman riders get turned away quickly. Oddly enough, Over Georgia does not enforce such a rule even though their JL ride is steps away from the Hurricane Harbor exit.
  17. I give it until about July 1st before those refill stations are where every single fruit fly in a 25-mile radius congregate. Outside without a constant eye on being clean, probably being used non-stop. The refill stations that were located outside were adjunct to a snack stand and had an attendant. (Someone has to keep away the freeloaders...and keep it clean also.) I do not share your 'fruit fly' prediction. This may be Six Flags but give them a break for once...let's not attempt to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  18. Its worth noting that last summer the Locomotive "The General" was damaged in a fire, leaving "The Texas" to do full duty for the remainder of the season, up through Holiday in the Park. I did not get any official word but I have the feeling "The Texas" is simply undergoing maintenance while the "General" is still out of commission. A few other tidbits from my Sunday visit: I had the pleasure of a short conversation with park President Kaetzel (Kudos to him for walking the park regularly and engaging with guests!) -He informed me of the new colors for the Georgia Scorcher: charcoal grey supports with red track. This should really look good and give a pop of color, particularly with the Goliath supports comingled in that space. -The new mobile dining app is expected to be functional by June. Many of the restaurants in the park are still in the process of modification to accommodate this service. -The Joker Chaos Larson Loop was up and running. -Many external areas around stores and restrooms have had some ADA enhancements, mainly the addition of ramps. It does appear the park is taking on lots of housekeeping details which are long overdue. It is nice to see attention to quality.
  19. Six Flags tried to cash in on the Pokémon GO! craze a few years ago. The park participated by sponsoring Poke-Stops and other elements; and the topic of this game was even in guest surveys. Nowadays it is hard to remember this was even a thing. Talk about a flame out. Same thing would happen with this current game obsession.
  20. It does look like the chain is trying to address the food service problems on multiple fronts. Here at SFoG (opening day) I was pleasantly surprised to find new "refill stations" at numerous locations around the park. These are not Freestyle but simply a bank of fountains. This will most certainly limit frustration from guests that simply want to refill their souvenir bottle without having to wait in a food line. Hopefully this is chain-wide. Also, our park decided to replace Panda Express with not Chop Six, but a new chicken wing place; Strutters Famous Chicken Wings & Brews. Are any other SF parks getting a "Strutters?" I had not heard of this before. We did use our dining passes there and it was actually pretty good. Anyway - I posted numerous photos on the SFoG page but I will drop these here too.... New at SFoG: Strutters Famous Chicken Wings & Brews (Formerly a Panda Express location) Close-up of the new logo. Conveniently fits in the frame of the old Panda Express sign These "refill stations" are a nice addition! Go ahead SF...put 'em EVERYWHERE!!!
  21. Just enjoyed a full day and I have to say I am impressed on the many different things the park is working on now. I will submit my own TR but I will focus on the stuff not yet covered here. Since the Scorcher re-paint and the progress on Pandemonium have already been well covered, I will not post additional photos. Weather was the first pleasant surprise - sun was out for several hours, otherwise overcast and no rain! New this year: Membership Lounge (former Miss Dixie Depot / recruitment center building) - not open yet; Numerous soft drink refill stations added - not Freestyle but fountain; Panda Express replaced with Strutters Chicken Wings & Brews - we had our dinner there - it was actually good and our dining pass works there too! This may have been the first time I have ever sat down for a meal in that building... Diamond Elite special park entrance - in the location of season pass processing (sign says Diamond Elite so I presume any lower membership tier has to use the member entrance or the main gate) - complete with metal detector and scanner. Yeah I know...weird... Splashwater Falls sign has been removed, so it appears there is zero chance of this ride ever opening again; Giant LICKSKILLET sign now removed ahead of forthcoming ScreamPunk theming - was deteriorated and needed to go anyway! Rhythm & Grooves show sign up "coming soon" - so we know what the summer Crystal Pistol show will be Railroad still closed since Holiday in the Park; locomotive nowhere in sight (anyone know more?) Mobile food (APP) ordering not yet operational; coming soon Goliath Games area removed - employee said they were rebuilding a new games pavilion to replace the old one. Many of these improvements are minor but they do add up. I will likely be back tomorrow and look around some more. Enjoy the photo TR.... Souvenir cup 2019 colors! We already knew season cups are yellow; daily cups are transparent aqua New refill station in Promenade Pizza! Celebrating a new season at the front gate! New membership lounge (and event space) Out with Panda; here comes Strutters Famous Wings & Brews! Here's what is playing this summer at the Crystal Pistol Another refill station!! Location: Dahlonega Mine Train exit Removed sign confirms what we already know...Splashwater Falls RIP... Not for much longer... I have no idea how they will re-theme this mill into ScreamPunk... First eatery in the old part of Lickskillet to receive the new ScreamPunk theme Old pic from January...this large LICKSKILLET sign is now GONE
  22. In looking at the new 2019 map (pdf); I noticed a few more new things: -Membership lounge (looks like it is in the former Miss Dixie Depot) -new on-ride photos for Mindbender -new 'refill stations' scattered around the park I will be there this weekend - weather permitting!
  23. I will be heading to the park this weekend so hopefully I will get a few pics. Also it will be interesting to see the progress on the new "ScreamPunk District" themed area and all the other enhancements they have planned. Stay tuned....
  24. Six Flags Over Georgia removed their Southern Star Ampitheater in 2014 and built a water park in that spot. They still have a few concerts but on a much smaller scale and on temporary structures.
  25. Is it "Chop Six" (which makes sense seeing it written) or "Chop Sticks"? The guy for Fiesta Texas seemed to say "Six" the first time but "Sticks" the second time. See image below - it is a (marginally) clever play on words. I was able to try Chop Six for myself last summer at SFA; it was not bad nor was it great, but it was another option. Freestyle machines are dining establishment nightmares. They take a lot of maintenance and up-keep. Guests love them, though, so many places suffer through them. Agreed - Freestyle machines have been an on again off again nightmare -but- the technology is improving - and getting less expensive. I am seeing these machines in more and more places and for the most part they operate problem free. However, a fast food establishment environment is much different than a theme park with the sheer volume of guests using them. That is where durability and ease of use are a must. Hopefully the employees will be fully trained on reloading and maintaining them. Coca Cola likes having these machines in a busy location like SF because of the data they collect. The Freestyles do more than just dispense your beverage. They gather data on what drinks / combinations guests are selecting and make marketing decisions based on that info. In fact, Coke is expected to debut a Coke Orange flavor during the Final Four next month, a direct result of the choices made at all Freestyle machines, including the ones inside Six Flags. At any rate, the more of these machines that are installed in the park, the more spread out users will be and the less overburdened any one machine will be. Chop Six logo in use at other SF parks.
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