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  1. While it is not surprising Panda Express is going away, they are making an interesting replacement: Strutters (will feature bone-in chicken wings - I am all for that!) while most other Panda replacements in the SF chain are "Chop Six". One must wonder if JD's Sports will change their menu a bit since seemingly two out of three food locations serve chicken. Also - excited to hear DeeJay's will be getting self-service soft drinks (Freestyle machines I assume). At any rate, we can all hope the food/bev experience is upgraded park wide. Kudos to the park for their planned upgrades to three of their establishments! It sounds like a lot of good things are in the works, far beyond a new Giant Discovery. On March 9th we will discover...
  2. Once the school year ends, weekends in summer are fairly crowded - Sundays less so than Saturdays, but still busy. The October Monday date you mention is Columbus Day and since area schools are off, the park adds that day to the calendar. Be aware though that on this day the park may operate the rides only and not the usual Fright Fest activities. Still, with low attendance it is a great day to get your coaster credits!
  3. The park is still filling out the schedule. There will be June/July hours added as well as other deletions or corrections. Interestingly it appears Fright Fest will go through November 3rd this year with the park being OPEN the full week of Halloween. Hope this holds true. Meanwhile over at White Water the schedule remains blank.
  4. That creepy hand is located in Prominade Pizza. It is definitely one of the most bizarre fixtures I have seen.
  5. 1. Where's Macho Nacho supposed to be located? 2. About time 3. In the place of Last Stand Tacos. If I remember correctly, Last Stand Tacos did NOT honor the dining pass either, so that plus Johnny Rockets adding the plan is a double win!
  6. Made my final visit on the final day of the season yesterday. This was the first nice weather weekend in nearly a month and the crowds reflected it. Anyway...now that January 7th is here, it is Six Flags' New Year's Day! The 2019 season officially begins today, which may matter little here in GA but counts in the few SF parks that are year round, most notably the purple cups are now dead. Anyway...looking forward to the new themed area - ScreamPunk District, as well as the new Giant Discovery. It will be interesting to see the progress made when the park reopens. Only 8 closed weekends between now and opening day! Could this be the last time we see this sign? It is in rough shape, and the area might become Screampunk District.... Anyone care to guess where in the park this creepy light fixture is located? One last look...it was a great Holiday in the Park season!
  7. Once opening weekend occurs they will be open all weekends after that. I have never known the park to open for the season and then skip weekend(s) after that unless, of course the weather man decides to interfere. The park will release the 2019 schedule soon. Since today was the last operating day of the 2018 season, it will generally take a few weeks to reset everything for the upcoming season. If you visit in March, let me know and maybe we can meet up!
  8. Hopefully I don’t offend anyone but they are certainly welcome to remove it This is almost certainly a rehab job. Hopefully they will replace the LED lighting package - it looks really bad now. It is doubtful this ride will be removed anytime soon. The space it occupies does not lend itself well to anything much larger. The only possibility would be if the Axis Arena were to be removed for a new attraction but that too is highly unlikely. In other news, in the email newsletter they send, they reference opening day for the 2019 season in early March, which is the norm. I am actually surprised the park does not consider opening for a couple weekends before the Super Bowl, when nearly a million visitors will be in town, only 12 miles away.
  9. Finally found a weekend with no rain so we spent a full day at Holiday! Park was well attended; ride lines were very short except for Justice League with about a 45 minute wait. Curiously, the Joker (Larson Loop) was closed with the ride vehicle removed. This ride had been getting very loud so it was probably due for a rehab. Also - the railroad was not operating. The coaches were in Marthasville station but the locomotive was nowhere to be seen. I doubt this is rehab though as the Ride to the North Pole is a HitP staple attraction. With the General still damaged to a fire early in the season, the Texas has been doing all the heavy lifting most of this year. Hopefully it will be back in service for my final visits of the year the next couple weeks. All in all it was a great day to visit! FINALLY some nice weather! It was a chilly but sunny day - perfect! Ummm....something is missing
  10. The cost of water is nominal since it is continually recycled although some does has to be continually added. Another reason I see as to the decline or stagnation of dry park water attractions is many dry parks have added small water parks which are included with admission. SFoG added a (really) small Hurricane Harbor in 2014 and it has proven to be very popular. If anything this section has dramatically reduced ridership on traditional water rides since those guests wishing to cool off no longer have to wait in a queue just to accomplish that, but rather they can just stroll into the wave pool or stand under the giant bucket - street clothes and all. Meanwhile the 'chute-the-chutes "Splashwater Falls" ride, which has existed since 1987, has stood SBNO all season and no one seemed to notice. On the other hand, Thunder River remains very popular since it is a thrill ride in addition to a water ride. And the Georgia park has a really nice scenic version. The Mack Power Splash does look intriguing though.
  11. In all likelihood SF Corporate will wait until January 7th - the first official day of the 2019 season - to make the branding switch . There's probably a contractural agreement at the corporate level somewhere that prevents the changeover from occurring during the 2018 season (even though the park itself is closed for the year).
  12. Glad we both got to enjoy what may have been one of the best days to visit this season! I will most certainly be back; tomorrow and several more times before the end of the season! I also did notice last weekend Monster Mansion with a few effects not working although "Billy Bob's warning and that annoying (sorry!) air horn at the end were working OK. In years' past, MM would get some seasonal overlay for Halloween and then for Christmas. This year and last the park has not added any of those extra elements to this ride. Anyway - Hope to see some fellow TPR folks at the park!
  13. Here are a few photos from December 2017 at Six Flags over Georgia. Snow events are always a big deal in the deep south and I was lucky to be able to get photos I never thought I could ever get in the Peach State! Of note I remember there was supposed to be a world record attempt at the largest snowball fight ever - using fake poly snowballs. How ironic it was canceled due to the real stuff being on the ground! Only in Georgia I suppose.... It was rescheduled for the following weekend. The 9-inches of snow really added a festive look to the entire park! Snow in the "Georgia Christmas" area Gotta love it when real snow covers up the fake stuff... If this grand entry did not put someone into the Holiday mood, they probably did not have a pulse!
  14. I was there from the minute the gates opened. I wish I had seen your post beforehand - we had a blast! A few observations from my visit to this opening day of HitP: The stage show "Because it's Christmas" - huge improvement over last year in terms of casting. Lots of new and returning talent. Twisted Cyclone - got in 3x rides (could have gotten many more as there was only station waits all evening but we had other fun stuff to do!) Today being my birthday - and the first time I have ever been able to celebrate it at a theme park - I got the festivities started with a ride on Twisted Cyclone! Metropolis Park (including Justice League; Superman): Flash pass staff told it was closed for the season and no Skip passes were available. A little later on we bumped into park President Dale Kaetzel who was roaming the park. We asked him about that area and he assured us it was open. Sure enough - We got in rides on Justice League and Superman. Lines were non existent so skip passes were unnecessary. All was good. Hot Chocolate cups are YELLOW this year. Park seemed busy with lots of guests but the major ride lines were all very short or non-existent. It was a great day to visit! I will be back on Monday, including a member event and early ride time. If anyone else in TPR land will be there, message me! This is a great addition to the Holiday in the Park lineup! The Georgia Christmas section continues to be my favorite every year. Much improved "Because it's Christmas" show in action!
  15. I have no doubt SFoG can do whatever is needed to upgrade their power capacity to support a launch coaster. We are talking metro Atlanta after all. The only real restriction on ride construction is the height limit due to nearby Brown Field Airport. If SFoG is actually considering a "West Coast Racers" or Maxx Force" clone, those rides stay below that height limit. Speaking of expansion plans, I asked some employees about the new "ScreamPunk District" and the space where it would actually occupy. It seems the plan is to convert part of the existing Lickskillet area, including the Sky Buckets, Thunder River entrance, go-carts, two eateries and the walkways leading up to the 'Piedmont' (former French) section to the new theme. This area would of course include the new Pandemonium ride along with the repurposed former Whistlestop/Thomas Town area. Miner's Cookhouse, the ShenaniGuns show stage and areas beyond that would retain the Lickskillet theme. The employee in the gift shop across from Cookhouse said that location would feature merchandise themed to both areas. Having visited the only other Six Flags park with a ScreamPunk District (SFMM), I admit I am excited about this cool theming coming to our park!
  16. I received a similar survey for SFoG but the 'other' establishment options were different. There was Taco Bell, 'local family park' and others. On another topic, I posted a couple weeks ago about not being able to access the pass holder / member portal through my phone and my desktop PC. After attempting unsuccessfully to get help on this at my home park as well as national tech support, I attempted to login on my laptop and I got through. Strange though that I have to get out my laptop to reserve Diamond parking but at least it works.
  17. Visited this past Sunday - it was a great day for rides as the park was fairly empty. With no seasonal events or shows to distract us, we concentrated on rides and using our dining pass. Interestingly, the park is wasting no time removing all Fright Fest props and decorations and swapping them out for Holiday in the Park. Last year on this same weekend, the park looked like "The Nightmare Before Christmas" but this year the park seems way ahead of the curve as HitP begins in less than 2 weeks. There has been some confusion as to what sections of the park will be closed off for 'Holiday' and furthermore whether Metropolis Park near the back, including Justice League and Superman would be operating. This map confirms that only Lickskillet, including Blue Hawk and Scream Machine will be closed off but nothing else. The website is incredibly inaccurate as pointed out in earlier posts. Another oddity: the Lickskillet area is open this weekend and next before it closes for the season as HitP begins. The park map signs in these areas have been updated with this same HitP map (pictured below) with the Lickskillet area omitted. There were a few confused guests staring at the map, trying to navigate this area with no mention of the area in which they were standing! Anyway, the zombies have returned underground as Santa's elves have taken over. I can't wait for the fun to begin on November 17th - my birthday too! The official 2018 SFoG Holiday in the Park map!
  18. Anyone else here having difficulty accessing the Pass Holder Portal? I have been unable to navigate to that page and have tried on a smartphone and a desktop PC. This means preferred parking for Diamond/Elite members cannot be reserved. (This feature is not available on the app yet)
  19. Metropolis Park should be open - it was operating during last year's HitP and furthermore, they have already installed the bases for the multicolor crystal holiday decorations in front of Justice League. Blue and white Christmas lights are also now installed on some of the buildings in that area. Scream machine, Blue Hawk, and all of Lickskillet will be closed. In fact, as soon as Fright Fest is over they will likely begin site work on Pandemonium and the new Screampunk District where Camp Slasher is currently located.
  20. Just wait 'til Holiday in the Park! When the temps really drop, it feels like my shoes are going to fly off into the parking lot! I have been on seven copies of this ride and I have to believe ours may be the fastest...
  21. We went for a visit Sunday as well. The Diamond Elite haunt wristband plus the $10 upgrade to express option saved the day as the place was really full. It was also nice to experience more autumn-like weather. (I understand there will be a real chill in the air next weekend...) Dr. Fright's Dead Man's party was short a couple of performers but in spite of that, the show is still really good and has been a fan favorite for decades. The food and beverage lines were, as expected, obscene. I have noticed though that the Johnny Rockets location does a pretty good job of moving the line. We waited maybe 10-15 min for our meal. The extended Dining Pass hours really help. The theming and atmosphere at JD's Sports is outstanding! They really did a good job with the décor. If the food line there is horrendous, we simply get our meals from another location and enjoy! Alien abduction is my pick for best haunt. The effects are well done and there are good scares in there. I would not recommend this one for young kids or the timid! We will be back again this Friday the 19th and Sunday the 21st. Fright Fest has been lots of fun this year (so far)!
  22. National Lampoon's Vacation (1983) - Six Flags Magic Mountain Vacation (2015) - Six Flags over Georgia. Two very different movies. 'Vacation' was pretty bad; only worth seeing because of the Ninja being renamed the 'Raptor' (before it became Blue Hawk).
  23. Went and saw the movie "Hell Fest" Tuesday. I know there was much speculation as to whether that movie was filmed at SFoG - or any SF park for that matter but it became clear this was filmed at SF White Water! I recognized many buildings and areas clear as day, most notably the entrance to the rapids slide. The water wheel is also seen clearly during several scenes. That means the production took place during the off season sometime in the winter of 2017/2018. Very interesting both GA Six Flags parks have now been heavily featured in films. SFoG in "Vacation" and now White Water in "Hell Fest!"
  24. Generally speaking, I would say Witch's Hollow and Casa De Muerte 3D are less 'graphic' and more entertaining and thus better for younger guests. ZX-1, Alien Abduction and Camp Slasher may be too intense / graphic. Evil Passage is not very scary but it is so short I would not waste your freebie on it. Much depends on the child too. Some kids are perfectly OK with graphic gore and terror. I remember while growing up, this park had an attraction known as "The Horror Cave", which was a permanent year round haunt located in today's Joker's Funhouse structure. This attraction gave nightmares to kids all over Atlanta back in the 1970's!! I hope you have a great visit with your 11 year old!
  25. Yes - I failed to mention the "Ghosts of Six Flags" - I did not experience it yet this year but I have a hunch it is the same as 2017. It is a free experience featuring a narrative of ghost stories in and around the park! Considering the regular season narrative on the train was the same as last year, this one probably will be as well.
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