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  1. I like the B&M wing launch and for Carowinds but don't know if there's room in that spot unless they build over (or on top) of some things. As for RMC, I would choose the T-Rex over Raptor due to the capacity* issues some folks are predicting they are going to have. Carowinds can get crazy busy, especially during Scarowinds. *Seems RMC could't just use the same single rail track for both trains and modify them accordingly. I dunno
  2. Carowinds is my home park and I wouldn't object to a GCI, but I would favor a ground-up RMC "a la" Lightning Rod. That way, we get our launch AND our wood back.
  3. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my question. I have noted all suggestions and look forward to my trip to the Point....Ride On!
  4. "and yes, I say that even with knowledge that if you do the "Magnum trick" you get a great ride as opposed to a bad to so-so one" Bert, what is this "Magnum" trick of which you speak? I will be going to the Point 1st weekend in June with a FL+ and will need all the pointers (no pun) I can get for marathoning my favorite coasters.
  5. Yes, Nighthawk has seen better days for sure and a new GCI would be an AWESOME replacement for our beloved (and very missed) "Thunder Road". I have to say though, ever since Holiday World got Thunderbird, I thought Nighthawk's spot would be perfect for a launched wing. There has been some chatter about a Vortex re-do much like CGA's Patriot but I think the majority of Carowinds fanboys would prefer that both Vortex and Nighthawk be replaced or just removed for future attractions. I could be wrong. Count me in the "No copy-cat coaster conversion" camp.
  6. If CF does give us a wood coaster, my hope is that it is an RMC ground up and not a copycat Hurler re-do. In addition, I think it would be awesome to re-incarnate the "White Lightnin" name somehow for nostalgia sake. Although, that name may be too confusing with the GCI hybrid down at Fun Spot Orlando.
  7. That new Twisted Timbers drone video update on YouTube shows the track running "extremely" close to the elevator shaft or whatever that square cylindrical box is attached to the station. Looks almost as if one could literally slap the side of the building when passing that point which could be quite dangerous. Might just be an optical illusion tho, or maybe the way the drone camera is filming.
  8. Thanks chickenbowl, that certainly helps me from a visual standpoint.
  9. Anyone else curious about how the lift hill is going to work this new prototype Raptor Track? In the animation video, it shows there is a chain lift, but the Raptor track doesn't seem like it is thick enough to conceal the entire chain and troft like some of the newer B&M lift hills. Raptor track has a solid wide flat surface from end to end so, at what point does the chain disappear under the track once it makes contact with the gear wheel? I'm having a hard time imagining a large square hole in the track at the top of the apex for a chain to drop into. Maybe the troft that carries the chain down to the base of the lift hill just isn't showing in the animation? uggh...don't know if I'm explaining it correctly. I know the video is just that, an animation, but I would be curious to know how the lift hill works on these new prototypes?
  10. Carowinds is weird that way, they have two of several attractions. If you look at the waterpark, there are two wave pools, two large tipping bucket interactive play structures and two (almost) identical smaller kids splash and play areas. As for the park, I agree that there is no need for Yo-Yo any longer with the addition of Zephyr but they do seem to enjoy having duplicate rides for some reason lol!! We used to have duplicate wooden coasters for quite some time as well. (awwww..too soon?) My hope was that with the removal of both the log flume back in '09 and White Water Falls recently that CF would invest in some sort of water coaster or 21st century log flume attraction on the lines of Chiapas Fantasialand. Heck, I wouldn't even object to a Journey to Atlantis type ride.
  11. This is what we had during the Paramount days. IIRC PKI did the very same on the Eiffel Tower. I don't think CF would attempt this however due to the fact that the Skytower is listed as one of the Winterfest rides that will be open. If they could figure out how to add the lights and have the tower still operate that would be sweet. (sans the Paramount Stars on top of course ) pic source: themeparks.sbout.com
  12. ^Anyone have time to do a "before and after" pic of the lift height? That would be incredible to see. I'm not sure how one would go about this as you really can't get out to the point to take a pic of the new top off for reference. I would put something together if I knew how, but I'm afraid, I'm not that well versed in that sort of thing.
  13. I can confirm this as Carowinds (my home park) almost "always" has Interstate 77 backed up for at least 5 miles in both directions on any given Friday or Sat night in October. In fact the last time I attempted a SCarowinds visit was in 2011 and after waiting for 2 hours in traffic, couldn't even get in as they closed the gates due to the park being at capacity. (I didn't even know parks could do this as I never experienced this before) Now that I think about it, I do not ever recall seeing any amusement park post their maximum capacity like what you would see when you enter a restaurant but I'm sure there has to be one for safety reasons. If I had to guess, I would say capacity for Carowinds would be somewhere in the 50,000 range..I dunno!
  14. 23 miles door to door Fury 325. Probably 20 as crow flies. Closest part of Fury's track to my house is the state line flyover near bus parking according to Google Earth.
  15. ^Correct and in addition there is more than likely not a staffing issue when it comes to places like Dollywood where the average age of the worker is 40-50. (at least that was our observation) The reason I say this is because I took my family to Dollywood for Smokey Mountain Christmas on Dec 3, 2016 and "ALL" rides were open even the big coasters. My niece's boyfriend had ice chips from his tears after we rode Lightning Rod where the temp was hovering around 27 degrees that night. Completely insane. But with that said, It would be interesting to know if Herschend Family Entertainment makes their own decisions on whether to run coasters in that kind of temperature regardless of manufacturer's recommendations. I have always heard that B&M does not recommend their coasters to run below 40 degrees yet we did in fact ride Wild Eagle that night at around 31 degrees. side note: the wait for LR was over an hour that night. We had no idea that Dollywood got THAT packed in December. Massive crowds everywhere.
  16. I'd be happy with a construction webcam for RMCHurler like Carowinds did with Fury325 and CP did with Valravn. Maybe after the announcement. I can dream right!
  17. Since we're sharing CP hotel stories, I stayed at Motel6 Huron last May. Ridiculously cheap and since their renovation, place was hospital clean. Check in: Thursday, May 18, 2017 Check out: Friday, May 19, 2017 Guarantee type: AMEX Number of adults: 1 Number of rooms: 1 Room description: 1 Queen Bed | Non-smoking Average rate: $38.99 USD Total w/tax: $43.47 USD
  18. ^you haven't lived until you've tried BoJangles Chicken and especially their biscuits.
  19. ^Yes, it could happen. We received Carolina Cobra (now Flying Cobras) in 2009 and then Intimidator in 2010.
  20. Am I seeing things or does Valrayvn look like it's swaying on the zoomed in webcam?
  21. "Stressed Out" Post Modern Jukebox/Puddles Pity Party
  22. I still like Stampede as it fits right in with the Frontiertown theme. In the old west, Longhorn cattle were easily frightened and could be provoked to stampede by any sudden noise, like a gunshot or a clap of thunder.
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