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  1. So had to be on a conference call at 7:15pm but several colleagues were late dialing in so while waiting, pulled up TTD webcam on 2nd monitor to see if SV was running. (I know GEEK alert) Here is the breakdown, between 7:15 and 7:30 (ish), TDD dispatched every 1 minute WOW!!! I have been riding TTD since it's inception and cannot ever recall that quick of a dispatch. Don't know how many trains they were running but Holy Cow, kudos to the Dragster crew on kicking butt on a Wednesday!!! On a sadder note, SV was indeed running but dispatch appeared to be roughly four minutes apart so definitely must be 1 train op still. Just before getting back on conf call, TTD rolled back. Lucky peeps!!
  2. Bill, did they change the timing of the trains at some point on the lift hill? In the 79 vid, it crests the hill in around 50 seconds yet today, it takes almost 1 min 43 seconds to climb the first lift. Does this have anything to do with running a three vs two train operation? I seem to recall that the trains were a bit longer in those days also.
  3. Hi guys, just a quick question regarding staffing. Will I be OK the first weekend in June from a staffing perspective? I know Sandusky's last day of school is June 7th but what worries me is that Sandusky High School will be having their commencement ceremony on Sunday June 3 and that is the very day we are visiting from NC Do they perhaps pull students from areas (high schools) outside of Sandusky?
  4. I too can recall riding in the early 80's and I swear I don't recall it slowing down going thru that first shed. I could be mistaken and maybe it just happened after a hard rain, but DAMN, with no brakes, all I remember was that thing careening towards that first tunnel thinking to myself, it might be traveling a bit too fast.
  5. Carowinds is now my home park. I am originally from Cincinnati where KI was my home park as a kid/teenager. It took me some time to appreciate Carowinds since it wasn't on the level of KI and KD, but once I started going and researching it's history, I found that it has a unique charm (southern?) all it's own. If you were to visit carowindsearlyyears.com you will see that it had just as much impact (historically) on anyone that grew up in Charlotte as much as any other parks did for their respective time. A lot of folks that are true Charlotteans (made up word) have a very special place in their heart for this park and I, for one am glad CF sees potential in it enough to make sizable investments. Ride On!
  6. ^In addition, the one thing that pops into my head on the night rides is when the train gets closer to the river, you can immediately feel a temperature drop that remains with your body until the final brake run/shed where the temps creep back up. It's very odd and hard to explain but to me, it just adds to the immersive experience. There is NOTHING like the Beast at night. #LongLiveTheBeast
  7. ^Thats odd, both vids have the very same off-ride footage. One was a Fox affiliate and the other was WGN Chicago...weird! edit: disregard....it was a different news station video reaction on YouTube.
  8. Crane alert on Millies pull out. Also, cool to see the evac car in operation.
  9. OK, so just watched a SV test run on youTube in 38 degree weather and it was flying thru the course, but the last two rows did not have water dummies for the test run. I am perplexed as to what exactly is going on with RMC's that they need to not have bodies (weight) in certain rows to run a full circuit. Case in point, last Christmas at Dollywood, Lightning Rod had a two train operation, yet one of the two trains had the last 4 rows/seats blocked off yet train #2 was able to complete the circuit with a full train. More recently, there have been reviews on Twisted Timbers also having certain rows blocked off in order to function properly. For anyone win the know...does RMC not take these calculations into consideration when designing the coaster itself or is it related only to certain trains on any particular coaster? All these blocked row/seats only add to the wait time. I dunno, maybe its the cold weather that effects certain RMC trains but if that were the case seems it would effect all the trains on that particular coaster..no?. I'm just confused by the whole "we've got to block off rows in order for this train to complete a full circuit" ideology. Anyone have any ideas? I am truly curious.
  10. While it would be nice to have Hurler RMC'd, the plans are on the South Carolina side so that would rule out Hurler as it sits in North Carolina.
  11. How about a first ever Dueling RMC in honor of Thunder Road?
  12. Seems to be a silt fence surrounding the construction area and Bumper cars look to be remaining (for now). I suppose they could relocate them at the end of the season during weekend only operations however even if they stay in that spot, the area in question looks to be around 4 acres in size which would still be plenty of room for whatever is coming.
  13. Just cancelled my Microtel reservation due to bad reviews on Yelp. Rebooked with Marriott Springhill Suites but I will gladly pay the difference for safety.
  14. Anyone have any experience at Wyndham Microtel on Beach Blvd? I booked my room there for my June trip.
  15. ^For reasons I cannot pinpoint, that #7 pic reminds me of Lightning Rod's lift sans the terrain it sits on. I know it's obvious, but would a launch have made this thing even more AWESOME? Or would that be overkill due to the existing ejector air and lengthy layout?
  16. ^Sundays are mostly dead until church lets out here in the Bible belt. All three B&M's are usually walk-on's before noon and a 15 minute wait worst case scenario. You definitely won't need Fast Lane on Sunday.
  17. Bert, about two seasons ago, I purchased a GoBelt from Target for $9. It is much thinner than the bulky fanny packs from years ago and has that stretchy material with 2 zippered pockets. I put my car key fob and debit card in the smaller pocket and my mobile in the larger one. It sits on your waist and under your shirt so you can ride anything at the both KI and CP with no issues whatsoever. #nofluffybunnies
  18. Slammin' President's Day deal of Admission with Fast Lane plus for only $69.99 good any day 2018 operating season. Just purchased and saved tons of money for my trip in June https://www.visitkingsisland.com
  19. ^I did the very same and just realized it can't be used on a Saturday. No prob, will just go to KI on Sat and CP on Sunday during my Ohio trip.
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