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  1. RE: Gwazi from an article in the TBT Gwazi, by the numbers Named after an African legend, Gwazi was a conflicted animal that was half-lion, half-tiger that continually struggled with itself. 2 dueling coasters in one; each track is 3,400 feet long for a 2-minute, 20-second ride. 3.5 G's, as in a force acting on a body as a result of acceleration or gravity generated on the ride. 2M locking bolts were used to help the lumber hold together in Florida's heat. 1.3M Feet of Southern yellow pine board treated with arsenic to resist termites. 1.3 Miles of track intertwined in a compact 8-acre maze. 90 Height in feet of Gwazi's lift hill. 50 Top speed, measured in miles per hour. Source: http://www.tampabay.com/news/business/tourism/goodbye-gwazi-busch-gardens-to-close-wooden-coaster/2211242
  2. I'll bet the guard gate is turning those cars around since it appears that both Cedar Point Shores and Hotel Breaker's lots are both full. Too bad they can't allow folks to park in the new tower lot, as they could have definitely used those empty parking spaces.
  3. Here is the Zephyr at KI so I'm not convinced it's a Cedar Fair thing and more likely a Carowind's thing....
  4. Hey guys, does one have to be in the park to see actual ride wait times on the CP mobile app? Just curious because I am looking at the webcam currently and do not see TTD making any runs and then of course tried to see the ride status on mobile app, but no go there. One would think there would be a TTD "status" somewhere online since they have had issues with this one since it's inception in 2003. I'm headed up to CP from Charlotte on Thursday and wanted to make sure I get at least one TTD credit
  5. ^bgtlover I went to Hotwire and placed a bid on a hotel within 10 miles of KI for an upcoming trip and they booked my in the Super 8 Hotel Mason 5589 Kings Mills Rd. It's the northern KI exit (Kings Mills/Mason ) on I-71 but I got it for $65 out the door tax included. I think they just remodeled recently as well. Good Luck.
  6. ^ that view of the lake from the front seat on Millie (even though brief) has always been one of the highlights of my annual trip to the Point.
  7. I was looking at the webcam and am digging the programmed LED light package on Valravn. I was there last July and I swear I never noticed the different light sequences. IIRC, it only appeared as one long red LED much like Raptopr's green LED up the lift hill. Anyway....AWESOME job CP, simply awesome!!
  8. Hey everyone, just a quick question regarding Cedar Point Shores. If the water park doesn't open until 5/27, do they still allow guests to park in the back behind Gemini even if CPS isn't open? I will be there on Friday 5/19 and would like to use the new resort gate by Magnum. tried to call CP yesterday, but there was no one there to take a call. Thanks in advance!
  9. For years, folks down here in Charlotte generally have had bad experiences with Carowinds' metal detectors as a whole. Prior to our new front gate and FURY 325, Carowinds had maybe 2 or 3 (only) security guards wanding folks as they entered the park first thing in the morning and this was AFTER going thru a row of ancient metal detectors. Imagine 200-300 people showing up at 8:30am only to be told "Sorry, we are short staffed and can only open 2 turnstiles so we will need everyone to form two lines and proceed thru the metal detectors" Generally, there were a few dozen season pass holders in those lines to take advantage of their ERT and were usually let in around 9am (imagine what the folks in line were thinking) I can tell you from experience that the two entry lines were almost always backed up to the parking lot just to get thru the front gate on most mornings and in all fairness, usually died down after about 45 minutes or so. Fast forward...after numerous guest complaints and several surveys later, we find that 2015 was going to bring us a world class coaster as well as a NEW front gate that promised to improve efficiency as well as security. We in fact got our brand new gate similar to Cedar Point"s new gate that was modern and streamlined with 10-12 new turnstiles and 2 additional exit turnstiles. While it seemed all was good on the state line for the first few operating days, they found themselves once again devoid of manpower on select days to open all the shiny new turnstiles therefore creating a large backup yet again at the "new" front gate. They originally opened the new gate without metal detectors and it seemed all was well and good when they were properly staffed, then one day out of nowhere, boom...there they were in all their glory, a full on airport TSA brand spanking new row of highly advanced metal detectors installed right in front of each shiny new turnstile. I guess if people are desperate enough to get a dangerous weapon into an amusement park and are determined to do so, they will regardless of the wands and detectors. It just makes life for all of us a little bit more inconvenient. btw...we still do not have a Season Passholder entrance like KI (do they still have theirs?) and... they removed our Season Pass parking when the new gate was installed
  10. I personally haven't had the chance to ride Blue Hawk at SFOG, but I can tell you that without a doubt, Tennessee Tornado has to be one of the smoothest Arrows out there. I don't know what Arrow did back in 1998 to make it any different than their previous custom loopers, but even after all these years, it still packs a punch.
  11. The sun is BRUTAL on B&M paint. If you look at that pic and then switch over to live webcam, it's astounding to see the color difference. Our Intimidator is actually pink after 7 seasons of blistering southern sun. I wonder if the paint could be infused with some sort of chemical to block UV rays.
  12. Ditto, dreynolds1982, I will be driving from Charlotte to Cedar Point on 5/18/17 and would like to know as well. I know in the past, you couldn't go pass the guard gate near Soak City as that was Hotel Breakers guest parking only. Normally, I would just park near Gemini or in the Soak City lot, but now it appears that CP Shores has a new separate entrance that took up some of the old SC parking so the fact that you and I will be traveling before the water park opens, I'm not sure how this all plays out. Incidentally, I called the toll free number on website but they had no details to give me regarding parking
  13. Hi Jizzman, Carowinds is my home park and one of the best kept secrets near the park is "A Piece of Havana" cuban restaurant. It's about 9 minutes outside the front gate on South Tryon St and has a full bar. I can recommend the Cuban Press if it's a sandwich your looking for and the Lechon Asado (Roasted Pork) is a must. Of course a couple of Mohitos from the bar are mandatory if you drink.!!
  14. Hey all...looks like we have MT testing according to the webcams!!
  15. And don't forget the fine point of being IN the park by 10am. If you can arrive "at the Point" by 9 or 9:30 that is good! True, and actually while I'm thinking of it when you get to the parking booths, go all the way to the left and tell them you're going to the Cedar Point Shores lot. Park back there, use the resort gate by Magnum and go to Maverick once the park opens. Mjollner, on the way to Maverick, stop in a store and grab your Fastlane and if you hit Maverick early the Fastlane line should be nonexistent and they'll dump you right in the station. ZeroG001, ignore this and just go right to Maverick since you can't use Fastlane for Early Entry anyway. Pick this up once the park actually opens if you feel like you need it. You may not on a weekday. Mjollner will ABSOLUTELY need it. That makes way more sense than going to the front gate where you'll have a longer line to get in and a much longer walk to your first ride. Ok, so I'm heading up to CP Friday May 18th and want to use your suggestion on parking in the back. With Grand Prix raceway gone and Portside Plunge replacing it, do we know if the resort gate is in the same place? I can't really tell from the Magnum webcam, but it looks like they have changed that whole area around much like they did with Valravn and the Marina gate. Also, when looking at the CP website, the 2017 Cedar Point Shores map has what appears to be a KMG Speed ride just to the left of Magnum's drop...was this an older ride that has just not been removed from the map? I don't recall seeing this ride at CP in the past.
  16. To anyone on the board that is in the know.... Now that we know CF is in collaboration with RMC for MS & Hurler, does anyone have any clue (other than the expected construction delays) why it is taking 2- 3 years to convert a wood coaster to an RMC hybrid? Let's look at the stats... Texas Giant closed for 18 months during it's conversion (large footprint) Iron Rattler, Joker & Twisted Colossus closed for 9 months (remembering Colossus was dual track) Medusa & Wicked Cyclone closed for 10 months. I did not include ground up coasters like Lightning Rod and Outlaw Run nor did I include Storm Chaser due to it's steel support structure. So...with that said we know that KD Hurler closed in 2014 and MS in 2016. I can see the 2 year closing for MS due to it's large footprint, but if we use the I-Box conversion timeframes above, shouldn't we be looking at a 2017 opening for Hurler just based on the footprint alone? Unless CF purposely delayed Hurler, or RMC has a manpower shortage, I really can't see why we are looking at a 2018 opening.
  17. Thans for all the suggestions. I knew I was reaching when posting this question, just thought perhaps someone ran might have ran across a "best kept secret" slice of pizza others may not know about. Looks like even though I already purchased the "all day" dining plan, I might just head outside the park for a local slice.
  18. Hey everyone, headed to CP May 19/20 and was wondering which food location has the best fresh pizza? I will have the all day dining plan and know that I'll probably crave some good pizza at some point. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hey everyone, check out CP's webcam. There is some awesome lake effect fog rolling in currently. https://www.cedarpoint.com/explore/live-video
  20. ^They did a GREAT job on the theming of Zephyr. Lets hope they keep the paint scheme for Electro-Spin true to the renderings. source:
  21. WAIT, there's a "flyover" vid?? I must have missed that one.
  22. They took the Hurler webcam down a couple of weeks back so I am assuming that this move along with the "Do Not take photos of Mean Streak" during WCO, CF really, really doesn't want us to know anything when it comes to their RMC connection. Both "alleged" RMC coaster conversions are all hush hush.
  23. dreynolds1982, I live in Uptown Charlotte and have a SP for Carowinds. I can attest that Chickie & Petes is AWESOME! I get the Philly Cheesesteak and crab fries on the dining plan. Interestingly enough, I will be at CP Friday May 19 the same week as you and I got the FL+ as well as the all day dining plan. Chickie & Petes along with Pinks is well worth $29.99 and you can just pick a snack all day long at various other locations. You can see all of the options at CPFoodBlog but I do not believe that the 2017 list is available just yet. You can scan thru last years however and get a good idea of what they might offer. Hope this helps. http://cpfoodblog.com/park-food-guides/cedar-point-food/
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