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  1. "As for the new website, I like that they finally are cross-device with it. Hated the mobile website previously. Not a huge fan of the design and new logo as it looks a little cookie-cutter to me, but definitely an upgrade in most areas". Looks like Carowinds just got the new version as well..... https://www.carowinds.com
  2. OK, thanks. Now I recall...for some reason I was thinking the line on opening day was stretched out towards the front of the park near Raptor, but after seeing this pic, I now recall it was back towards Frontiertown. My memory getting worse as I age...boooo
  3. "I was up at CP opening year of Millennium Force, I think end of May, and we waited about 3.5 hours for it, line went down past the tunnels" Where are these tunnels of which you speak?
  4. I can tell you firsthand that when I lived in Tampa back in '98, BGT opened Gwazi and it was SUPER smooth the first few years with the PTC trains. Over the years it became more and more rough until they FINALLY decided (in 2011, I think) to replace them with MF trains and while it was somewhat of an improvement, it by no means made the coaster any more enjoyable. I made the trip back down to BGT in Feb 2014 and it was still running just as rough as it was prior to the MF trains so this (and guest surveys probably) is more than likely why they ended up closing it the following year. I am optimistic as well for MT and only time will tell but I just don't want MT to have the same fate as Gwazi.
  5. I usually skip all food joints at CP with the exception of Chickie & Petes (for the Philly cause it ROCKS) and Pinks (for the awesome dogs), other than that, nothing else appeals to my palette. Too bad Famous Dave's isn't inside the park and part of the dining plans..mmm, mmm good!!
  6. Fury325 is in my backyard and I can tell you I am originally from Kings Mills and when MF opened, it was by FAR the best coaster I had ever been on...even growing up near KI and loving the Beast. All I can say is you guys owe it to yourself to visit Carowinds and ride Fury 325. I agree with Rob, most B&M's are just too floaty for me, but what makes Fury325 great (I believe) is the combination of float + ejecter + quick transitions all combined. And lets not forget about the wicked SPEED. OMG....Is it 3/25 yet?? I need my fix
  7. ^Look for the twilight tickets to be offered sometime in June or July. The best deal is the Coaster Combo which is a ticket to both Kings Island & Cedar Point on their respective websites. That is, if you can squeeze in an additional day to go to Sandusky prior to your trip to KI & KK.
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