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  1. Thats outstanding, you really make it your self??? it looks like your very good at coaster building for sure! very intence, great layout, sweet elements and turn around suports also ruled. How many hours did this take to build?
  2. Hi guys, I'm building my first euro fighter! I want this coaster to be as realistic as I can make it and that includes the supports. however I want this coaster to have many new elements never before seen on a coaster. The 1st one of a kind element is show bellow. my beyond vertical lift, into beyond vertical drop, this element will push riders from one extreme to the another and will add to the already very scary drop especially as once on the beyond vertical climb you will not see the track in front of you until you are on the beyond vertical drop! The lift is 50 meters (160ft) tall and produces speeds of 110kph (that's nearly 70mph!) As I said I'm trying to make all the supports as real as possible so please tell me what you think on what I have done so far and to make it easier for you I have labeled the problem areas. you might also notice that the top of the lift is not supported, this is mainly as I want it to have proper euro-figher supports and I'm not sure how its supported at the top. as always any help would be appreciated, thanx! Nice and high. One extreme to the another...
  3. hey NL noob, try using the help file. its really helpfull and getting you building your 1st coasters
  4. This is my second no limits creation and my 1st wooden. Its abit bumpy, G-Gilled and at times head hitting but thats what Tarnation is all about, enjoy and please give feedback! Also if anyone could tell me how to make a .tga so I can have textures on my trains and on my sign I would be really happy thanx. Tarnation.nltrack
  5. 1stly PS3 is very expensive just so you get blue ray, and thats going to plop like mini disks and UMDs, everyone has just brough all there fav films on DVD who wants to buy them all again? 2 it pushies less polys than the 360 and its like 2 years newer so thats just rubbish. It has also lost alot of develipers off from all its lies about releise and when it did come out it woz japan only and only 100k relised, considering PS has always done well becauce it had a strong following it might not do so great this time around and all it comes down to is how many R-tards buy it The wii is cheap and offers new thrills, i think it will do well
  6. Camera Nazis, easy to smugle into stampeda but dragon khan and hurican condor as the restraints dont let you have anything big in your pockets and they have to come right upto you to check them. but its been done so i would sujest big pockets and a small camra, dont ask they will say no, the staff are ugly, rude and slow and offen wont let you ride in the back if the trains not full and forget about asking to wait for frount and back seats. however I've been on dragon khan 7 times in a row without having to leave the station so thats a good sign at least.
  7. I been to port ventura about 5 times and visited Barcelona, the citys like a big wedge in the middle of some mountains and is on the coast and has a harbour, port adventure it just up the coast from it so i would be surprised if there's not a railway line running in that direction but i don't know if the stations near the park, the buses however should be able to help out as they take you right to the gate of the park. I've always gone in sept/oct as its a big park and it gets empty when the tourist season is out. the ques were mild to nonexistent during the week and are mild to 1 hour on the weekends but your going a month later so it should be even better, sunday would be best but why not stay in the hotel and do two days with some kina deal? The parks scenery looks great and ads to the experience and the rides are great just remember don't get your balls crushed on hurricane condors horse seats! blue cart on stampeda (dueling wooden) as red car is more rickety and has slow section. with dragon khan try and ride in the back seats, its great in the back as there kina not using there brakes on the brake hill so when it goes into the sharp turn and drop its really forceful. Wish i could come have fun!
  8. scottbrown said: I think Intamin drop towers need to be all the way at the top to drop, there may be a way to manualy drop the cars from above them though I've seen huracan condor (Intamin) stop 1/2 way up, wait for a couple of mins and then drop and woz working still
  9. Intresting reading from http://www.saferparks.org Muscle Response to G-force According to Dr. Richard Brown, a neurophysiologist who evaluates human response to machine-induced accelerations for the amusement ride industry, it takes about 200 milliseconds for the body to react to accelerations. At that point, the muscles will tense to counteract the force. If the acceleration is reversed too quickly, the body's resistance actually magnifies the effect of acceleration. A poorly designed ride can increase the likelihood of injury. For example, imagine that a ride is exerting a 2g acceleration, pressing your head forward. Your neck muscles will react to that pressure by creating an equal force pressing the head backward. Now imagine that the forces of the ride reverse direction, so that they are exerting a 2g acceleration pressing your head backward. Your neck muscles and the ride are suddenly working in the same direction. Instead of equilibrium, you've got a 4-g force slamming your head back. It will take 200 milliseconds for your body to turn off those muscles. Machines can be built with far quicker reaction time than humans. Some percentage of the 300 million humans who visit amusement parks every year will have a slower muscle response than 200 msec. I'm not a neurophysiologist, but I'd recommend that older people beware of cutting edge rides that might assume a muscle reaction time faster than their aging bodies can provide.
  10. theres alot of signs at crappy parks in the uk saying ride at own risk but I've never seen one at a 2 swords park, also there were no warning signs in the station or on the train, even the dont look down sign had somthing in the way of it
  11. Please Note: The Fun House will remain trading for private party bookings. say southport site, that meens the wheel of doom is staying!!!
  12. Yes this sux i woz looking forward to going there soon but i guess not i only hope they send there wheel to blackpool.
  13. I rode Oblivion this weekend and got stuck on the back row of the ride giving me a poor view of the dont look down hole so i pushed my head foward trying to see down but nope you cant see anything, then the train droped the 180ft into the hole with me still looked foward and then to the side abit , then it got to the bottom and went back from vertical to flat and all that G force pushed my head into my neck at the funny angle giving me a sort of whip lash / extreme neck pain. the rest of the ride was horible and the brake run was a huge amount of pain. after the ride i had to go to the medic for help and he could only put some deep heat spray on it that did not do anything, later i noticed that unlike other rides oblivion had no warning signs telling you to keep your head back and so I told the staff at help desk that they should get one as it spoiled my trip and left me having to get a hotel as i could not drive home with my bad neck. Now its 2 days later and my necks still in agorny and i cant move it at all, so as a warning to anyone else dont look down! also does anyone know how to solve neck pains or get compensation for lost earnings as I'm having to take time off work and there were no ride at own risk signs, thanx
  14. O Well guess I have no reason to go to chessington ever again, even with my nice shiney 2swords pass
  15. Sounds like it might be the end for intamins cable launch system. Anyone know how TTD has re-opened after people got sliced up on it? O and also did someone say that the breaks dident come up? so if there was a roll back it would be like somthing from one of my RCT death camps, how is this ever going to be safe in the future?!?
  16. PGAthriller, dude if your the kina guy that feels like his got somthing to small that needs to... and I quote 'be modified so that it can be a couple of feet taller' you should know all you need to do is play with it.
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