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  1. I've lived 2 hours away from this park my whole life and had never been to this park. Went for the first time yesterday. Paid 39.99 to get in. In line with what other parks of similar size charge ie Canobie Lake but still way overpriced. Park was dead. Lot maybe 20 percent full. Revolution was closed per website which I knew, however at entrance they've got a sign that says delayed opening for: Phobia/Boulder Dash/Zoomerang/Downtime and a couple others. Basically everything that wasn't Wildcat or a kiddie ride wasn't open to start the day. Odd. Basically everything opened by 12-1230. Downtime
  2. 1. Name 3 of your favorite roller coasters, but not your top 3. Twisted Colossus/Ghostrider/Appollo's Chariot 2. About how many different parks did you visit in 2018? SFMM/KBF/DCA/DL/USH, so 5. 3. Which 2018 park visit was your favorite? I love all my children equally. 4. Your favorite 2018 park addition (ride, food, show, etc)?That I have experienced, Hangtime. Overall Twisted Timbers is the best overall addition. 5. What ride exceeded your expectations the most in 2018?Incredicoaster was surprisingly very good. 6. Best meal/food at a park in 2018?Dole Whip float at Disn
  3. Went to the SoCal parks for the first time this year and only coaster that I came off of saying "that's it?" was Superman at SFMM. Slow "launch" all the way through, went halfway up the tower, lack of airtime and had this weird plastic shell covering half my body.
  4. I'm actually genuinely surprised at this announcement for Gwazi. I thought that structure was toast especially considering how long it's been closed, heat and humidity for wood etc. My mental image of Gwazi was a rotting wood heap, guess I was wrong.
  5. 1. Maverick 2. Millennium Force 3. Top Thrill Dragster 4. Valravn 5. Magnum XL-200 6. Gemini 7. Gatekeeper 8. Raptor 9. Wicked Twister 10. Iron Dragon 11. Corkscrew 12. Blue Streak 13. Cedar Creek Mine Ride 14. Rougarou
  6. I stayed at Cedar Point Express last year and it was great. Nice, updated and clean. Not sure when you're going but I went first week of June for 2 days and didn't need express passes. Maverick was 45 min at peak (but we rode is 4-5 times in the morning during early entry) and Dragster was half an hour at most points. Gatekeeper/Raptor/MF/Valravn/Magnum were all 20ish or less 90 percent of the time. If you are going during a peak time, if it were me, I would have no qualms about spending the extra money for a platinum express pass due to the unlimited nature of the riding. I have no experienc
  7. California trip, definite: Knott's Berry Farm Disneyland California Adventure Universal Hollywood Six Flags Magic Mountain First time at all these parks, feel very fortunate to be able to go on a trip this big, can't wait. Maybe: SFNE Lake Compounce Canobie Lake
  8. I only included around 50 of my credits because the others, while I have ridden them, are so long ago I don't think I can judge them properly. I also just don't ride coasters I know I won't like, like Rougarou which I skipped for a couple years then rode last year. Learned my lesson. So honestly 1-40 on my list are rides I would definitely ride again and aren't bad by any means. My bottom 10 are rides you probably won't get me on again though. Top10 Skyrush (undisputed #1) Maverick Storm Runner Superman:The Ride Phoenix Millennium Force Top Thrill Dragster El Toro Magnum-XL 200
  9. Top 5 Parks The parks that stick out as my favorites are greatly influenced by the sheer fun and memories I have of them mostly even if I haven't been to a couple of them in a long time. 1. Islands of Adventure IoA blew me away when I was a 13 year old kid. It was my first mega trip along with my brother, mom and grandmother. We went all out back in 2003 going to the Universal Parks, Disney, Seaworld etc. Loved that entire trip and this park was the best part. It was my first park where the rides had stories and the attendants were playing a role. Had my favorite flume ride at the tim
  10. I always thought one of these would make the most sense at a park like Canobie Lake.
  11. 8-9 hours is just about the max from me wanting to drive anywhere now. I'm young though and don't mind driving at all so this year me and my bro woke up at 4am, drove 8 hours splitting the time (it's great having multiple drivers) got to Cedar Point at noon and had a blast for a few days. Anything more than that where it basically cuts a day out of a trip to dedicate to driving I'm not a fan of.
  12. Even on the busiest fright night days I've never had a problem with crowds being overwhelming so I'm sure you'll be in good shape. I'm not in the business of telling people what they should do but for me I highly recommend skipping out on Goliath especially if your time is short. I also recommend purchasing tickets ahead of time or expect to wait 30 minutes in a ticket line.
  13. I was there in the middle of last week for a couple days. After not going for over a decade to Cedar Point this has been two years in a row so I have a better feel for the rides I think. Last visit was great and I found I had even better rides on some coasters this year. Loved my visit. Honestly I could go and just watch and listen to the rides, they are all so vibrant and glorious looking (Raptor especially, my goodness). Frontierland and the lakeside midway have a special atmosphere about them rare for a park of Cedar Points scale. Some random thoughts for anyone that cares; Valravn
  14. Don't think I've posted in this yet, Skyrush Storm Runner Superman the Ride/Millennium Force Phoenix Maverick Apollo's Chariot Magnum XL-200 Top Thrill Dragster Kraken
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