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  1. The 4 man crew on Joker have seem to be busting their butts all summer. It's amazing how quickly they can get trains out, even with having to check the seatbelt then pull down the lap bar. It's great how only two people are checking lap bars again, but they still manage to avoid train stacking.
  2. Interesting. On Saturday, the crowd was significant larger and Joker still managed to maintain a 30 minute wait. The crew on that ride is awesome.
  3. They can copy Discovery Kingdom by doubling the cost and setting up fewer mazes.
  4. DoD in the dark is also pretty fun It wasn't running yesterday at least until 7:30 or so. The entry door was closed not just chained off. I enjoy marathoning that ride. Single Rider is the reason I ride it more than Superman.
  5. I haven't had much experience with the hardcore Disney fans but I came across a sponsored blog post on Facebook yesterday that was basically 2 pages of non-stop whiny, entitled bitching. Based on the comments it seemed to be a trend, I might actually find coaster enthusiasts easier to stomach than these Disney people. This is the Internet. Constructive criticism is lost in the noise of never-ending kicking and screaming.
  6. It's possible, but seems far more likely that they're simply using it as a quick and easy addition to tap into the comic book market. Plus, Is the Twilight Zone franchise that strong anymore? Also the ride was lightly themed to the franchise. Without the Pre-Show, I would have never guessed it was themed to the Twilight Zone. It could have been called Ghost Hotel and you wouldn't have to change much. Not the biggest fan of the Guardian movie but always down with rethemes to improve. I doubt the relevance of the The Twilight Zone is a problem. If it was, they would probably remove the references to it on the Paris version, as well. It's true many kids nowadays don't know what it is (I had never even heard of it before the California version was announced), but the theme of a haunted hotel is interesting enough to attract new people. I'm perfectly fine with the addition of multiple drop profiles, which should have been there from opening day. I'm just disappointed that they aren't keeping the supernatural setting of the original ride with this retheme.
  7. It's possible, but seems far more likely that they're simply using it as a quick and easy addition to tap into the comic book market. Well the DCA tower was always a quick and easy fix so I don't think anything's being lost here. Fair enough.
  8. It's possible, but seems far more likely that they're simply using it as a quick and easy addition to tap into the comic book market.
  9. Many people aren't able to easily go to both. The general public doesn't care that it's inferior to the HS version.
  10. I'm sure for many disgruntled people, they enjoy the haunted hotel theme as much, if not more, than the actual ride. Re-skinning it to Guardians of the Galaxy would change a big part of what made them like it. At least, that's how I see it. However, I'm not going to boycott the ride due to potentially liking it less. I'll try it, and make my decision then. I'm simply just not enthusiastic about losing the hotel theme.
  11. Everyone would like new rides. We'd all like giant e-tickets, we want them built in 90 days, we want them with 80 foot tall animatronics that run and jump and play basketball, and and and and.... Up until the talk started for this thing getting redone, all the militant Waltians hated this thing anyways. It was a thrill ride, it didn't have the part where the car moves forward "through space", and the exit wasn't themed enough or something. It had all the strikes against it. Now they start work on it and the world is ending. Oh woe is they! Many of the people who incessantly whined about the ride before the announcement will probably still whine about Guardians. Nothing's changed there. However, now people who actually liked this version of the ride are adding to the number of complaints.
  12. They're not stupid. If they spend 20 million dollars on something the goal would be to build a ride that people actually enjoy. They're cheap but they're not idiots. That's why I said it would be the worst case scenario. Although, when it comes to new rides, it seems most paying customers aren't that hard to impress... But you're definitely correct. Money will be the deciding factor.
  13. Soarin' and Test Track were just refurbishments that didn't change the basic theme. Test Track is still about car testing, and Soarin' is still about... Well, soaring. Those weren't "Six Flags-esque".
  14. My only concern if Magic Mountain added a Dive Coaster is if they would be cheap about it. A scaled-up Oblivion clone marketed with arbitrary records that not even the GP will be impressed by would be a disappointing addition. (Shiniest coat of paint on a steel coaster in Southern California. ) This is a worst case scenario for a dive coaster, of course, but it's still possible.
  15. I wonder how many people will opt out of Fright Fest this year due to the price increase. Now that the prices are closer to their main competition, I can't imagine many people picking Six Flags' less-than-stellar event if they could reach either park in the Bay Area.
  16. Maybe corporate instructed the park management that they needed to shoehorn VR onto a ride in order to satisfy their deal with Samsung. Knowing that Medusa and Joker get too many people to acceptably operate with VR, they instead opted for Kong so fewer people would be angered. ... Or, they're simply betting on how easily fooled most people are.
  17. They also don't look modified at all up close: [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
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