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  1. Exaggeration is fun, though. Anyway, the VR's awful dispatch time is definitely going to ruin the ride for some people. I'll probably never ride it again after initially trying out the VR unless they have a separate single rider line without it.
  2. I'm curious if they'll still be running this with VR one year from now. Obviously, people will line up for VR this season out of curiosity. But what about after they've tried it and most likely hate it? I agree with the person above and hope that this will be what pushes them to replace Kong. Hopefully something other than a Free Spin. (That can be placed elsewhere without Kong's removal)
  3. If that is indeed true, then I can see the ride becoming even less popular with the general public, who for some reason think it's worth waiting 80 minutes for.
  4. Impossible. Disney owns the theme park rights to Marvel everywhere but East of the Mississippi River and Japan. Universal Hollywood will never get a Spider-Man ride.
  5. yeah, they should put some VR on it. It couldn't be any worse than an SLC with VR. SFDK is willing to take that risk.
  6. Wouldn't it make more sense for Magic Mountain to simply refurbish Viper? They could replace the trains with Mk-1212 trains like on Ninja at SFOG. They could rebrand it and renew interest in the ride among park visitors. It just seems more likely to me, as the chain seems to be doing quick and inexpensive investments right now. I'd love to be proven wrong, but it looks unlikely.
  7. ^ ^ ^ The crowds at this park don't really die down until Fright Fest is over. Then they remain fairly empty until around mid-March. If you ever go again, try to aim for that time.
  8. ^ ^ ^ That definitely explains my last visit, then. Some cars vibrated, and others didn't. Regardless, I find the ride to be significantly more enjoyable now than I did opening weekend.
  9. With the exception of the opening weekend, everytime I've gone it seemed to be running with nylon wheels. Assuming I'm correct, then the only differences I've noticed compared to Twisted Colossus (Which definitely uses Polyurethane wheels) is that the nylon give it roaring sound and causes the train to vibrate. I've heard that the nylon wheels also cause it run slower, but I'm not able to confirm that.
  10. Unless it starts having serious maintenance issus, it's probably going to stay there for awhile. However, I'd imagine that park management would see that as a more desirable spot for a future attraction after Wonder Woman opens. Voodoo will more than likely be replaced before Tasmanian Devil, though.
  11. Does it feel like it ends faster than Goliath? I don't know if it ends faster then Goliath as I haven't been on that. But I know The Joker can sometimes feel like it won't even make it up onto the break run. I guess when the track is "cold" and the train is only like half full. I think it's been getting more consistent in speed as the season has gone on. Meanwhile when its like 4 pm on a 85+ degree day and the train is near full. God the thing haul's butt trough the entire course. during those times it feels like it's less then even 50 seconds from the first drop. I hope it will eventually reach a consistent speed. Last time I went, it felt like it was bruising my thighs... I also hope they won't only run it with one train after Fright Fest. I want to marathon that ride all day with no wait!
  12. I'm curious where they would fit a JL ride if they ever decide to build one there.
  13. I get the feeling that attendance for that ride is going to start declining and one of two things will happen: 1) They'll bring back the single rider line after a few months. 2) They'll ignore the issue and keep running it with horrible capacity. I'm putting my money on option 2.
  14. They must have realized that the people who didn't care about VR were taking advantage of the shorter wait. They simply couldn't allow that.
  15. With one half of that being Superman and the other half being the VR on Superman. Everything else actually brought the value down.
  16. And it will have a total cost of $12 million, or alternatively, the total value of Six Flags America's coaster lineup.
  17. Nah, it'll definitely be a Vekoma Launched Giga 4D Wing Coaster with 15 inversions that circles the entire park.
  18. As simple as it sounds, I think digging a hole to make a drop tower slightly higher would be a bit too ambitious for this park. (It would be nice, though. It would be fun launching out of a hole, into the sky...) Though, a 4D Free-Spin will probably end up as their next major coaster, whenever that is.
  19. A drop tower would be neat. It could fit in that small, undeveloped spot next to Joker and Superman.
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