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  1. Well, this is a downgrade. After two decades of having access to free fastpasses, I can’t imagine the majority of returning guests will like this.
  2. That makes sense to me. I didn’t notice them sitting near my face on the Big Apple Coaster, but I suppose that I could just be taller. I did notice that they were a bit awkward to get into/out of, though.
  3. By complete coincidence, I headed down to the Strip and noticed the Big Apple Coaster was running. I had never ridden it before tonight and was pleasantly surprised, given how terrible I had heard it was before. The Premier trains kept it from being a painful experience. My primary complaint is that that the mid-course brake run brings the ride to a halt, which I imagine was a godsend when it had the older trains. Also, what is the reason people dislike the “comfort collars”? Do you find them uncomfortable, or do you just dislike that it increases the time it takes to dispatch the train?
  4. I can’t say I’m not disappointed that they’re completely retheming it. I like The Princess and the Frog, but I absolutely love the atmosphere and music for Splash Mountain. That being said, the new theme will fit perfectly in both New Orleans Square AND Critter Country.
  5. Unless the giga is only a lift hill that drops immediately into the brake run, Magic Mountain isn’t getting one.
  6. Green Lantern has been SBNO for a few years now and is scheduled to be removed soon. Apocalypse is currently closed because the area surrounding it is closed off for the construction of West Coast Racers.
  7. Since when does Magic Mountain care about a ride’s hourly capacity?
  8. I took the same survey, but said that Discovery Kingdom was my home park. It still said the exact same thing about adding a new area with three rides at that park.
  9. Compared to other hypers, Goliath isn’t very good, but I still wouldn’t call it a terrible ride.
  10. To be fair to the property owners just south of DCA, that area was only a parking lot beforehand.
  11. Hopefully, this means that they'll finally fix the animatronics. It's sad seeing them in their current state compared to how they were when the ride first opened.
  12. Umm, source? i can vouch that it was also stated at JL:BfM media day. They have their eyes set on one, just a matter of when. It'll happen when Six Flags stops marketing Super Loops as roller coasters.
  13. I'd be legitimately surprised if Magic Mountain announced a hyper/giga/strata that's more than a single hill. It's been over a decade since they've made a Tatsu-sized investment for a single attraction, and they don't seem to be struggling at the moment.
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