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  1. Of those two, the Endeavor seems the most fitting to me. Having a Disk-O would be redundant alongside Tasmanian Devil. This is Six Flags, though...
  2. It probably is the same screen. I've never found the screen to be an issue, though. The old projector is what needs to be replaced. On top of using a film not suited for a motion simulator, the picture quality is too poor to be considered acceptable. A 4K digital projector would be optimal right now, but highly unlikely for a park of this size.
  3. Hm, must have missed that when I skimmed through it. If they are adding a new ride, I'd imagine a new flat ride for the empty spot in Looney Toons Seaport, as someone mentioned above. Possibly a replacement for Voodoo if we're lucky.
  4. If they do that, it won't happen happen until after they finish the mini refurbishment next month to prepare for the VR headsets. We'll know on September 24th.
  5. Only SIX could do something as boneheaded as that. Six Flags is sinking even lower than that... They're adding VR to an SLC.
  6. Just now leaving the park. They had little games scattered throughout the park where you could win plushies of different Pokémon. Despite the event, the park wasn't crowded. Probably about average for a weekday. Superman never opened, Kong was open with one train like usual, and V2 experienced several issues throughout the day. Joker was running quite well, even though it came to a halt twice throughout the day. (I was on the ride both times). Regardless, I never saw them shut down the ride during the day. Some cars on Purple train sounded like they were running with Polyeruthane wheels (1st and 2nd it felt like), while the others are still vibrating like they usually do with the nylon wheels. Seems odd to me... The line never seemed to go over 20 minutes, so I mostly rode that all day. Also, they were allowing me to request the back row all day today, so it must depend entirely on how crowded the park is that day.
  7. I myself have seen people playing it in the park. I've even gone with a friend once who, from time to time, would check his phone to see if anything interesting would show up. Thankfully, everyone I noticed seemed to be respectful of others and didn't block paths or walk painfully slow. So long as this will continue, I'm fine with the park embracing this trend.
  8. Just to give you a heads up, Tuesday, August 16 the park is having a "Pokemon Go Lure-a-thon". So, it could be crowded. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. That depends... Are the children back in school yet? Regaress of crowds, so long as two trains are running, the line moves fast.
  9. You can skip Pacific Rim 5D. It's just a scene from the film shown in 3D, with 4D effects. The fifth D is for "Disappointment".
  10. I have my fingers crossed that they have both trains running when I'm there on Tuesday. Marathoning Joker isn't as fun when there's a long wait.
  11. I'm hoping for like full neck braces. Ha. Save us the trip to the hospital.
  12. If we're lucky it will only last for Fright Fest. (Doubtful) If we're really lucky, the modified restraints mean that they're giving Kong vest restraints.
  13. ^ ^ ^ That's assuming they don't use land from Bug's Land or where Monster's Inc. currently is.
  14. I figured this would happen shortly after the purple train was running again. They probably didn't want to shut down the entire ride to repair a problem that was afflicting both trains at the same time.
  15. ^ ^ ^ You're not alone. This announcement has pissed off a lot of Disneyland fans. (The announcement video even has a like/dislike ratio similar to the 2016 Ghostbusters trailer)
  16. It's meant to resemble a wooden coaster from boardwalk amusement parks. The Paradise Pier area is appropriate for a California themed park.
  17. I wouldn't say that. Even though it's not as good as the original, it's still fairly popular. This is especially true for the people who have only visited the California resort, which makes up a large chunk of their guests.
  18. Being a Sunday, expect a pretty big crowd. If Joker's operating at opening, ride that first, in case it happens to go down for a long period of time later. Superman and V2 are also right next to that. Medusa can get long lines, but they typically move fairly quickly when they run both trains. Pretty much all of the large flat rides are good, with the exception of their Top Spin, Voodoo, which has been closed for awhile now. You shouldn't waste your time with Pacific Rim 5D, though. It's a Zoo/Amusement Park hybrid, so if you're tired of waiting in lines, there's animals to see. Definitely see each of the marine life shows. They're pretty fun to watch. Food selection is pretty lackluster, unfortunately.
  19. It looks higher than on Twisted Colossus, so it probably goes through it slower.
  20. Yeah, we realized. Not sure why the change was made, though. Perhaps they didn't want the ride to exclusively use 360* inversions.
  21. It's probably not V2. The entire train is back on the track still covered in the Twix wrap. As much as I'd love a Justice League ride, it's probably just a mistake. It was fairly crowded today. Joker was being difficult. As much as the staff was trying to keep the line moving quickly, the single train operation forced the line to reach well over an hour at the end of the day. It went down at about 3:00 and didn't reopen until about 6:30. After which, the entire first car was unavailable. In a bit of good news, they did run the purple train for a test run during those three and a half hours. Perhaps they're almost ready to return to two train operations.
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