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  1. Kong? Smooth? I think you've slammed your head against the restraint one too many times.
  2. Planned ride closures tend to be visible in their attraction list. Closures from weather won't be on the website, as those can change at any time.
  3. Imagine shooting at a gargoyle while simultaneously relieving yourself of $15 worth of amusement park food. This is the next step in theme park innovation.
  4. By adding VR to Viper, it could make it more popular than what it currently is. You know what? Replacing Viper with Dueling Super Loops sounds nice, too.
  5. Glad to hear that Vipers staying but kinda bummed to hear that we won't be getting that dive coaster though. Honestly, what'll probabaly happen is that we'll end up getting a Skywarp for 2018 along with a Tatsu repaint. Bummer Still better than a Larson Loop advertised as their 20th coaster.
  6. With the former flamingo habitat behind Voodoo being empty, do you guys thing it would be possible to replace Voodoo with a Free Spin?
  7. They can keep building new rides, but they're low on space as it is now. They'd need to remove an existing coaster to build a new one. They also wouldn't be able to compete with CGA's planned hyper coaster anyway due to the 150ft height restriction. They could build another Justice League dark ride here (Assuming they could clear enough space), as CGA doesn't have anything like it, though. Discovery Kingdom had been lucky that their only competition in the area had almost been neglected in regards to development over the past decade or so, which allowed them to create a better ride lineup. Now that CGA is going to be expanding over the next 20 years, SFDK will need to step up attraction development if they want to continue pulling in crowds. This, of course, will require corporate to increase their budget, which probably won't happen for a park this small.
  8. ^ ^ ^ Tatsu doesn't have a new ride opening next to it next year. Management probably sees Riddler as a higher priority. I agree, though. Tatsu is in dire need of a fresh coat of paint.
  9. Remember: If anything bad happens in the theme park industry, it's Magic Mountain's fault.
  10. The way they described the pre-show sounds interesting. Having multiple speakers around the room to simulate Rocket moving around the ducts could be neat. Although, I'd like for him to appear visually in the pre-show, too. Either an animatronic popping out from the duct or a video on a screen.
  11. It would definitely be less jarring for people who have never used Florida's Fastpass system. Personally, I'd prefer if they keep it the way they plan to launch it as for at least a few years. (I think FP+ is terrible)
  12. Wow, they have great pictures! I can't believe construction is moving so fast! Those rock formations are crazy! They're really pushing for that 2019 opening date! I've heard as early as Summer 2018. Is this being too optimistic? At the speed they're going, it could be ready at some point in 2018, though it seems unlikely to me. We must tread lightly, or else this thread will take a turn for the worse like the Cedar Point thread.
  13. I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Superman's entire plaza was closed off yesterday. I imagine they're doing maintenance on it at the same time as Drop of Doom. It's likely it'll be closed again tomorrow. It was down yesterday because of rain on Saturday. If it doesn't rain it should be open tomorrow. Oh, alright. I wonder why they needed a full day to get it back up, unless the wind was just too violent for it.
  14. I'm afraid I've got some bad news. Superman's entire plaza was closed off yesterday. I imagine they're doing maintenance on it at the same time as Drop of Doom. It's likely it'll be closed again tomorrow.
  15. If the crowds will be less than they were today, which I imagine they would be, you should have no trouble getting on every coaster that's open at least once. You'll probably be fine going to whatever rides you feel like, but I'd recommend starting the day with Revolution if they're still using the VR headsets, then Full Throttle, then Goliath, then Twisted Colossus. From there, it's easiest to simply circle around the park and ride what you see. Tatsu and X2 are best saved for the end of the day, in my opinion. They tend to have shorter waits and are excellent night rides.
  16. ^ ^ ^ I'm with you there. I enjoy it, bumps and all (Even with how wobbly the cars were today). Although, I wouldn't be opposed to refurbishing the ride and giving it new Vekoma trains ala Ninja/Blue Hawk. Of course, with how much space the ride takes up, it might not be considered worth it to upgrade a ride that not even the average visitor seems to like. But, I'm obviously not in park management, so my opinion is worth about as much as a flip phone is today.
  17. I was at the park today. The parking lot looked about 2/3 full, not including the dirt lot. Wait times weren't too bad, with the exception of Batman due to having one-train operation, and Full Throttle for being Full Throttle. Even Tatsu had about a 15-20 minute wait by 6:00. The ride operators seemed to be dispatching trains faster on the popular rides. Hopefully they can maintain this for future busy days this year. Viper was a walk-on for most of the day. It wouldn't surprise me if the rumors of Viper being the next ride to be replaced turn out to be true. I'd miss it, but it's nearing 30 years old and isn't getting any smoother. Overall, it was one of the better days I've had there recently and I'm excited to come back after Justice League opens.
  18. Just the fact that the film was made specifically for motion simulators instantly makes it better than Pacific Rim 5-minutes-of-your-life-wasted.
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