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  1. Bump.... Ever since i watched Themeparkworldwide and his solo visit to Cedar Point i want to go there to. Now, since i'm from the Netherlands getting there is a bit tricky, and expensive. My son of 10 months is not really suited for that kind of travelling, so my wife needs to stay home. She gave the all clear that i could go on my own, but i'm still a bit scared i might nog like it. I do feel like in Cedar Point the chance of meeting fellow coaster crazy's is pretty high though . Anyone experience with visiting themeparks abroad?
  2. Get 'stroopwafels' when in the Netherlands, thank me later.
  3. Still trying for steady shots, its really an amazing place on earth !
  4. Hey y'all, just wanted to share some footage i took during my visit's in september, hurray season pass! Love this park ! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. Really got the taste of it now, this one is my best one yet! Hope you guys like it! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. Hey guys 'n girls , One of my first tries at the '4m technique' and it resulted in this coaster. Its not the very best but still very smooth en enjoyable. Let me know what you think, and more coming soon Recorded @ 2560x1080 Ultra-Wide 60fps with NVIDIA Shadowplay and edited with Shotcut [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. 1. Chiapas in the Spring 2. Chiapas in the Winter (?!) 3. Chiapas in Fall 4. Chiapas in the Summer 5. Chiapas!
  8. My home park is Efteling: 1. Joris & de Draak (Fire first, Water 2nd) 2. Baron 1898 3. Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman) 4. Python (for nostalgic reasons) 5. Vogel Rok 6. Bob But mostly i visit the Efteling to enjoy the very nice theming and go on a rollercoaster or 2 (its almost always busy @ Efteling with all year round opening)
  9. Have ridden both i can confirm the lapbars on Taron are WAY better then the Skyrush ones. Granted Skyrush has the better airtime .
  10. Thanks! I loved so many coasters that a top 10 will be very hard for me i can tell..... Love sharing this though but finding the time to write this up is hard
  11. Sorry guys about the delay, real life got in the way.... Well for the next 4 days we visited Cedar Point, one of the parks i wanted to visit for my whole life! I'm here! We first went to Millenium Force, the queue looks awesome looking up to that MASSIVE first drop! First ride was front seat, and the first drop is really breathtaking beside the lake! The ride was really fast and i really liked it! Fury 325 is still king in my opinion but this is a very good ride! We went straight after for a back seat ride and there the drop is even better! During the 4 days we were here we only saw TTD running 1 day, right after the park opened. 1st ride was front seat and i've never been so scared in my life! The adrenaline was pumping when i saw that HUGE hill, and then the launch! This is crazy and i came of the right laughing my ass of because i couldn't believe what i just witnessed! We went straight around for 3 more laps! Amazing ride! I can't believe how big this park is, walking from Gatekeeper to Maverick takes a while... Again i noticed how clean this park was (same @ Kings Island etc.), friendly staff and most of the coasters were running really well operations wise. Speaking of Maverick, what an AWESOME coaster is this. Writing this after i rode Maverick, iSpeed and Taron i can honestly say Maverick is the best of the 3. Such a great ride, it has everything going for it! Only picture i got Unfortunately the park was closed 1 day we visited the area, this was because of a huge storm that caused some powerlines on the road leading to the park to fall down and cause a power failure in the park. Not the parks fault but i still was bummed that i couldn't visit this awesome park more ! During the 3 days we visited the park was crowded, but not so much that it was to much to handle. Only Valravn had a line extending for more then an hour. Speaking of Valravn, i liked the ride but Shiekra and Griffon are MUCH better in my opinion! I think its because of the vest restraint maybe? I only got 1 ride in so couldn't really tell. It looks great though! Food was great here, only bummer was that we had to pay extra for the buffet with our dining plan! In kings island and carowinds we didn't need to! Raptor, next to Valravn was a great inverted, nice forceful drop and the cobra roll was nice and snappy! Not the best inverted in the world (i think thats Montu) but still a great ride overal! Btw, Thirsty Pony is a really fun place if a bit wierd. I like the 'honk to be seated' hond at the entrance . Had a great burger here! I liked Gatekeeper very much, not to intense but just a coaster you can enjoy over and over again. The first drop is pretty scary in front row and i loved how the ride interacted with the front gate entrance! I really liked this park, its one of those parks you have to visit once in your life! This park has so many coasters you even forget about some (looking at you Rougarou) that are great but you rather ride Maverick more . Thanks for reading, and sorry it took a while to write this up. The next park (Kennywood) will come soon!
  12. I'm not from the USA but when i first experienced Kingda Ka back in june it was one of the craziest experiences ever! Front is not rough at all indeed, back seat was a little shaky but wouldn't call it 'rough'. But then the coaster near my vicinity is Bandit @ Movie Park that wants to kill me.... In fact, one of the reasons i an returning to USA next year is this coaster, and El Toro ofcourse .
  13. I just wanted to say i had an AWESOME visit to this park! Visited on 09-10 when the forecast was rain but there never was any! This meant a total dead park with all rides running! Got a dozen rides on Katun and iSpeed and loved the rides! Katun is very intense @ the last part of the ride through the corkscrews. The park itself is very nice, clean and friendly staff. Katun is very good although i liked Montu and Afterburn better. iSpeed is all kinds of awesome though! Very much worth the 2 hour drive to get here, only downside of bad weather was that DiVertical was closed....
  14. Guys, any tips on getting here from NYC with public transportation? I'm planning a trip next year in May to visit NYC with my wife and want to visit the park. The only reason i would rent a car is for this park but that seems like a waste but i can't find good info regarding public transportation (how long it takes, where to step-up etc.) I'm coming from The Netherlands so excuse my english but if you guys have any tips that would be great!
  15. Just wanted to let you guys know i had 2 awesome days @ Europa Park. Saturday was crowded with 60 minutes wait for Blue Fire and Wodan and 30 for SiSta. Sunday was much less with everything around 20 min's. Most awesome part was that the trims were OFF for SiSta during my visit, great airtime! Esp. after the MCBR it gets insane.
  16. Thanks! Got a wide angle lense a while ago so could make good use of it there! I really like writing the report as i go through the whole thing in my mind again !
  17. Sorry about the delay guys, real life gets in the way of writing a trip report sometimes Next up, Kings Island! One of those parks you dream about, maybe one day i'll get here? You can imagine the joy i felt when i walk through the entrance! We spent 2 full days at the park, both of the days the park was open til 10pm so loads of time for all the rides, the queue's were around 5->10 minutes for most rides besided Firehawk and FoF, which was awesome! Since The Beast was ERT we decided to hit that up and walked all the way to the back of the park. Its so hidden! First ride was (ofcourse) front seat and i really liked it! Not to rough and a nice sense of speed! We ofcourse came back in the evening and that is another story Daimondback openend up after 2 rides on The Beast so we walked that way, what a nice looking hypercoaster this is, and i love it goes out in the woods and comes back. Oh hi! Love this shot After 10 minutes we took place front seat ( ) and i was curious to experience how this one compares to Intimidator just a few days ago. I liked it better! It also felt a lot longer and the ride wasn't over after the MCBR . The splash is a nice touch @ the end and we ended up riding this coaster a bunch of times. Really nice to photograph aswell. Next up: VORTEX This ride looks very good, its a lot of fun but it kicks your ass while you're having fun . One of the rougher Arrow's i've experienced but loved it nonetheless. We then hit up the back side of the park, i didn't take pictures here but Firehawk and FoF were 'ok' rides, Firehawk was better then Nighthawk @ Carowinds but i'm spoiled with Manta . FoF was a little rough but had some intense moments, great ride but mostly had a long line around 40 minutes when Daimondback had 5 minutes so that was a no-brainer . Hit racer a couple of times aswell Racer is such a fun ride, its a little rough but i keep laughing all the way through, both sides were running and the speed + little pops of airtime are really fun, great ride! We then saw a huge purple monster looking down on us: Hi! After doing Montu + Afterburn i was really looking forward to this ride! The scream when you crest the lifthill is a nice touch. Overal i really like Banshee, its no so intense as other inverts but its really smooth, long and fun! I could be riding this coaster all day no problem. I like the older restraints better but these are comfortable enough. Loads of re-rides aswell with 5 minute wait! Some pictures: Hi there Delirium I was HERE We then decided to go up the Eifel Tower to get a nice view of the park. Such an awesome view of the park, every park should have something like this! Taking pictures on this thing is a real blast! We decided to come back in the evening aswell for the fireworks and take some more night-pictures. Since i'm home now i keep thinking back on this trip and Kings Island is one of the parks that sticks out. It has such a nice collection of rides, great staff and everything is nice and clean. The rides are great, everything is just in 'balance' in this park. I'm jealous of people in Ohio for having this park AND CP in the same state, you lucky guys . Well, hopefully i won't take to long writing the Cedar Point part right ? Thanks for reading guys, leave a comment or something
  18. Today we hit up Dollywood, the one thing on my mind? Will i get to do Lightning Rod? One of the most anticipated coasters this year and haunted by troubles.... We decided to get the preffered parking and was very glad we did! Its a very long walk from the regular parking and since we only have 1 day here we dindn't want to waste lots of time walking. We're here! Such an awesome location for a themepark Great atmosphere here Great theming We decided if we wanted to go for Lightning Rod we got to do it right away so as soon as the park opened up we went to the queue line and we saw people getting on it! I was SO EXCITED!! The queue moved slow but steady and within 20 minutes we were in the station on the next train! We got assigned the 2nd car of the back of the train and moved slowly out of the station. The line around 10 in the morning Its so awesome that dollywood put car noises around the lift hill, makes for an exciting start and the launch is insane! Not intense but very fun. Loads of airtime on the first 2 hills and the rest of the ride. I really liked the outward turns halfway on the ride, it really throws you around! The quaddruple down is one of the best elements i've ever experienced, so much AIRTIME Oh hi Almost there..... We then decided the go around for another ride and asked the grouper for a frontseat ride and we got lucky! Frontseat this ride is INSANE, so much wind in your face and the airtime is great again, one of the best rides of the trip! Very much approved! Awesome ride Awesome sight when you're in the queue Its to bad it would'nt run anymore later on the day, but we got 2 rides and one of the was frontrow so i'm not sad . Hopefully they work out all the problems of this ride because its a gem! This was also my first RMC . My dad very much approved this ride We then decided to walk straight to the next nearby coaster and were blown away by the atmosphere and beautiful scenery this park has to offer! So beautiful Nice looking rapids which we didn't do . Did i already tell you its beautiful here? Unfortunately i have no pictures of Blazing Fury and didn't really know what to expect of this ride but it was really fun, nice theming inside and really long! Awesome for kids aswell. I then saw a ride i was really looking forward to, Tennessee Tornado! The looping looks really massive! Oh hi. We went for the front row, ofcourse! The ride was really awesome, if a bit short. Really smooth aswell, not a single bump, for an Arrow thats amazing . The first drop and loop we're very intense as well, a very great ride . Next up.... Wild Eagle! This was my 2nd Wing coaster, besides Flug der Deamonen in Heide Park wich i liked, but didn't LOVE. This ride i liked a lot better, we got a total of 4 rides in all in the front rows and the pacing of this ride is almost perfect. The drop and loops are great and the last turns look slow but are quite intense. A great ride, not the most intense but the smoothness and scenery makes it awesome. Great location We then hit up Firechase Express wich we only did once because of the long queue (40 minutes) but it was an awesome kids ride and the backwards launch is even a little bit intense! Again great scenery We then walked back a little bit to go on the flume ride which was nice tucked away in a corner with very dense woods, not to wet but a nice ride anyway. Mandatory picture We then got hungry and decided to eat @ Aunt Anny's since it was well written about on the internet and i really liked my meal! Nice and fresh and not to much, but since it was an all you can eat buffet we could've gotten more but i was full on my first go YUM We then went to Mystery Mine, my first Gerstlauer coaster and i didn't know much about this coaster and i LOVED it. The theming is great and the drop out of the station is awesome. The ride itself is not to long but the 2 vertical lifts make it intimidating and the finale is awesome! Great location again Last ride was Thunderhead, i can compare this ride to Joris & the Dragon @ Efteling and Wodan in Europa Park and this ride was way more 'out-of-control' then the former, i really needed to hold on to my lap bar, it was so fast! In the back it was even more insane but i liked the front better. No queue here so we went on a few times. The location is again a winner here, beautiful ! Nicely tucked away We then walked the full circle back and hit up Mystery mine and Wild Eagle again, looked at Lightning Rod but it wasn't running and since we had to go for a drive to Mason we decided to leave around 5 pm. Next time i will visit this park for 2 days, the atmosphere and scenery are so beautiful and all the employees are so friendly and nice. This has to be one of the most beautiful parks i've ever visited, the rides are all of top-quality and the queues were short (besides Firechaser). I really enjoyed my day here and hope i can return here once again in my life! Ofcourse we couldn't leave before we tried the famous.... Cinnamon Bread!! Its very good! Best.Bread.EVER.! Thanks Dollywood for an amazing day, i will be back someday (i hope) So nice, bye Dollywood! Next up: Kings Island!
  19. The title of the thread is literally "First ever visit to the USA, roadtrip May 2016" Right, but what I'm getting at is if I went one time to Cedar Point and I knew I wouldn't make it back in the foreseeable future, then I may, because when crowded you can't do everything. That doesn't apply to many places. I should have specified originally. PS (It's always nice being the butt-end of Coasterbill snark) Yep, thats why we mostly planned multiple days on all the parks (busch gardens not included unfortunately) just to make sure we got every ride in. If needed we would have gotten the que-skippers but in the end we didn't really need it, only if we wanted to re-ride Kumba/Montu but Shiekra was just as fine with no que .
  20. Also regarding the report... front row of Kumba? It's great up there but the back seat is nuts on that ride. Yea... we kinda have a tradition going for front row on our first ride on a coaster (no matter wich one) so Kumba was no different. I found it kinda insane already so can imagine how the back is! I'll get back there someday to try the back ! Hopefully i'll get to writing Dollywood later today but i'm at work at the moment.
  21. After a very long drive (9 hours) we ended up in Charlotte, 20 minutes away from Carowinds! We were going to stay 2 days at this park here. I read on this forum it might be to much but i wanted to make sure i did everything since i prob. will never visit this area again for a holiday . We went ahead and got our Platinum Pass processed and decided to get the mealplan and the refill cup aswell since were going to quite a few Cedar Fair parks! Got 'em! I was so looking forward to this park, since i really love Silver Star @ Europa Park and this park having a Hyper, and a GIGA coaster (my first one) and an awesome B&M invert the line-up is great! Amazing skyline on our way there. Fury looks so HUGE, pictures don't do it justice. So awesome. Were here (eveing picture ofcourse) We decided to hit up Intimidator first since i read on the forum it kinda got 2nd place because of Fury . This is also my first B&M with the 'winged' seating and for my first ride i asked for a front row (we always try to do front row first ride) and we got it. I was scared we couldn't because of the assigned seating but it was no problem. Oh hi! Lookin' good I really liked Intimidator! In the front seat you get MAJOR airtime on the first high turn, awesome! The next 2 hills are great aswell but then you hit a trim wich slows it down. Luckily the hills after that produce some nice airtime aswell. We tried another run in the back and it wasn't as great here! The front is way better in my opinion and you have a really nice view, great coaster overall! Approved! We then decided it was time... time for.... FURY! I was insanely nervous, it is so HIGH! Our first ride we asked for front but didn't get it but got the back row instead. What can i say about this ride that hasn't been said already? B&M found god with this ride! Its awesome from start to finish, never a dull moment. The first drop seems to go on forever! And the airtime you get on the first turn is insane! The whole ride is amazing! 2nd ride we got a front seat on and that was so terrifying!!!! Even better in the front . Awesome! No lines! We ended up doing Fury around 20 times over 2 days, it is my new favourite coaster until now! I really hope we might ever get a 'Fury' in Europe Next to Fury was something a little bit different, Hurler.... I read terrible things about this ride but wanted to try it anyway. We went front seat (our rule ) and i was braced for a beating... It was really OK! Not nearly as bad as i was expecting and even a little bit of airtime . If you guys want to ride a rough coaster, ride Bandit in Movie Park Germany, this is smooth compared to that one . We then hit up the smallest drop tower i've ever seen, lots of fun, not scary at all! Nice view of fury aswell from this. I must say, for so many coasters this park is really small! You can walk from one side to the other in less then 10 minutes! Great for my legs . Since we were right next to hit we went to the Python (Efteling) but then in Carolina, i forgot the name. Nice colours! It was a little bit different then the Python but still very much liked it, i'm soft for old Arrows even if they hit you up a little bit . We then walked the whole way around to hit Afterburn, its nicely tucked away in the back. Did i tell you we had no que's whatsoever the 2 days we were here? Awesome, compliments to the crews @ Fury, Intimidator and Afterburn for working really hard, i complimented a lot of employees on there hard work, probs Carowinds! Oh hi. Ok, back to Afterburn... We took place front seat (ofcources) on our first ride. Nice and green here! We loved this ride! Once again a great invert of B&M, a little shorter then Montu but had a really nice pacing. The batwing is again the best element here after the final corkscrew (intense !). We ended up doing Afterburn a bunch of times and in the back its even more crazy but i like the view the front gives! This one ended up being one of the best inverts of the trip! So pretty We did all the major coasters in the park and it was quite hot so we decided to hit up the big water ride. We got SOAKED on this one, like REALLY SOAKED , we kinda liked it since it was 34 degrees celcius out but i can understand its not for everyone . The only ride that had a bit of a que was Nighthawk (ofcourse) but we went the 2nd day early to avoid a big que. The loading is really slow, and being laid on your back on a lifthill is really wierd. Nice colour! I liked this ride, but not LOVED it. No suprise since i did Manta 2 days ago wich shits on this ride . The vest is not as comfortable but the ride itself was quite smooth. Only did this once, it looked really great though! Nice We then hit up Vortex wich was my first Stand-up and it was OK. It was not as smooth and i didn't really liked the standing position but it was quite intense for a little ride. B&M loopings are sexy (i think) Over the course of this day and the next we did loads of Fury, Intimidator and Afterburn ofcourse! So pretty You to Intimi This park has such an awesome top 3 coaster list that makes most parks jealous, and the trip is worth it for Fury alone! The park itself has very nice employees, great food (in the big barn thing atleast) and low crowds wich is an awesome combination. Its very clean and what it misses in theming it makes up for in rides. I'm a little bit sad that i probably will not visit this park in the next 10 years but am very grateful i got the chance to get here for 2 days. And btw, the lightsaber of Fury looks so AWESOME! After the 2nd day we drove the 3 hours to Pigeon Forge for our visit the next day to Dollywood! To bad we only got the evening to experience Pigeon Forge because it looks like an awesome place to explore! Next up, Dollywood! Nice lightning package
  22. I'm just going to put it out there that I do not understand at all when someone travels across the world to go to parks and does NOT get the virtual queue option. BGT's Quick Queue starts at $21 which is *NOTHING* compared to the cost of your entire trip and that would have guaranteed you would have gotten 1 more ride on every single coaster in the park without waiting. I really hate hearing complaints like this because IMO if you flew across the planet and are complaining you could only get 1 ride on each coaster, you're doing it wrong. You shouldn't complain about things that are your own doing. Sorry, just my take on things. Hi Robb, Sorry if my bad english made it look like a complaint, its not . I most def. looked into the virtual queue option but with the heat my dad couldn't take more rides anyway so i'm not complaining whatsoever, but looking back i maybe would have gone on some rides alone but its not as fun. Now that i think of it, we did Shiekra 3 times so i was kinda wrong anyway.
  23. The next day we went to Seaworld Orlando, unfortunately a week to early for Mako. We did see it testing a bunch of times but didn't get to ride . Seaworld is one of those parks i always dreamed of visiting, it felt like such a far reach from my small country. It felt really special to walk past the gates and know i'm really in Orlando! We're here! Well Mako is not gonna open today but that didn't stop us from having a good time though! Park was open from 9 till 9 so enough time to explore the whole park. We started ofcourse with one of the coasters i looked out for the most; Manta! Looks very nice! It looks so beautiful with the blue track and since i've never done a flying coaster before i was really looking forward to this and even was a bit scared! Being a saturday i expected the worst but it was not so bad, after 25 minutes we took place front seat, really love the dual loading station btw! Then the ride, holy crap this was awesome! The Pretzel Loop must be the most intense thing i've ever experienced, amazing! The rest of the ride is really great aswell, i really felt like i was flying. Great location for the ride aswell since you can walk around it and the entrance looks amazing aswell. The que was nice and cool with aircon and the Manta's in the que were a nice touch! We ended up riding manta 5 times, 1 time after sunset and every ride was awesome! It looked like they really take care of the rides here, the paint job looks brand new! Awesome! We then hit up the water ride Journey to Atlantis with a 10 minute wait, not to bad! Great theming inside and a nice long drop that was not so wet! Only to get suprised by the 2nd little drop that totally SOAKED us! Is that intended? Great ride with great theming. We then hit up Kraken, i was also looking forward to this ride since its my first floorless coaster! Once again, i really liked the ride. It was nice and smooth and i noticed it was not so intense as Kumba yesterday, or maybe i was more used to it? We did multiple rides on the front and back rows since the que was max. 5 minutes, great airtime on the first drop in the back btw! We need these kind of rides in Europe some more! Ofcourse we hit all the shows, the Dolphin show and the Shamu show were really nice and we saw the Orca's get fed afterwards wich was very cool to see! I was really suprised by the crowds @ Seaworld on a saturday, longest wait was 30 minutes for Manta in the afternoon, all other rides were walk ons. Food was great to (no picture unfortunately) and didn't have to wait long. The only ride that was closed was the observation tower wich was a shame. We ended up doing Manta 2 times before we decided to leave around 8.45, i really liked Seaworld Orlando. Its very clean, the staff is friendly and works hard and the theming/landscaping is awesome! I never saw a 'bad' part of the park, its not that big but it has a nice atmosphere. Its a shame it gets some bad rep. for the animals but when i see the people working with the animals they look like they take good care of them. Hopefully Mako gets all the attention it deserves, it looks awesome! I will return here someday ! We left the next morning for a 9 hour drive to Charlotte for our first Cedar Fair park, Carowinds!
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