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  1. Bump.... Ever since i watched Themeparkworldwide and his solo visit to Cedar Point i want to go there to. Now, since i'm from the Netherlands getting there is a bit tricky, and expensive. My son of 10 months is not really suited for that kind of travelling, so my wife needs to stay home. She gave the all clear that i could go on my own, but i'm still a bit scared i might nog like it. I do feel like in Cedar Point the chance of meeting fellow coaster crazy's is pretty high though . Anyone experience with visiting themeparks abroad?
  2. Get 'stroopwafels' when in the Netherlands, thank me later.
  3. Still trying for steady shots, its really an amazing place on earth !
  4. Hey y'all, just wanted to share some footage i took during my visit's in september, hurray season pass! Love this park ! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  5. Really got the taste of it now, this one is my best one yet! Hope you guys like it! [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  6. Hey guys 'n girls , One of my first tries at the '4m technique' and it resulted in this coaster. Its not the very best but still very smooth en enjoyable. Let me know what you think, and more coming soon Recorded @ 2560x1080 Ultra-Wide 60fps with NVIDIA Shadowplay and edited with Shotcut [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. 1. Chiapas in the Spring 2. Chiapas in the Winter (?!) 3. Chiapas in Fall 4. Chiapas in the Summer 5. Chiapas!
  8. My home park is Efteling: 1. Joris & de Draak (Fire first, Water 2nd) 2. Baron 1898 3. Vliegende Hollander (Flying Dutchman) 4. Python (for nostalgic reasons) 5. Vogel Rok 6. Bob But mostly i visit the Efteling to enjoy the very nice theming and go on a rollercoaster or 2 (its almost always busy @ Efteling with all year round opening)
  9. Have ridden both i can confirm the lapbars on Taron are WAY better then the Skyrush ones. Granted Skyrush has the better airtime .
  10. Thanks! I loved so many coasters that a top 10 will be very hard for me i can tell..... Love sharing this though but finding the time to write this up is hard
  11. Sorry guys about the delay, real life got in the way.... Well for the next 4 days we visited Cedar Point, one of the parks i wanted to visit for my whole life! I'm here! We first went to Millenium Force, the queue looks awesome looking up to that MASSIVE first drop! First ride was front seat, and the first drop is really breathtaking beside the lake! The ride was really fast and i really liked it! Fury 325 is still king in my opinion but this is a very good ride! We went straight after for a back seat ride and there the drop is even better! During the 4 days we were here w
  12. I'm not from the USA but when i first experienced Kingda Ka back in june it was one of the craziest experiences ever! Front is not rough at all indeed, back seat was a little shaky but wouldn't call it 'rough'. But then the coaster near my vicinity is Bandit @ Movie Park that wants to kill me.... In fact, one of the reasons i an returning to USA next year is this coaster, and El Toro ofcourse .
  13. I just wanted to say i had an AWESOME visit to this park! Visited on 09-10 when the forecast was rain but there never was any! This meant a total dead park with all rides running! Got a dozen rides on Katun and iSpeed and loved the rides! Katun is very intense @ the last part of the ride through the corkscrews. The park itself is very nice, clean and friendly staff. Katun is very good although i liked Montu and Afterburn better. iSpeed is all kinds of awesome though! Very much worth the 2 hour drive to get here, only downside of bad weather was that DiVertical was closed....
  14. Guys, any tips on getting here from NYC with public transportation? I'm planning a trip next year in May to visit NYC with my wife and want to visit the park. The only reason i would rent a car is for this park but that seems like a waste but i can't find good info regarding public transportation (how long it takes, where to step-up etc.) I'm coming from The Netherlands so excuse my english but if you guys have any tips that would be great!
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