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  1. My next park will either be Cedar Point or Kentucky Kingdom in June 2016. I try to visit parks that are below the 9 hour driving range at this moment as I enjoy driving places. So far I have visited Kings Island (July 2014), Dorney Park (June 2015) and my home park Canada's Wonderland I have been visiting since 2009. So, if anyone has any suggestions for which parks I could/ should visit, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hello, I am John and have been reading these forums for quite a while and watching TPR's videos on YouTube, so, I've decided to join. My home park (and my favourite park) is Canada's Wonderland as I visit there about every two weeks during the season. I have also been to two US amusement parks which are Kings Island (July 2014) and Dorney Park (June 2015). I plan on travelling to more parks throughout Canada and the US in the years to come, hopefully expanding to Europe and eventually Asia. Along with enjoying amusement parks, I also enjoy reading and learning the history that is attached to them. I also enjoy searching for rides that have long gone from various parks, that is why I started up Amusement Ride Locator on Facebook earlier this year. I also really enjoy roller coasters and thrill rides especially roller coasters that were manufactured by Arrow Dynamics. That is all for now. I hope to have a wonderful time here on TPR!
  3. Zamperla didn't manufacturer Green Scream, Zierer did. But yes, it does seem that's what really long trains were designed for!
  4. I cannot enjoy the Zamperla Volare (Time Warp, Canada's Wonderland), Vekoma SLC (Flight Deck, Canada's Wonderland) or Wild Beast (Canada's Wonderland). I also cannot enjoy any Fabbri Kamikaze 2 ride as the restraints aren't tight and it feels like you're going to fall out every time the ride goes upside down as the ride is floor-less.
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