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  1. I hope everyone has been staying safe and healthy lately during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak we have been experiencing! Since being temporarily laid off of work for a couple of weeks as of Friday, I decided to try my hand at being creative in order to pass some of the time. Below is a photo of a clock I customized today, displaying photos of various rides at Canada's Wonderland that I had taken over the past few years. I used Photoshop to compile the photos together within a clock face template. I think it turned out quite nicely!
  2. I recall when I had gone to Halloween Horror at Fantasy Island in October 2017, What's in the Box!? was a walk through attraction in an old transport trailer that was filled with fog, lights, sound effects, and a few scare actors inside. They made you walk in a straight line towards the end of the trailer and a scare actor inside would point towards a small box painted in glow in the dark paint, asking you to open it. Once you opened it, you were able to leave. It was kind of odd as there was nothing in the small box that the scare actor was holding. lol It sounds like the experience had been downgraded since its inaugural year! Definitely an interesting attraction nonetheless! Too bad the park is now closed but at least I have some great memories!
  3. You do know DL is owned by six flags right? I would say other than a few waterslides, there are probably 5 rides at Fantasy Island that meet SF standards. Most of the rides at FI were the portable models and not the permanent versions a chain like SF wants. Silver Comet could end up elsewhere, but it is almost as costly to move that as it would be to build new. The only rides I could see Six Flags purchasing from Fantasy Island (if they were interested in doing so) are the Rock n Roll, Mega Disk'o, and the Giant Wheel as they were all park model versions (or could be made permanent in the case of Rock n Roll). The Tilt-A-Whirl may be a good contender too as they do have a couple at some of their parks. It'll be interesting to see who purchases the rides from Fantasy Island. Although quite unlikely, I do hope that the Silver Comet does find a new home as I found it to be a very enjoyable coaster when I had visited twice in 2017!
  4. I have been attending Season Pass Sneak Preview Night annually since 2013 and the crowd levels really depends on the weather as you have stated, along with what is new that season, and if there are any other large events occurring within the GTA that same night. Also, if all the rides are open and operating that night, that helps with spreading out the crowds. Unfortunately for the past couple of years, a few of the major rides were closed, which caused some of the lines to be longer than usual. But I still had a great time despite the fact! But generally if the weather is nice, it does tend to bring out more people, but since the event is only for four hours, it tends to deter people from going and making it completely packed. Just keep an eye on the weather as the date gets closer to help decide if you want to make a visit that night!
  5. I believe a link to a Facebook video would go there. In other news, Season Pass Sneak Preview Night has just been announced for Friday, April 24th, 2020 from 6pm to 10pm! More details regarding the event can be found here.
  6. I just thought to let you all know that Six Flags Darien Lake has posted their 2020 operating schedule. Opening day is scheduled for Friday, May 8th from 10am to 5pm. The full 2020 operating schedule can be viewed here.
  7. Green Lantern at Six Flags Great Adventure! Photo Credit: John Brooks via Amusement Views
  8. Time definitely does fly by! Thanks for sharing this flashback and history of the Haunted Mansion at the PNE Playland. It definitely looks quite interesting. I need to make it out that way one day!
  9. Those are great photos, Doug! We definitely had received quite a bit of snow recently here in Southwestern Ontario and Western New York (as seen in your photos). Thanks for sharing!
  10. You're very welcome! If and when you do attend Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland, be sure to share your thoughts on the event.
  11. Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland premiered on November 22nd! Below are some photos that I had captured during the first evening of this all-new event. It was very well done and the light displays around the park were quite spectacular! While the rides are not the main attraction of Winterfest, I did brave the frigid temperatures and took a ride on Klockwerks, Wilde Knight Mares, and Krachenwagen, three of the four larger rides open during Winterfest. Overall, attending Winterfest sure got me into the Christmas spirit! The front gates were decked out and were a prelude of what was yet to come! The Tree Lighting Ceremony took place at 5:30pm and consisted of signing, dancing, and a dazzling light display! It is a performance you do not want to miss! The Snowflake Lake skating rink on the Royal Fountain began to fill up with visitors after the tree lighting ceremony had concluded. While some of the lamp posts throughout the park feature shooting star lights, all of them had received oil lamp-type bulbs which flickered just like the real thing! It was a nice touch! Klockwerks and Christmas lights are a magical combination! The Candy Cane Lane heading into Charlie Brown's Christmas Town (Planet Snoopy and Kidzville) looked spectacular! Charlie Brown's Christmas Town was decked out with many colourful Christmas lights! Charlie Brown and Linus were quite proud of the tree they found at the tree lot! This photo of Viking's Rage looked postcard worthy with all the lights surrounding it! Wilde Knight Mares also looked stunning with all the Christmas lights strung in the surrounding shrubs and trees. The Cool Yule Show in Elf Village (Medieval Faire) was a very nice show consisting of many well-known Christmastime songs. Here is one last look at Snowflake Lake and Wonder Mountain on International Street during Winterfest! It was a spectacular sight to see!
  12. Apart from the kiddie rides in Planet Snoopy and Kidzville, Canada's Wonderland did have four "larger" flat rides open, one of them was a thrill ride, that being Wilde Knight Mares (Huss UFO). I was there during the premiere night of Winterfest on November 22nd and it was a rather frigid ride experience spinning at those speeds in a windchill of -6°C (21.2°F)! I am personally glad that Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland focuses more on the light displays and shows than they do the rides. It makes a visit to the park quite unique!
  13. Since July 2019, Canada's Wonderland has been busy transforming the park into Winterfest, which opens on November 22nd, 2019! The video below shows behind the scenes transformations as well as transformations you may have seen around the park over the past few months! The all-new Winterfest at Canada's Wonderland looks like an event you don't want to miss!
  14. I agree. Their use is definitely for those cooler days earlier and later in the season. With the installation of the wheel warmers earlier this year, Leviathan has been flying on those days!
  15. During my second visit of the season to Six Flags Darien Lake back in mid-August, I managed to capture this photo of the Predator and Ride of Steel during sunset. The train on the Predator was going up the lift hill at the time, which in my opinion made the photo perfect!
  16. Only tickets purchased for Halloween Haunt are valid for the Halloween Haunt event. As for your second question, the park does close at 5pm and reopens for Halloween Haunt at 7pm. Although, you will need either admission for Halloween Haunt or a Gold/Platinum Pass in order to attend. Those who purchased daytime admission tickets only will not be admitted. I hope this answers your questions!
  17. Thanks for the write up, DILinator! It sounds like you had an amazing time despite the crowds! As for Wilde Beast, I find the best place to ride it is in the front row of the second car. That row seems to provide the most comfortable ride on it, especially if you brace yourself. While the park did retrack a great percentage of the coaster during the 2014/2015 and the 2015/2016 off-seasons, some parts of the track have become quite rough since. Maybe one day Wilde Beast will receive another retracking that will last longer.
  18. The early ride times on Sundays (with the exception of the Labour Day weekend as it was all three days) at Canada's Wonderland ended over the Labour Day weekend. So there are no more early ride times this season. Due to ventilation issues in the switchback section of Wonder Mountain's Guardian's queue, they no longer use the switch back. It apparently gets too hot along there. So, the line for it isn't going to be too long, physically speaking. It just depends on how many seats are closed off and how efficient the grouper is.
  19. Regardless of how expensive food is at the park, you should never recommend anyone to do this. If it becomes a common occurrence, people do get caught after repeat performances as there are security cameras in every store and restaurant at the park. I just don't think promoting theft/shoplifting online is something you should (or want) to be doing.
  20. It sounds like you had an amazing time after all! I do agree that Behemoth is an airtime machine! It's also good to hear that the ponchos will come in use for your future visit to Cedar Point. Thanks for the update on your visit to Canada's Wonderland!
  21. Don't let the rain dampen your spirits! Some of the best days to visit Canada's Wonderland are on days with a bit of rain, like today! Most, if not all rides will be operational while its misting and/or drizzling. Just dress for the weather and enjoy! I look forward to seeing how it was at the park today.
  22. Ride of Steel at Six Flags Darien Lake before a brief storm had hit yesterday evening.
  23. You're very welcome! I hope you have a great time whenever you decide to visit next year!
  24. That's correct! According to a post on Twitter, it will be closing forever on August 27th to make way for the new for 2020 attraction, which will be announced on August 29th. The Super Manège definitely looked to be on its last legs when I had visited the park for the first time in May 2018. I look forward to seeing what takes its place!
  25. Thanks, it does help, Johnlloyd! I may still go next year, but now I'm planning to go later this year, so what is your take on crowds at CW for the Labor Day weekend, and Labor Day (or I should say, Labour Day) itself? Will they be really bad? Or will it be manageable? Should I wait and go the following weekend, even though the park closes two hours earlier? Thanks for any input or advice you can give regarding these dates, and what to expect crowd-wise at CW! In previous years, the park can be quite busy over the Labour Day weekend as that is the final weekend of summer vacation before schools go back here in Ontario. Also, the park holds the fireworks show on the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend, which tends to draw significant crowds. It may be best to visit the following weekend, unless that is the only time you can visit. But, if there is a chance of rain in the weather forecast, it may not be too busy.
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