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  1. Yup. Clickbait. Just read today how "Weeki Wachee was dissolving". The city (pop. 12), it turns out. Not the park. Back to MK! Looking forward to visiting when reservations allow!
  2. They could base it on America Sings...oh wait... And the CBJ? A Stax/Hi Records retheme? Is Rev. Al Green available for a bear voice? Bring some soul to that blessed air conditioning! Gonna play me some Rev. Green right now...
  3. With increased testing, there will be false positives; existing tests have them. If we do contact tracing like this and close parks every time when we have not 1000 guests in a park but ten times that (under reduced capacity at our large parks), there is no economic path forward here with the millions of tests we have done and will do in the US. ROK has done a great job with Covid. The chance of dying from it there now is less than the chance of dying in an auto accident for the less vulnerable population. I was stating that I am willing to take the pre-Covid ordinary risks of travel to visit parks, including injury and death, and that I disagree with a system that, if implemented here, would wipe out most of our theme parks to 'eliminate risk'. Masks OK, temperature taking OK, distancing OK, no choice to do business not OK. I greatly appreciate your reports. The details and clarity are helpful.
  4. A single potentially false positive shuts down a society...in spite of proper mask use and distancing that is shown to eliminate spread. If this is done in the US there will be no amusement industry. I'm fine with the agreed precautions; I'm not fine with demanding Covid risk statistically less than I already take to travel to a park.
  5. A break in the PA dam...Kennywood opens July 7 for passholders and July 11 for everyone...reservations required etc. https://www.kennywood.com/summer2020
  6. From reading the well-argued filing, I believe the Governor likely avoided an embarrassing judgment in the Warren County court. If you don't assert your rights you will lose them.
  7. This does look like a train rebuild PTC would do in their factory during the winter months...or a swap with a rebuilt train. Such work is a large percentage of PTC's business. Of course I like the buzz bars...but if the park doesn't staple the guests these don't bother me much. And I would guess in the present climate stapling may be a thing of the past...
  8. 3 1/2 month shutdown, 30% government attendance limit, and a temporary self-imposed further limit. Immediate sellout for reopening day Monday & first open Saturday, but availability remained for first Friday and second week, it appears. Will be interesting to compare with WDW and others.
  9. Thanks very much for that video Robb; this seems like a model for all parks going forward. I would imagine multiple gate resorts would limit repeat reservations to the same gate should capacity limits require that.
  10. ^^^^No worries here. Poltergeist VR...a name screaming for a headset...coming to horrify enthusiasts!
  11. ^^ I love SFGA Goliath. Popular attractions have lines, arrive early. Glad we're building more.
  12. A lift cable (?) or chain (?) and anti-rollbacks inside that notch? Wow. I'm fascinated to see how this will get up the lift! Behold the notch
  13. Actually a clone of this is quite likely for SFA in the years ahead. I'm sure RMC will have price incentives to help this make it to every SF park.
  14. Yup. Mandatory paid storage (fluffers?) like X2 at SFMM and no seatbelts is my guess.
  15. The inspectors did their required jobs correctly-look at the report. No one realized that the formidable looking red/orange “beams” supporting the gondolas were actually 15 year old rusted-out bent sheet steel with the structural integrity of a cheap chocolate bunny. If they’d done the ultrasonic there they would have seen this years ago…and I imagine that’s what will happen to all similar rides going forward. This incident reminds me of the Aloha Airlines “convertible” that changed the way airframe integrity was evaluated.
  16. ^^Ann Arbor has beautifully maintained machines, and sells out in advance...especially Saturday. Still have tickets, though... http://vfwpinball.com/?page_id=179
  17. Please delete if answered elsewhere, but does anyone know if the ATLAS at Epcot was removed or substantially parted out (Iron Man on my mind, of course). Thanks.
  18. I think posters here (not necessarily lurkers) enjoy thinking about new ride designs and following the construction process in the ‘off season‘--especially when they can imagine/plan a trip to ride them…even if that trip might be years off. For the majority of US-based readers this would be a domestic trip, so when less is on the horizon there’s less to dream about. It’s amazing the difference in forum activity for a park when a new coaster is rumored-announced-construction starts-vertical-topped-testing-opened-new rider reports. Many parks disappear from the front page outside of this cycle. Still, Robb, you’re quite correct. Even though my daughter’s (and my) focus is wooden coasters (and there’s two of those coming next year in the US) our favorite steel is this lil’ ride* at SFMM that isn’t new and doesn’t make the Golden Ticket top 50 anymore. Just as you feel about MK’s Space Mountain, we can ride it over and over and never be tired of the miracle that is this ride, and it’s always amazing to introduce a new rider to it. We’re all very blessed to have this hobby, no matter what involvement we have in it. Your site has made the hobby much more enjoyable, and we’re very appreciative of your contributions to it. *Tatsu
  19. He's very shy. The truth was revealed by Vladimir Edward Konig, OMA, after his knighthood last week at Alton Towers. For 2017 a mystery Dutch company to be announced will take over manufacturing duties for RMC as they retrofit the unloved Lightning Rod, Phoenix, and Wildfire coasters to the Dooltyube track system. Thanks to the Food Etc. snack staff (right side) at SFMM for this info on Saturday!
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