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  1. That British Pathe site is great for exploring old park/ride footage. Sometimes you have to dig through some of the more obscure titles to find the rich, gooey center. Here's an example: "Dizzy-Dive Land" is labeled as "Coney Island Giant Switchback" The link actually takes you to one of my fav old not-ridden woodies: Rye Playland Airplane coaster in action http://www.britishpathe.com/record.php?id=28885
  2. John, excellent pics from The Olden Times. I really miss Crystal Beach. It was truly a magical place and a national treasure that should've been saved. Though many disagree, I feel the Comet ran much better (looser?) on the shores of Lake Erie than it ever has at TGE. The Giant Coaster was such a fun ride. Though it may have looked primitive, it elicited pure joy from its passengers. I visited the CNE Flyer just before it was destroyed but never got to ride it. It was an odd looking ride by Joe McKee from Palisades Park fame. Love those big four-bench trains. Oh and your coaster cli
  3. Great shots! Thanks for posting. Do any of you there in Deutschland know when Barth reduced Olympia's train size from seven to five cars? I'm guessing it's to save wear and tear on the aging track but it looks a bit odd to see such a short train. I rode this beauty in Munich when she was brand new along with Wiener Looping, Alpina Bahn and Thriller (in Stuttgart). Amazing machines.
  4. I've known about this for quite some time. I was just hoping they would change their minds about removing it, but I guess that's not going to happen. The BBW is historic for a number of reasons and should be preserved. Sure, it has its flaws, but that quirkiness only makes it more special. It's puzzling why Busch can't replace the high-stress points (i.e. the wicked last drop/river maneuver), add lighter rolling stock and let it fly through the woods like Arrow (and Anton!) intended. I will truly miss the Wolf.
  5. It still has it's original paint scheme. The blue has been flaking off the supports and needs to be redone. I'll be riding it about an hour. Yayyy for me.
  6. Wow, John. Nice shots. I really miss Idora. I was fortunate to visit many times starting in 1980 until The End. It really saddens me that the park didn't have the funds to repair the Wildcat. Especially since the majority of the ride was intact. The fire damage was restricted to basically the second and final turns along with part of their entrance/exit runs --- not really that much. Despite needing some TLC in the last years, it was still one of the most impressive/intimidating coasters I ever met. Oh, and the Jack Rabbit was just a lot of fun. Miss that one too. BTW, did you visi
  7. Ok, who's ready for some Schwarzkopf goodness this weekend? Here's a triple play featuring three of The Master's beauties. I've ridden all three and loved them for different reasons. Though the Canadian ride still runs balls-to-the-wall, Six Flags destroyed one, then castrated the other and dumped it in western Mexico. Enjoy! This post-accident shot is from the same angle as another MB card here in the Paradise. The trains have been reworked and the footers are painted yellow. This remains one of THE most powerful coasters in operation. Simply phenomenal! Poor, poor, Loo
  8. Hey All -- Sorry I've been scarce lately around here but 'tis the season and work has kept me constantly on the road. But now, with the holiday weekend here, we're staying out of the parks --- except for maybe a few spins at Carowinds Sunday evening -- and perhaps some trackspotting if any has been delivered yet ) In the meantime, I've found a couple of older, totally random cards to add to the Paradise. Enjoy! -S : Rolling Thunder. I picked this up in the late '90s. I LOVE this ride, despite the "triple loop" misnomer. Rode it a few weeks ago. Thankfully, it sti
  9. Oh, the synchronicity, Shane ... I just returned from a visit to BGE this past weekend and was examining my copy of this same Glissade card. I rode this Schwarzkopf staple on my first visit to BGE. Just across the midway, Busch had yet another "off-the-shelf" model from Anton --- a Wildcat. And just think, HIS version of the BBW was on the drawing board but would never see the light of day ... ::sigh::
  10. I agree that it would be unfortunate to lose this ride. It's made quite an impression on Quassy guests over the years. Plus, it's one of the few remaining Herschell Monster Mice (Mouse).
  11. The good news is that The Gravity Group's junior woodie has been approved! But the not-so-good news is that the Herschell Mad Mouse will be removed. www.amusementtoday.com/
  12. What bothered me most is how the park owner allowed this to take place. The train ran over the chain/shackle, and then they bragged about how mangled it was. I imagine there was a bit of damage to the wheels/under-carriage of that PTC train. Why can't these daredevil freaks stick to leaping over busses on motorcycles or attempting Houdini's water tank escape? Leave our coasters alone! BTW, this guy actually has a website: http://www.mrescape.com/
  13. Excellent pics! The "new" Racer views are beyond sweet. Same goes for Bayern Kurve shots. I'm rather excited to see this Schwarzkopf beauty back in operation at Kwood. I'm a wee bit concerned that Phantom's Revenge transitions are less than smooth. What happened? Hmmm. Still, thanks for posting these. I plan to visit Kwood when Knoebels' Flying Turns takes flight this summer. Yes, I have faith that this WILL happen in '09.
  14. We used iMovie. Though I prefer Premier for something a bit more complicated, iMovie works great for these quick park vids. I agree about Arrow's later mine trains being very good. I especially like KI's version. I wish they'd stayed around and built more. The same goes for the suspended coaster. Arrow's are the best. I'd forgotten how great KI's Top Gun (I can't call it anything else!) really is. I just need to get to Everland to check out the Best Arrow Suspended Ever. Or so I've been told.
  15. Glad you had a good time. KI is a great park. And Diamondback is one sweet hyper ... especially at night. Oh, and did you check out the Beast? I was totally impressed by all the track work. Though the permanent magnetic trims are ... sucky ... I was amazed at how rideable it was. I miss the the REAL Beast of 1979. It was beyond amazing.
  16. Though I usually focus on history in The Closet, this little vid we did takes a recent look at Kings Island and its hot new Diamondback hyper. -S
  17. It's on page 77. It's pretty convincing. As for the first card, I've been looking for shots of the Cyclone's rolling stock but have yet to find any. Schmeck used the PTC two-bench trains for most of his twisters and those orange trains look like three-benchers to, so THAT may really be the Jack Rabbit. Anyone have anything to add?
  18. I'm not sure about the upper OOB card, but this link leads to one labeled Jack Rabbit. I believe that is incorrect. That looks more like the PTC/Schmeck Cyclone that operated 1930-48.
  19. Well, the Mysterious Yellow B&M just got a bud to keep him company. And he's fire engine RED. Let the speculation begin ... I mean ... continue!
  20. Great pics! Sorry your day was a rainy one. I was there on FRI and the skies were perfect BLUE but the three trains went out half empty most of the time. On SAT, the trains were full but the sky was ... COLORLESS. ?r Here's one my fav pics from beneath the first drop. This guy seems to be enjoying himself. :
  21. Actually, a "part" of you does get wet. Yesterday, I took several spins in the last coach/back seat(s) and every time my elbow -- whichever one was on the outside -- got soaked. It's rather minimal considering the size of that rooster tail wave. I'm just sayin' ...
  22. Here's a pic of the queue this morning. Thankfully, I got my rides in yesterday.
  23. Taking a break from KI for a few hours before going back tonight. Diamondback's queue was rather lengthy this morning!
  24. They ran three trains today for several hours so everyone could get good shots. Seems that some of the media present couldn't endure the stinging bite of Diamondback!
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