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  1. I have a better appreciation for those who live in the cold climate after Saturday at CP. My fiancee and I had quite the trip! We flew up Friday morning, we'd never been to King's Island so we made the 3 hour drive from Cleveland down there and that was a great time! Then we spent all Saturday at CP and being from Texas...THAT WAS COLD. It was snowing on us in line for Gatekeeper. I was really hoping the lines would be shorter because of Ohio State football and being cold but nope, the crowd proved me wrong! Still got great rides on MF, Raptor, Gatekeeper, and snuck one on Dragster waiting out one of it's usual technical failures. Maverick sent 5 test trains Saturday morning and stayed down all day. We went back Sunday morning for Early Entry before our plane left at 4 pm and it was still down. I see someone said it FINALLY re-opened, but Maverick and Magnum had a bad day Saturday. A lot of folks were upset for ERT because the park was having some trouble getting their rides going. Gatekeeper was ready right at ERT time, but nothing else was. I wanted one last MF front seat ride before leaving to catch our flight and was able to get it, but rides didn't get going fully till almost 11:30. The cold was very obviously making them run slower, couldn't tell on MF though, all my rides I got on it this year were fantastic! My only complaint now that I've been there with some brutal temps for riding rides, I only wish they had more covered/heated food places. We ate at Johnny Rockets but it wasn't really warm enough because people kept holding open the doors and the employee taking names had to keep screaming for them to shut the door. Overall though with King's Island and my 2nd trip this year to CP it was another successful trip!....Oh yes...I managed to pick up the Coaster Dynamix models for MF, TTD, and GK Now the long off season begins...I did score some free park tickets out of the Valravn vending machine! So I'm ready for the new year!
  2. I'm flying up next weekend. I know it'll be nuts on Saturday, but I'm wondering what is the history of how the crowds are when Ohio State plays? They're at home next weekend at 7 pm.
  3. I'm really looking forward to the frisbee. SFoT has done some very good things in the past few years, let's hope the trend continues.
  4. If there's a saving grace is that Platinum Pass Holders still can pay $99 for a Saturday for FL+. I'm flying up in a few weeks to visit KI for the first time on Friday and then driving during the night to CP. I freaked out when I saw the FL+ cost for Saturday...luckily, the $99 as a pass holder benefit is still worth it on a Saturday.
  5. Obviously my experience at CP is more limited because of where I live. I've made 2 trips in the last year and both times at some point we had rain or some bad weather. Both trips when it rained, nothing stopped but Dragster. It wasn't a sprinkle either both times. When I went in May this year; it was raining decent enough that you'd be soaked if you stood in it too long. Gatekeeper was going when we walked in the entrance and we rode twice, we were soaked after that...but it was running. Millennium Force was also going and we rode that until our poncho's tore from the speed lol. Shortly after rope drop, everything else opened even though it was all soaked at this point. So my impressions of CP and Cedar Fair is that their rain policy is MUCH better than Six Flags. I live here by SFOT and the rain policy is simple...if there's ANYTHING within 15 miles of the park...EVERYTHING stops...you know how depressing it is standing in sunshine looking at Texas Giant and being told closed "due to weather"?
  6. I'm in a rumor mood today. Anyone up for speculating what they could finally do if they do indeed demolish the concert hall? The thing is an eye sore and needs to go. I've enjoyed the entrance revamps that Cedar Fair has done with their "coaster-gate" projects by building new rides with a new gate. Obviously that probably won't happen now, but something new and shiny next to the highway would be a nice start and an eye grabber. Thoughts?
  7. How does the renewal of season passes work for the free fast lane? Do I have to wait for the day I want to use it is basically my question. Living in Texas makes it more difficult to predict crowds and such and I'm kind of stuck with the crowds I get (yes I do have a platinum pass even living here lol). I'm going Oct. 18th to King's Island and driving overnight to CP and planned on renewing my pass that Saturday and using the FL then so I know the crowd will be atrocious. But if I can renew Friday night at King's Island and save the FL till Saturday, that's what I'm hoping to do.
  8. You know, I've had GREAT luck with Spirit for over a year now. I've taken (counts in head) around 10 flights, a few of those to Ohio to go to Cedar Point. I haven't had ONE problem yet with them. I've actually had issues with Southwest twice this year to go to Great Adventure and Minnesota; Spirit though...if you know their tricks and prepare for their issues they're known for; you'll have a enjoyable trip.
  9. I'm quite happy about the flat ride additions this year, now I get to hope they finally demolish that eye sore of a concert hall and build a nice new coaster next year! The dark ride, these flat rides and a new coaster in 2017 would give us 3 great years in a row and really put the park back on the map! *sniff sniff* I can smell Intamin or B&M coming our way soon...at least I hope... Also, I never took into consideration that we might be getting more major attractions due to the MGM Grand that will be built in Arlington. It only makes sense to try and create an attraction that will make people want to fly and stay just to visit when the Rangers or Cowboys aren't playing. Just a thought...
  10. I mentioned this earlier this year. I visited Great Adventure for the first time in June and wanted to compare Kingda Ka and of course ride El Toro (F'n AMAZING). I noticed that the general public really didn't seem to care much when Kingda Ka opened. It was misty and raining throughout the morning and it eventually opened in the afternoon. It just didn't have the same "feel" that you get when you notice people see Top Thrill is open. It was over hyped and frankly I felt Dragster is still the better of the 2, but I'm sure you know what I mean by that "feel" in the park.
  11. Great report sir! I've got to agree about Millennium Force. I didn't get to make my first visit until September last year (2014). It was the one I'd waited 14 years to ride and my girlfriend (now my fiancee) said I had the biggest smile she'd ever seen while we were taking our first ever ride. May this year we returned, I got 10 rides including a midnight final train ride in the front and some employees hopped on also! One of the best roller coaster experiences one could ever hope for!
  12. Yeah, I appreciate the little things, the small shortcut pathway that leads to Texas Giant (past the giant toy crane) is all beat up and easily can trip someone. In our society, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen. I know it's petty, but would it kill them to make a really nice Titan sign at the entrance rope? I like the little things and the little things can make all the difference. To add on to my previous post though, I can't help but think that spending 30 million on a Giga (which is still the going rate if you include some land improvements around it) I can't help but think it'll pay for itself. Besides Cedar Point, I visited King's Dominion the day after I went to Great Adventure a few months back to ride Intimidator-305. Fantastic Ride! But what impressed me the most, I don't normally do this, they had the BEST store I'd ever seen for a ride. Flags, poker cards, all kinds of shirts, every thing you can think of, and the stuff wasn't over priced. I walked out with a shirt, flag, poker cards, giant pencil, and a on ride photo for about $45 dollars. I actually felt like I got the bang for my buck. The extra season passes, the merchandise and the extra park food and drinks sold would pay for that baby real quick.
  13. Agreed, a very eye catching speedster, or even a Maverick type ride would be very nice. While rodeo is very fun, I feel we come up a bit short in the flat rides department. Justice League, I will give credit, it is a very good dark ride, big win for Six Flags. I really love those S&S Swing machines that are at Cedar Fair parks, very popular. I just had a brain meltdown and can't think of the technical name, but those spinning disc swing rides like MaXair are also quite fun. Flat rides is one area where even places like Cedar Point come up a tad short. I wasn't too thrilled with losing the ACME Rockin Rocket, even though it was sometimes uncomfortable. Zipper anyone?
  14. Like the gentleman for Screamscape put, "What do they want them to do? Fill under the rides with pools of sharks and alligators to stop people"? Sad thing is, in our society, there will still be that ONE fool.
  15. I hope so Chadster. Yes you make some fair points as well, my thoughts are still related to how I replied above. I'm analytical and when I fly to all these other parks each year and then come home and go to ours, it's night and day the difference. I just feel that our park needs a big touch up on foliage and theme along with a major ride to bring it back. As I also stated above, this is Texas, if those owners building Grand Central Texas down by Houston were smart, they'd build something on the scale of Great Adventure, Magic Mountain, or Cedar Point and they'd take some dough from Fiesta Texas and SFoT if they plopped down some great scream machines. The Northeast has great parks, the West has great parks, the North has Cedar Point and Canada's Wonderland, the South...we've got some good parks that could become "The" park that you think of when you fly somewhere, but someone has to step up to become "The" park down here.
  16. Honestly, I felt like SFOT was very well themed. Gigas are expensive, but I agree that the park would fare well buying one. However, if you look at the park's lineup, it is pretty solid: RMC Hybrid with crazy airtime Old Schwarzkopf Looper with crazy out-of-control airtime Out-and-back family woodie (that has floater airtime!) Giovanola blackout hyper with extended bonus helix Intamin bobsled Funky original Arrow mine train Amazing super messed up Premier shuttle coaster Family indoor coaster Super forceful classic B&M invert Decent Gerstlauer spinner Two kiddie coasters By the way, the website had a teaser, so I signed up. Don't get me wrong, you make fair points. I just personally feel that with our park being privately owned and managed by Six Flags only that it hurts us. I'm just on the bandwagon of, this is TEXAS. Our Six Flags is the first and it SHOULD BE on the level of Magic Mountain, or Great Adventure, or Cedar Point and it's far from it.
  17. ^I visited Great Adventure this year, and I'm sorry, our park is not a "premier park" anymore, nor is it a "pretty park" anymore. I personally think Fiesta Texas is better themed, but I was very impressed with Great Adventure, their ride operations, and just the quality of the rides in general. El Toro is INCREDIBLE. As far as a new ride, wouldn't shock me if it's a super loop. Six Flags is quite notorious for putting the same thing in ALL it's parks. How many Batman clones are we up to now? It seems like they get scared of doing something different, I was shocked when they had Texas Giant renovated instead of letting another park or Cedar Fair do a conversion first. If Six Flags wants to bring some punch back to SFoT to make it more relevant again, then they should build their first Giga Coaster in the chain here. I like Titan, I really do, but if you compare it to many other rides like it, it's a Texas size disappointment.
  18. It looks like it's just business as usual to me. I would expect the state safety board will come out for a typical "safety check" of Raptor, but even they know nothing mechanically happened. I wouldn't expect much delay before it's re-opened again.
  19. Cam 1 is on Gatekeeper and Cam 2 is on Gatekeeper / Wicked Twister. They have been for as few days... not that I spend too much time watching them at the office or anything. The live cams weren't on Raptor. As far as security cameras I have no idea. You can see the cameras? Like you...I too just like to gaze and wonder at the park during the day, but the option for the webcams is gone on their website for me.
  20. Yes, I live here 15 minutes from the park and they are great! They have them on Titan as well. But there's no way to have them on a inverted roller coaster like Raptor. We don't have them on our Batman inverted clone here, there's too much space between the rider and the seats in front, and mechanically, there's not a place to mount it on the back of the seats, and the folks in front wouldn't have a place.
  21. All this will happen is Matt Ouimet and maybe even Tony Clark will give one of those PR friendly speeches of safety and how the park has had an impressive safety record and how much better they've shown to be with their methods. They'll probably show the signs that we all know exist and the obstacles he had to jump to retrieve his device, along with pointing out the signs on the ride platform that talk about not carrying small items, and showing the park map with their after hours retrieve policy of small items that you lost. They'll be fine, I would expect them to address it during their ride announcement so they can quickly cover it up with the new ride excitement.
  22. This is my first post on it as I wanted to wait. Trust me, I know all about how the media just lavishes a theme park incident. I live 15 minutes from SFOT. So I'm all too familiar with how they handled the Texas Giant accident. The good news is this, so far I haven't seen any frivolous posts by any major or minor media outlets, and I haven't seen people bashing the park, only the person. It's obvious what happened, and even this story is to obvious for our society to mess it up. Even if someone came forth and tried to bash the park, they'd be shot down REAL quick and be outnumbered by a TON. So I wouldn't personally be sweating it too much if I was Cedar Point. They didn't do anything wrong, they know it, the public knows it, and somehow...the media knows it and can't spin it. So while it leaves a dark mark on their legacy, I would still consider the boat flipping on their water ride (which ironically happened the same day of the Texas Giant accident) to be a bigger thing people will recall more. It's a shame what happened, but I don't have to say how foolish he was, we all already know it. I'm flying up in October and I'm just as excited now as ever and fully expect it won't really even cross my mind when I visit.
  23. I guess I haven't been hoping and praying enough. I've been begging for years now that they would just add another permanent entrance by Titan. They could revamp the picnic pavilion that already exists and add more shops if their only reasoning for not putting an entrance is because there isn't enough ways to spend money available. I love that Joker's Jinx idea by the way! It does make sense and I would think it's only a matter of time. It'll just depend on if SFoT wants to spend the money to paint the tracks and re-theme it. I'm honestly just hoping for a few flat rides at this point. Those S&S Swings that Cedar Fair use are so much fun! Or even a giant swing like Maxair at Cedar Point. A few good flat rides could really bring some life to the park.
  24. I'm nerdy enough to always notice each season how the park still uses the old "wooden" TG picture layout for the park maps.
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