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  1. I'm happy with the additions the park has made the last few years. Hopefully something else major is in store for the park...
  2. I really hope Six Flags someday adopts the Cedar Fair version of Fast Lane. I really enjoy just merging with the main line when I visit Cedar Point or other Cedar Fair parks. It really stops the headache and you can still choose to wait for the seat you want to sit in. I'd rather wait longer in line for those who paid for it than be about to get on and find out flash passers are going to sit where I was about to get on
  3. Which one wasn't an actual word? And yeah, Valravn is actually how its spelled in Danish folklore. So I don't understand the fuss! But oh well, still looking forward to the ride. They could name it "Cedar Point's Dive Coaster" for all I care! (Ok, well I do care, but I still don't mind the name Valravn) *fell asleep at my keyboard and woke up and saw I typed this perfectly and clicked submit* "Dive Coaster 1"
  4. Greetings everyone! I had a weather question pertaining to Fiesta Texas. I drove down from Arlington in October, and went this past Saturday. Both times all the major rides never opened because of wind...bright sun shiny day otherwise. Is this a regular occurrence? I was only curious because I haven't experienced that before. I flew to King's Island, Cedar Point, SFGADV, and King's Dominion last year and there was all sorts of weather elements; including wind, and major roller coasters and such didn't shut down. I more or less just felt bad for the people from out of state, I can drive back; but there was a lot of upset people and rightly so. I just wanted to know is this common because it's in the quarry and it creates a wind problem? One of the ride operators told me they have to shut down if the wind is more than 15 mph gusts and my first thought was "you must not be open very often"
  5. I'm really hoping for that Wing Coaster. I won't be that upset with getting to be the 1st park to have a T-Rex Coaster from RMC though. If we can get something that's like Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom out of that T-Rex coaster, I would be happy.
  6. Agreed. the park did make some improvements. I also witnessed Titan running 3 trains and was dumbstruck to the point I almost wanted to take photo evidence as I hadn't seen a 3 train operation in years. Alas it was short lived though, I went back the final weekend and it was back to the 2 train slow operation on Titan and Giant...hopefully, they're starting to get the hang of operations and it'll be more consistent.
  7. There's a difference between not supporting the same thing as someone else and actively trying to ensure that someone lives a life that is disadvantaged and not guaranteed equal protections under the law. So Chick-Fil-A is the only problem here, unless you're trying to count your problem of attempting to get this thread "back to Valravn" to avoid a subject that might make you uncomfortable, which didn't even work. I've never been a fan of Chick-Fil-A myself, but I can't say that I never popped in for the occasional milkshake on a hot day especially. I'd love to see the building become something like Midway Market, but more of a western style cuisine. No attempt to change the subject as I don't live in a proverbial "bubble" of protection away from the bad bad world.
  8. All that blabbing about Chic-Fil-A is quite ridiculous in here. This is a theme park forum about one of the best parks in the world. If you're honestly offended because an organization doesn't support what you support, then you're part of the problem, not the solution. If you hate Chic-Fil-A but support say a LGBT community hating on churches and you don't have a problem with at as well; then you have no space to call people or organizations names. Simple as that, now back to Valravn...
  9. I enjoy Raptor on my visits because back here at home at SFOT; I've got one of the many Batman clones. While they are very good rides...once you've been on Raptor and Banshee (which was amazing). Coming home and riding my rides again feels like such a letdown...
  10. Agreed with most opinions here. I personally enjoy Gatekeeper even knowing I show up for Millennium Force and TTD. When I made my first trip ever to the park in 2014. Walking up and seeing MF and TTD and Raptor and all these rides I had only seen on video in the distance until that moment, the first thing I see walking up is Gatekeeper. While not the greatest thing ever, it is very photogenic and hyped me for that weekend and gave me the "Oh my GOD I finally made it to CP'! It has that "Welcome to the island inhabited by roller coasters" welcoming and I think the Coaster Gate projects that Cedar Fair is doing at it's parks one at time is a brilliant idea! I personally like the restraints, but as you can see in my profile, my finacee and I are your average size and height; so I can't speak for other sizes. The finish of the ride is lackluster, but the majority of the ride I enjoy...and that's all being an enthusiast is about
  11. If Cedar Point does what they did during Halloweekends; it'll be regular price any day of the week; but on Saturdays, it was $149 That blows for someone like me who flies in from another state and typically I have to go on a weekend obviously.
  12. Mr. Freeze and Batman both are closed for annual maintenance during Christmas time at the park. Texas Giant, Titan, and everything else typically are open. There might be some changes this year with our new rides headed into the Gotham area, so Sky Screamer might be closed, but that's just speculation. The crowds are usually slow and you should be able to get on and off fairly quickly.
  13. Well I'm sure it's too late for a reply so hopefully you had fun! It was busy for me though because of course it was Halloween. Hopefully it was slower for you once the Cowboys started playing and the rain and drizzle kept them away.
  14. I witnessed something today I thought I'd never witness again...Titan had all 3 trains running today! I almost fell over backwards when I saw it. They need some practice because lots of times 2 trains were on the final brakes while a train was being loaded, but hopefully they are taking improving their operations seriously finally.
  15. That's what I would think also; but my longest wait was for Dominator as we were leaving since it was in the front. They weren't having any hiccups in operations either. I waited an hour for Dominator and an hour Volcano (which I expected). I never expected only 10-15 min wait for I-305. Like I said, maybe I'm wrong, while it does chew up people, it does slow down some because it's only 2 across compared to most B&M that are 4 across.
  16. Facebook comments, but yeah, I get where you're coming from. Most of the time I see a lot of positive feedback, but this for some reason just stuck out like a sore thumb. I flew up from Texas just to ride I-305. I really enjoyed it, it didn't leap to my number 1, but I thought it was fantastic! However...there is some downfalls that I believe are true, opinions are appreciated on it; and that's this. The ride wasn't more than a 10-15 min wait at ANY point. It was a Saturday and it was a very nice day and it was busy and it was late June. Prime busy time I'd think. I like interacting with locals on my roller coaster trips and by the end of the day I had a lot of this same response. "The ride is great, but for the GP it's typically a one and done because of the G-Forces mixed in with the Maverick elements". So from that stand point, it's great for the thrill seekers like us. Problem is we make up only 1% of the coaster community and park patrons. I thought the ride was great, it did wear me out some after riding it for awhile. Millennium Force is still my top because I haven't made it to Carowinds this year, but the fact you can ride MF 20 times in a day and just lay back and enjoy every second of it is what will appeal to just about everyone from thrill seekers to the GP. Just my 2 cents, I thought it was great, but I couldn't get over 10-15 min wait, and 20 for the front and back on a busy Saturday. Maybe I'm wrong?
  17. A tale of 2 cities. At Cedar Point a few weeks ago it was so cold I was wearing 3 shirts, 2 sets of gloves, 2 sets of socks and I was STILL cold. The lines though still approached 2 hours even at 45 degrees and cloudy AND windy. Texas cold (like 55) people avoid SFoT like it's the plague, it's fun for those who can withstand it because the cold keeps them away in Texas!
  18. Being from America this kind of personal accountability is almost impossible to fathom but it's a breath of fresh air. While the investigation did find them 100% at fault it's nice to see them being so open and honest about this. Agreed, the Texas Giant accident a few years back took place in my backyard. No accountability and nothing but idiot people looking for their 15 seconds of fame willing to trash the place and the coaster. Glad everything turned out okay (except the victim of course) but it would be nice if more accountability stood up for accidents happen.
  19. Looks like the park will end up flooding again by Runaway Minetrain, Shockwave, and Mr. Freeze for a few days.
  20. That's not a small observation at all, everything involving Sky Ride is a major observation. Lol, probably bad choice of words. I meant that as in I observed that they actually got it up and running when I would never have expected them too. It's a great ride for the sights for sure!
  21. Agreed, I applaud them as well. Those of us who fly many many miles appreciate it especially! I could see them getting frustrated with TTD if it's being temperamental, but they always try. I was impressed that it had a banner day on Saturday when I was there. Cold and somewhat windy but TTD only quit for about an hour at the most during the day. Even though it's a small observation, I was shocked that the Sky Ride started operating around 7 pm, it hadn't ran one gondola all day. Most parks wouldn't worry about spending the money on the man power to run a ride like that towards the end of the evening, but CP did it. It makes me happy when I get to fly to a Cedar Fair ran park.
  22. Yeah it's pretty dead in here I flew up to King's Island and Cedar Point this weekend. I checked out our Fright Fest last week and it was much better than the last few years, but man...Cedar Fair nailed it at King's Island...it was AMAZING just to be a patron who didn't do haunted houses. I've been around the country this year. I've hit Valley Fair (meh) SFGADV (Pleasantly surprised at how well they operate for a Six Flags park) King's Dominion (I-305 doesn't disappoint and staff was awesome) King's Island (Great collection of rides, The Beast and Diamondback are fantastic) and Cedar Point (The obvious king of the parks and coasters). I'm trying to get to Magic Mountain this year and I'm headed down to Fiesta Texas next week. With all of the observations I've made between Cedar Fair and Six Flags and compare them to our park. Our park is really improving and it seems headed in the right direction. Great Adventure was being run like a Cedar Fair park which was pleasantly surprising, I really hope this becomes more of a norm for other parks including ours. We have a lot of improving to do, and I hope they make those changes. We have a good year coming up with new flats and hopefully there's rumblings of a new major coaster coming because we sure need it. I'm hoping that one of our Texas parks will step up their game in the coming years to compete with Cedar Fair better.
  23. Thank goodness that it looks much better. I've had quite the traveling coaster year. I live up here by SFoT about 15 min away and their Fright Fest was...better, but it was so mediocre the last few years that it's still just under average. I've been to SFGADV, King's Dominion, King's Island, Valley Fair, and Cedar Point this year. I'm gonna drive down this weekend to catch Fiesta Texas to close out my year. King's Island haunt was AMAZING! I really hope that Six Flags catches up with Cedar Fair someday. I'm really happy with the additions of flat rides that SFoT and SFFT are getting next season! Hopefully brighter times are ahead for both parks! I've been saddened by the lack of top additions and coasters to both our parks, it's sad that I've had to start flying to other parks for better thrills, but Cedar Fair has the best of the best. It would be great if one of our Texas parks would step up their game a bit!
  24. I'm surprised you had trouble driving. I flew up from Texas on Friday morning to visit King's Island Friday night and drove back up to Cedar Point on Saturday. Our drive from Cleveland took about 3 hours or so. This was my first visit to KI and I must say I was impressed! I had always wanted to check out The Beast and the legendary night ride lived up to expectations. As CoasterBill stated, I hope it doesn't get revamped any, I love a good out of a control wooden coaster! As much as I love our new Texas Giant here at SFoT, I do miss the old beat you up version before RMC took it over sometimes. Banshee was AWESOME and I really enjoyed the airtime on Diamondback. I went up to Great Adventure this year and Nitro and Diamondback are very very similar but I enjoyed the KI version a bit better. I enjoyed Firehawk a lot more than I thought I would, I enjoy flying/laydown coasters, but the restraints can get uncomfortable at times, but we enjoyed our ride. I was very impressed with the haunt! They had a TON of roaming characters and I enjoyed how dark and creepy the park felt, it was very well done! Overall, a very good trip and I got to knock off The Beast off of my "need to ride before I die" list. We found some very nice locals in the lines who helped us out and very much appreciated it!
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