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  1. Indeed, everyone be safe! A few friends and I are driving from Dallas (16 hours...but we're young) to go the NASCAR Hall of Fame and then the park Friday and Saturday. The Hall of Fame was busted into a bit, but they're going to keep operating also. I expect the park will bulk up security without telling anyone and I'm sure that the park will be safe.
  2. As we all sit here looking like this looking for clues. Even if we all figured it out, it wouldn't kill any buzz to ride it anyway when it's all said and done.
  3. I can't help but think economically and logically in this case. Being SFOT is my home park and it took them over a year to do the Texas Giant renovation. I can only speculate that the timing of closing Mean Streak wasn't an accident. It might snow for 2 days here compared to how harsh winter is in Sandusky It's a delicate process as I watched them here in Texas, it'll probably take them all winter just to prepare and do the "minor" work that doesn't even involve installing track. We watched here back home as they built it all during a season for opening the following season. It makes sense from a business perspective that this will be in 2018, then it'll tidy all of us over until 2020 for their anniversary and for whatever they may have planned then. Let's be of sound reasoning and quit expecting so much so fast.
  4. Yes, they are 2 separate ticketed events. If you get a ticket for the daytime you'll have to leave at 5:30 and need to buy another ticket for Scarowinds and go back at 7:00. Thank you! Luckily my buddies and I have platinum passes (even though we're from Texas and there's not a Cedar Fair park for 2 states) I wanted to know so we could plan food between 530-7 to refuel for the night shift!
  5. I still wouldn't have believed it even if it was real. I'm on the bandwagon that I'm going to sit here with my arms crossed going "nope nope nope" until they say what they are actually going to do. Too many hopes and dreams have been lost on rumors
  6. People keep forgetting that parks...even places like Cedar Point, don't care about the enthusiasts opinion that much. We are the minority by A LOT and it's always going to be that way. Look at the Six Flags announcements this year, who was pissed off at SFOT getting a clone of Batman? The enthusiasts and people who don't feel like driving to San Antonio. Who loved it? All the locals who don't know other parks exist or don't care enough to go to another park because this is their entertainment or "getting out of the house with kids fun" for the Summer. If a enthusiast cares enough, then you'll go seek other thrills. I live 15 min from SFOT, but I've flown to Cedar Point 3 separate times this season and I'm going to Charlotte next weekend to get some Fury 325 in my life. Six Flags actually called me last year to question why I'm spending money at Cedar Fair and they politely let me tell them why (rides, ride operations, experience, etc.) I've seen some noticeable improvement in our particular park since then, but I also understand that me taking $1000 of my dollars to Cedar Fair doesn't bother Six Flags and nor would I expect it too. Both chains are making record profits and both are paying off debts at a good rate and both provide a form of entertainment. It just so happens that Cedar Fair parks match up to what I want better than Six Flags currently, that could change someday; but I will not ever expect Six Flags to cater to the enthusiast like a Cedar Point does. At the end of the day, both chains are just trying to make money. Six Flags does it with small improvements to each park and consistent "you'll get something" each year. Cedar Fair does a big splash typically somewhere. 2 different business models, both with the same goals, both care way more about the GP than us; and that's how it should be.
  7. Please tell me you have a Fifth for me, too! This has become me also whenever I hear "B&M rattle".
  8. This may have been asked already so sorry if it was. Myself and a few others are going on the 30th and 1st. On that Saturday, does the park shutdown between 530pm-7pm? Thanks for the help! I've only been to this park once and it was for 4 hours just to ride Fury as we were rolling by; so I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of the park!
  9. Or just another troll job by Cedar Point, they know that we enthusiasts would slobber all over the screen at the mention of that name. Who knows? It could be legitimate, but I'm not jumping on that bandwagon until they actually say so.
  10. I hope they do something cool for Henry, like let him have the last ride all by himself or something.
  11. They closed the line at 7, but if you were in line before 7 they are going to let you ride. The line was about 90 minutes according to CP Rundown at closing time.
  12. We're on a bit of a mean streak today. We're trying to be festive.
  13. I gave it a spin this past Saturday. Before I continue...let me say that I loved the old Texas Giant and I love a good rough roller coaster. I sat in the back because I wanted it to give me all it had...it didn't disappoint! BUT! It is time for it go, it was so rough that I was laughing at how rough it's gotten when we pulled into the station. It was fine early last year after the re-track work they did...but it didn't last.
  14. Awesome report! I made my first visit in 2014 and while I really REALLY loved Maverick, Millennium Force was the one I had watched 100's of times on YouTube. I literally LOL'd at your statement of wanting to apologize to the ride after your night rides! MF anytime (especially at night) and getting to King's Island for a legendary night ride on The Beast is a must for people who haven't done it!
  15. It can get pretty busy with the Spring Break season going. Six Flags to me has become more of a "baby sitter" and this is most evident during Spring Break and when Summer first starts.
  16. And that's pretty much where we now stand as well. Agree on both of the opinions here. I've flown up 3 times this year and granted...I'm a college kid; so I've stayed at cheapy hotels like the Econolodge or Rodeway Inn simply because it's a bed. I've always been a money tightwad, so I'd probably still do that even if my wallet was more full.
  17. This is well said ^ The reality of the deal is simple; we're a bunch of nerds who argue over machines. We're no different than the video gamers who argue over which console and PC is better. Who cares? Everyone has their preference! I've ridden MF, Fury, and I-305 and in my opinion. Fury is the best of the 3, but it's not my favorite. I-305 was my least favorite and I'm not anxious to get on a plane to go ride it again. Fury is awesome and deserves the award...however; Millennium Force will always be my favorite for many reasons that are different. Everyone has their reasons for liking a particular ride (like CoasterBill and Mean Streak ). Mine is; I didn't get to go to CP for the first time until 2014. That means for 14 years I was watching MF on video, YouTube, magazines...whatever my news source was. It was hyped as "the ride" and I bought into it whether that's justifiable or not. When I FINALLY got to ride it for the first time, my wife said (besides my wedding day) that she had never seen me so happy as we rode (she kept peeking over at me) because it was 14 years of built up anticipation and desire to ride it. Therefore; to at least me personally, MF will always have that special part of me that reminds me why I enjoy this hobby. I got married in June and my wife actually flew me the morning after our wedding to Carowinds to ride Fury 325 as the first step of our honeymoon. In that aspect, Fury will always be special in that it's the first coaster my wife and I rode together as a married couple. It's still not going to be my favorite coaster, but I'll always have a great memory of my first day as a married guy the next time I visit. To some people who hate on those who love Mean Streak, the same can be said for me and Texas Giant here at my home park of SFOT. I loved the old TG because it was my first "big" coaster, I have many memories of being with relatives who have passed on that went on the ride to encourage me as a young kid. For that reason, I loved it...every rib breaking ride while others trashed it. I consider it a blessing to be able to ride these impressive machines that captivate our minds, lets not further sour our enthusiast reputation by being jerks about it. Stay nerdy and proud, not an asshat who doesn't shower! We've all got our reasons, enjoy the hobby for what it is...it's not as much of a contest as it's played up to be.
  18. Not that I have the cameras up often... But I see there's employees roaming around out there and reporting to rides. Is it a training night tonight for Halloween seasonal employees? An employee night at the park? Or just routine to fire up the rides before the weekend?
  19. Mr. Six Flags is a distant cousin of mine twice removed. If only it were true, I'd do my first cartwheel if it meant an actual large coaster being built at SFOT.
  20. I agree DILinator! 2014 and 2015 it was just me and my now wife going to CP and enjoying the heck out of it. This year though I've brought along 3 folks on different trips who had never been and it was always a "bucket list" item for them. I have tons of fun hyping up the drive to the Peninsula the first time and how Rob describes it as "It's like driving to an island inhabited by roller coasters". Even though the CP Police don't like it much, my flights often arrive after midnight. It's become a thing that we drive to the park (we usually arrive in Sandusky around 2 am) and stare at the park for a few min before going to our hotel..or until CP Police come along and say hello (they usually smile and are cool about it but tell us to move along ). The folks who'd never been this year just seemed to melt in excitement when they finally see the park with their own eyes for the first time.
  21. Glad that it seems like you mostly enjoyed yourself. I heard that we're adding some food places next season...I sure hope that's true! I've also hated how we never seem to get the kids measured properly ahead of time. I've always desired that our park "educate" the guests better. Many other parks do this, it might seem repetitive to constantly hear "seat belt first, lap bar 2nd" 3 or 4 times a cycle, but it helps. Same with better signs in line that display the restraints and how to get yourself in faster so that the ride ops can go faster.
  22. Can't you do both of these at the same time? Heck yes you can! Look at my profile picture. This was my first ever trip to CP in 2014 and she was my girlfriend at the time, once she did this with me...I married her in June this year I might be a little biased in saying that it was a requirement at the time of whoever I dated to put up with my hobby.
  23. Interesting discussion on the enthusiasts and interacting. I honestly look forward to my trips to CP not only for the rides; but because of the people I do randomly meet in line. I was at my home park this past weekend (SFOT) and I mentioned to my wife how the demographic is totally different in the way they act and socialize compared to Ohio or even some other parks in the North I've visited in the past year. I'm not the most social person, yet I always randomly strike up conversation at CP because a lot of people in line are also from other states or visiting so we always share our stories about our home states, our home parks, where we've been, etc. It's always quite enjoyable actually. When I visit my home park, nobody wants to do anything but stare blindly into their phone, and are blatantly giving cold shoulders to people in line like it's the most uncomfortable thing they've ever done is stand in line. I can't remember the last time I socialized with someone at SFOT and I visit almost every weekend out of boredom. I have an email list of people from other states that I share pics with and share nerdy discussions that I've met at CP.
  24. http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/community/arlington/article99311422.html Thought I'd post a press release on The Joker. It's interesting to note that Steve Martindale said that the business model for the park is investing 9% of revenue each season. A separate article I ran across also had him quoted as saying that they plan on further expanding the Gotham area for at least "the next few years". Expect more expansion in the DC area can be our speculations it would seem for a few more years.
  25. Yeah, I was genuinely upset at Six Flags for adding this clone this morning. I'm warming up to it since I realize when I travel to other parks, I tend to travel to Cedar Fair parks anyway; so I won't have to put up with too much of "well...I can ride that at home anyway" when I'm at other parks. It'll look nice from the highway (unless it's blocked by all the new construction) and it'll keep the Texas Giant lines short since the new coaster ride capacity is
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