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  1. Don't mean to be rude but I am reading the construction update and I see that he commonly mistakes sentences like : "This Ride Great for Rolling" to be an example. Is it that he is foreign?
  2. I like everything about this but "COOL" it with the !BOOM BOMDHSJ EXPLOZINZ XDDD! stuff, its kinda making me irritated.
  3. These coasters and DESIGN of your park needs ALOT of improvement. Until I see those... Rating = 0
  4. On August 19, 2005... A hurricane hit New Orleans and caused major flooding all over the area,causing loss of jobs, deaths, and the abandonment Six Flags New Orleans. Please respect to those who were affected by this disaster and those who did not make it out.
  5. And now for some sad nostalgia I took 8 days before Colossus Closed. N'joy "NO REFUNDS" "Sorry Folks, the park's closed. The moose should of told you out front." "Taking a 'Flashback' home from the 'Mountain of Magic' for memories!"
  6. It looks exellent! Try working on the Trains now, this might be required for your complete track. If its non-functional, glue it to the lift If it is, your gonna need a bigger budget.
  7. I owned a cast member at Hollywood studios. The story goes : After having troubles at the front gate, we got a special FastPass so that we can go to any ride. We walked all the way to the Tower of Terror and made it our First (And Only) ride of the night. We showed the FastPass to the lady at the Main Entrance and she let us in. Now here is the funny part... We get into the lobby, This cast member guy asks me to put my MagicBand into the scanner... CM : "You do not have a FastPass reservation." Me : *Shows Special FastPass ticket* Other CM : "Ooohhh... Burn!" CM : "Your lucky." Me : "Can I keep the ticket?" CM : "No." We get into ride, I go weeeee, we get out, take a picture of HS sorcerer hat, go to Indy Experience, leave to epcot!
  8. Oh wonderful Title Fairy. I wish you the greatest wish of them all. to change robb's title to SUPREME DONKEY LORD of TPR.
  9. I troll you not. I was just wondering if USO is worth it because of you know... their hobbi- habbits of taking out RIDES. Also, are you holding any rare footage of Magic Mountain rides?
  10. I'm going to Florida in the 26th of December and I was wondering, is Universal Orlando worth it? or should I spend 3 days at WDW? TELL ME thank you, bye. That Guy From Tennessee (not really)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnYxTiQ0uuo I hope you enjoy this video! Please tell me suggestions on what to do for the park next!
  12. I wish it was 2 Stations but maybe the other station can serve a purpose of a shop or maybe switch track! *crash*
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