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  1. What is Tower of Terror's "good tower" or "bad tower" or whatever you call it? I have heard a few references to a tower that stands out.
  2. The only 3 I've ridden are Wicked Twister, Xcelerator and X2. Two of these are in my Top Ten. Xcelerator wins, as it is my #2 coaster ever.
  3. Haven't seen an update on TC in a while. Have they started on the drop yet? POV looks awesome
  4. This is totally unrelated to anything, but in my trip report I did a while ago, I forgot to mention something funny at the end of the Wild West Stunt Show. They yelled, "And now we're going to send you where all hardened criminals go..... SIX FLAGS."
  5. Just did it again. Got all different coasters, yet got the exact same score.
  6. This is the park I would like to visit the most. El Toro is #1 on my coaster bucket list; it looks AMAZING. And Nitro looks fun too.
  7. Wow! Somehow, 3 of these coasters are ones I've ridden and are in my Top 10. This is strange, as the only park outside of California I've been to is Cedar Point! Millennium Force-500 Wodan-100 X2-200 Raven-200 Xcelerator-200 Total: 1200!
  8. Great pictures, although I didn't mind Ghostrider all that much. Sure, it was a bit rough, but there was airtime!
  9. Did a quick search, couldn't find anything like this. Are there any rides you can think of that run slower/faster/rougher/more intense depending on the weather/time of year/etc.?
  10. I like pretty much everything at the park, but I will say the top and bottom coasters. Definitely ride Full Throttle, X2, and Tatsu. Goliath is my #4 at the park- don't miss that either. Superman is amazing, also. Although there's nothing I really dislike, I usually skip Scream, since SFDK is my home park and I have ridden Medusa a bunch of times. If you don't like stand-ups, skip Riddler. You can probably do without the mine train, too, although I think it is fun. Revolution is an okay ride, but I hate the restraints.
  11. Steel: 1. Millennium Force 2. Xcelerator Wood: 1. Gold Striker 2. GhostRider
  12. Does anyone else think it is weird that both parks that have or are receiving a B&M Giga coaster already have a B&M hyper?
  13. I don't get all of the complaints about this park. I've been three times, and always have a good experience. I've never really noticed any horrible ride ops or anything, and the park has a great coaster collection. Although it's no Cedar Point, I still prefer this park to SFDK, my home park.
  14. I'm really excited for Twisted Colossus. I'll finally get to ride an RMC, and it seems like it'll have some pretty good airtime! This is one of the few rides I will willingly wait over an hour for. It is also one of the few rides where I will be interested in the construction updates.
  15. 1. Phoenix 2. Skyrush 3. Lightning Run 4. El Toro 5. Maverick "Airtime Land" Note: I've only ridden one of these.
  16. I was wondering if there are any US theme parks that are often uncrowded. I heard Dorney is like this; are there others?
  17. Medusa at SFDK. My first big looping coaster (other than California Screamin', I think). I still love this ride; my favorite at the park.
  18. I rode Vortex 5 times in a day because there was no line, and I actually enjoyed it. It wasn't that painful at all.
  19. I'm sorta disappointed. It is a carnival flat ride, not a coaster, and it's just like Hammerhead. Luckily, Twisted Colossus looks awesome.
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