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  1. I also have complete trust in RMC- after marathoning TC last weekend, I can say that it is easily the best coaster I've ever ridden, and I am positive every one of their other rides is the same. If they converted Roar, I would be unimaginably excited, as SFDK is only about 20 minutes from my house and I could virtually ride it whenever I want. I know that if RMC does something with Roar, it'll be amazing, as is everything else they do.
  2. My first ride of the day dueled both times around. Every other ride was either once or none. A ride op told me that yesterday, the single rider line was 45 minutes. I don't know why it was so short today, but I'm not complaining!
  3. Yeah they were pulling people from it 3 or 4 at a time to fill all of the empty spaces. It took 10 minutes at the most pet ride. We also made friends with some other people marathoning the ride. We had a blast! I also saw the Kwerk show. It was a random assortment of acrobatic acts, but was very entertaining.
  4. Single rider line is awesome on TC. Just rode 9 times in a row with virtually no wait. The operators are great today
  5. There were helicopters flying around, and x2 was shut down for a short amount of time ("security issue") . I think that was related to this.
  6. At the park now. When I got here, TC was down, so we rode some other things. It's open now, but I don't think it's dueling. I am in line. I can't see how many trains are running.
  7. Heading to the park on Friday and also Saturday and Sunday for a bit. I know it will be crowded. Any tips for as many rides as possible on Twisted Colossus? I've been waiting for this thing since announcement and am so excited I'm finally going!
  8. Definitely go to superman first, as everyone starts at Medusa. Medusa never has a wait in the afternoon. You should ride Roar, as after it has warmed up it has great airtime.
  9. When I go (maybe the 12th of June?) I'm going to wait whatever it takes to ride this thing. It is absolutely unimaginable.
  10. Twisted Colossus looks amazing. Can't wait to ride it. There is a chance I can go on June 12; that would be awesome! Great footage!
  11. Wow the ride looks amazing! Might not get to ride it until WCB (which I will probably attend) but it'll be so worth it!
  12. Yes! Can't wait! This'll be a great first tpr trip!
  13. Knoebel's looks amazing. Definitely want to get there within a few years, along with Hershey and SF Great Adventure. That would be my perfect trip, even with just 3 parks.
  14. SO excited for TC! It still seems unreal that something so amazing looking can even be real! I am excited for West Coast Bash- I will probably be able to go, and it would be my first TPR trip. If we get ERT on this thing......
  15. Going to the park today with family. Hoping to make a trip report. Excited to ride Giant Dipper a ton of times Also, I have always liked the Haunted Castle because it (gasp!) actually still scares me. Those sudden, loud screams....... I also love the guillotine ending, where if you put your head down, you feel like it is being chopped off. Is anyone else going today?
  16. Finally! My trip report from opening day! Sorry it is so late, I was having technical difficulties. The problem with the pictures was sorted out (it was a formatting problem) and so now I can show you them. I Photoshopped some to make them look better. The park was great, and Fast Lane was unimaginably awesome. Probably going to get it every time from now on. I rode GS 7 times, and I would have rode it more if it wasn't breaking down so much. I ran into a TPR guy at the park too; that was cool. Another high point of the day were the $1.40 hot dogs, drinks, and popcorn. I got a hot dog and soda for $2.44 because of this plus the 20% Gold Pass discount. Here are the pictures; I hope you enjoy! Well, they seem to be enjoying their ride. Ultra Vibrant Looking Gold Striker! Vortex, dropping through the trees.... Gold Striker was up and down throughout the day; Here are some people being evacuated from the brake run. Grizzly goes up..... Grizzly goes down. Grizzly isn't a bad ride; it just doesn't do much. Here is where, for no wait, I got a hot dog and soda for $2.44! Gold Striker From The Air! (the photo was taken from the bucket things. I don't know what to call them.) This pic was taken from the Gold Striker line. DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN! GOLD STRIKER GOES AROUND THE BEND! RUNNING EMPTY TRAINS! BECAUSE IT IS BROKEN! Flight Deck lift hill. A Super Vibrant Photo Of Flight Deck! Loop. Enough said. ZEROOOOO-GEEEEE! Corkscrew Another corkscrew; but of the demonic sort. Psycho Mouse was the best Fast Lane ride of the day. It was a walk on, LITERALLY. We walked up and sat on a train. Which is awesome because it is sometimes a horrible wait. Here's an old-fashioned-looking picture of Demon! And finally, a shot of the best ride in the park: Star Tower. (Just kidding)
  17. I am trying to make a trip report from Saturday, but every time I try to upload pictures they will load all of the way and then disappear. I do not know the problem. Should I make the files smaller? I have tried one at a time and multiple files at once.
  18. I will most likely have a trip report tomorrow with lots of pictures.
  19. Gold Striker opened up, but I only got 2 or 3 more laps in before it broke down again. About to get a hot dog for $1.40 EDIT: $2.44 for a jumbo hot dog and drink!
  20. Great pictures. I am at the park right now. Gold Striker just went down as I was about to marathon it. I will post my own trip report later.
  21. It'll be awesome to say hi to some people. I forgot to mention that I am 12 years old and tall for my age, and I will be with my mom. I am also planning for a lot of laps on Gold Striker.
  22. Going to CGA tomorrow! Got Fast Lane, because it is opening day and all. I will probably make a trip report. If anyone else is going, it'd be cool to say hi. I will be wearing a Club TPR shirt!
  23. the only real deviation i see is the block brake. the double down has a minor twist, but nothing major. You're right, it seemed like there was more. Still looks awesome though
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