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  1. Hi, I'm Nate, and I'm 13 years old. This year I went to West Coast Bash with my family for the second time. We had a wonderful time (just like last year). We drove up on Friday right after we got out of school, and we got there by 8 or 9. We came from the Bay Area. We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott right next to Magic Mountain; it was pretty nice. On Saturday morning, we went to the park. We arrived and checked in, and waited in line. We were looking forward to trying New Revolution, and riding X2 and Twisted Colossus. When the gates opened for ERT, we headed for New Revolution, but it was closed. We had also heard that X2 was closed. We decided to head to Full Throttle. After riding that once, we went to TC, which was a walk on. We only rode it 3 times, but it was dueling better than I've ever seen it duel. We were right next to the train the entire ride. After TC, we went to New Revolution. We first rode it once without the VR. I thought it was fun, and much more enjoyable than it used to be. We then tried the VR, which was interesting. It was themed to flying around in a city while fighting robot monster things. Overall it was very well done; they seemed to sync the sounds of the trim brakes to the sounds of things happening in the VR world. For example, a building was crashing down right as we went over a trim brake; it sounded like a normal crashing sound. It was a cool experience, but not exactly something I would want more parks and coasters to adopt. We then headed to X2, not having much time left in ERT. We walked onto it once. I had the inside seat, but it was a bit more brutal than I remembered. I still really like the ride, but it bangs your legs against the seat really hard the whole time. I love the soundtrack though. By the time we got off X2 the ERT had ended, but there was still nobody in the park. We walked up to Tatsu, but it was closed, so we went up to Superman and walked on a couple times. It was really fun. Then we went down into the back area of the park (Apocalypse, Riddler's, Mine Train, etc.) and hung out for a while, occasionally riding things. That area takes a long time to fill up with people, so we just stayed there occasionally riding things. We went to the front of the park and waited until lunch. Lunch was pretty good. The best raccoon I've ever had. Seriously though, it was good, and it was funny to see Robb try to make fun of Magic Mountain in front of their staff. We left after lunch and rested at our hotel until we came back for the night ERT. We got there around 7 something, and it was packed; but we discovered that Lex Luthor had an empty single rider line and walked straight on, skipping the probably hour-long wait. The park buyout was a bit more crowded than we expected, but we still got a fair bit done. I don't remember the order, but I know we rode Riddler's with no line, Scream with no line, Lex Luthor again, Tatsu 3 times at the end of the night (when the line had died down), and Goliath once. We were exhausted when we got back to our hotel, but had to wake up early to drive to.... KNOTT'S! Knott's Berry Farm was just an amazing experience. They sure know how to throw a party and make you feel welcome. We checked in and gave Robb his 84758th cup of coffee and waited for the park to open. In the morning ERT, I rode Xcelerator a few times, and then did the Ghostrider tour. It was cool, and he explained about what exactly they had changed to make it so much better. I then went back and did Xcelerator a couple more times, and then we headed over to ride Ghostrider before it opened to the public. The general public were already entering the park around 9:45, but luckily weren't allowed into the Ghostrider line. It was crowded with TPR people, but only took 10 or 15 minutes. I rode in the back (kind of), and I have to say the ride was great. I hadn't ridden the old Ghostrider in a few years; I remember it was fun, but kinda rough. The new one was butter-smooth and kept up good speed the whole way, and it was great to go without the midcourse brake run. Overall a much better ride. After Ghostrider, I rode a few things (Voyage, Silver Bullet, Jaguar, Montezooma, Log Ride) because nothing had lines. Knott's has a great coaster lineup, and it's a super fun park. Then it was lunch time. The food was AMAZING. Knott's sure knows how to cook a chicken dinner. It was a bummer that we didn't do TPR Quest, because I played last year and won a Montezooma wheel and a GhostRider lap bar release. However, the Q&A was HILARIOUS! Jeff Tucker and the whole team were great at answering the questions, which were super creative. My brother won an awesome Xcelerator wheel, and I didn't win anything for my question, but I went up and twerked at the end (I know... I'm desperate) so I could get a "Tron Disc" which is actually a part from the frog hopper. It was a really great lunch. We went back to the park; I wandered around taking pictures until it was time for the Knott's Scary Farm haunt tour. I'm not really a big haunt maze person; I find them really interesting, but I would never go through them at night, full of scare actors and everything. Part of the reason I went through the mazes was to get inspiration for the haunt maze I'm designing for a Halloween event we're having at my middle school; however, I think that if I themed it to the Tooth Fairy maze, it might be a bit creepy for the kids in my school We first went through the Paranormal Inc maze, which was really interesting. The basic storyline was that we were in some sort of asylum/hospital thing with a Ghost Hunters-like TV show that claimed to have a thing that would let us see ghosts. It turned out that the device worked too well; it opened a portal to hell. It was fun to walk through with the lights on, but it seemed to heavily rely on actors doing acrobatic stunts in the air and things like that, so it would've been much better with the scare actors in it. At the end of the maze, you went outside into Hell, and there was a bit scary monster thing that was really funny looking during the daytime. Next was the Tooth Fairy. I have to admit that when I first heard of this maze (at last year's West Coast Bash Q&A session), it did not sound good to me. It just sounded unnaturally creepy and I just didn't like it. It turned out that it was unnaturally creepy, but I enjoyed walking through it. Would I enjoy the full maze, complete with darkness and actors and dentist drill sounds? Probably not. Our tour was led by Daniel, the designer of the maze. He told a cool story about applying to be an Imagineer at Disney, and how he designed a Little Mermaid-themed rollercoaster, which won some awards. I hung out near the front so I could hear what he was saying. The maze was super creepy, with lots of blood and gore and dead kids and teeth and all of those sorts of things. The maze was scary enough with the lights on and without actors; I would not be able to do it at night. The maze tours were really cool, and it was interesting to hear about designing these things. Unfortunately, after the haunt tours, my family had to leave so I could get back to school; I missed night ERT. We had an amazing time at West Coast Bash, huge thanks to Robb, Elissa and everyone at TPR for putting on this great event year after year! We're here at Magic Mountain! Here's Superman! It's really tall! Artsy New Revolution Artsier New Revolution Apocalypse is now as white as Colossus Tatsu! New Revolution is pretty Here's the park in the evening Goliath still towers over Twisted Colossus Barely a wait for Tatsu at night! Arrived at Knott's! Cool morning weather much appreciated! GhostRider Backstage Tour! First test run of the day! Cool shot of GhostRider Xcelerator! More Xcelerator! And more Xcelerator! Sorry, this ride is just really photogenic. Silver Bullet really is a beautiful ride HELIX! AMAZING lunch. Snoopy! Monty Ok, just ONE more pic of Xcelerator. Jeff Tucker Here's the opening room of Paranormal 101. This is where things go CRAZY at the start of the maze! Crazy books Here's a little skull guy The morgue? That sounds fun! And here is Hell! This monster thing is pretty great Or at least it was until it ate me. And now... Tooth Fairy! Lots of dead children. Very creepy atmosphere Teeth! Creepy mannequin kids everywhere Giant drill Letters to the Tooth Fairy Again.. Creepy Apparently these things were actually used to practice dentistry in the early 20th century, but they were creepy, so they put them in the maze. The scariest prop in the whole maze, in my opinion The maze designer with his proud creation Apparently this kid used to be covered in cockroaches, but people stole almost all of them. And I'll end with this great pic of Robb. Thanks for a great trip!
  2. So excited!! Had the greatest time last year. Unfortunately I have to leave Knott's early again (gotta get back to school) so I'll miss night ERT, but I'm sure it'll be another astounding weekend. And the 4 hour park buyout? Sounds AMAZING! Huge thanks to Robb and everyone for putting this together, I really appreciate it. And Robb, we'll definitely buy you Starbucks!
  3. Looks like another great ride. I'm so glad my home park has been getting so many great additions! Just keeps getting better.
  4. YES! I have the Disneyland and Disney World apps and will check them and be like, "Aw, just 10 minutes for Indiana Jones. Wish I was there."
  5. My last concert was Weird Al a few weeks back. He's super creative and insanely talented, and he puts on an amazing show.
  6. Yeah going into the corkscrews you are at a really awkward angle and it can feel a bit rough. I overall love the ride however.
  7. At Medusa at SFDK, someone asked the ride op how many times it went upside down. He said 8. Medusa has 7 inversions. I thought it was very odd that he couldn't count the inversions on the ride that he worked on.
  8. Disneyland is my favorite park in the world. I recently visited Disney world for the first time and although I loved it, I think I prefer Disneyland (the park) to Magic Kingdom. Overall, though, I preferred Disney World to DLR. The main reason I think Disneyland is better than Magic Kingdom is the Indiana Jones ride (and the fact that it is the park I was raised on). The Magic Kingdom castle puts Disneyland to shame, though My favorite ride in any Disney park is Haunted Mansion. I just love the history and story of it and all of the intricacy and authenticity of everything in the ride. One of the coolest experiences I've ever had was on the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom. We got stuck at the beginning of the graveyard scene, and were evacuated. I got to walk backwards throughout the entire ride, next to the track, with the lights on. It was amazing, almost like a VIP tour. I hope that someday (probably college) I can work on the ride, and then possibly try to turn it into a career in the park (like management or Imagineering). The park is a truly magical place. I hope it stays that way.
  9. I'm at the park now. Somewhat crowded. Superman is closed, which doesn't seem to happen very often. I'm in line for Joker and it's running two trains. Looks like about 30-40 minutes.
  10. I was at the park today. Joker was running two trains very smoothly. The ride didn't open until around noon, though; I was on the first train. Lines weren't bad all day, and V2 was finally open. The Joker line was going really fast and even when it looked long it didn't take more than 20-30 minutes. Medusa also had no line, I rode it 4 times.
  11. Hey everybody! I'm Nate Holden, I'm 13 years old, and I recently went on my first trip to Disney World. I live in the Bay Area and go to Disneyland regularly, but this was my first visit to the Florida parks. I absolutely loved it! We spent 5-6 days in the park and then went on a 3 day Disney Cruise, but I'll get to that later. I overall loved Disney World and had an amazing experience. The magic bands were new to me and made the whole experience seamless and hassle-free. I also loved how the parks are like an entire city. In Disneyland, as soon as you leave the park you see gas stations and cheap motels, and it's a very un-Disney-like atmosphere. In Disney World, the parks make up almost like an entire city, filled with Disney theme parks, water parks and hotels. Also, since Disneyland is so cramped for space, the overall bigness (is that a word?) of Disney World was great. It felt more spread out, and everything (cough the castle cough) seemed to be on a much bigger scale. For these reasons, I thought it was better than Disneyland in California. And disclaimer: This report is really long. We flew to Florida from SF on Saturday the 18th. We got there in the evening and popped into Magic Kingdom for an hour or so. It was nighttime so we couldn't get a full impression of the park for the time we were there, but had a great time. I managed to ride Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and Haunted Mansion in just the short time we were there. I loved the Florida Space Mountain and thought it was much better themed than the California version (at least before they changed it to Hyperspace Mountain.) On Sunday, we went to Epcot. I absolutely loved Epcot, especially the World Showcase area. It was really cool to see all of the different countries and cultures. One of my favorite things was that the people working in the different country areas were actually born and raised in those countries. It brought an air of authenticity to it. The new Norway area is also beautiful, and the Frozen theming didn't take away from the experience at all. I'll talk more about the Frozen area later. I also liked Soarin', which had been redone to Soarin' over the World just days before we came. The new video was breathtaking. Test Track was fun too. The theming on the Cars ride back in California is much better, but Test Track was a whole lot faster on the outdoor part, so it was fun. On Monday we went back to Magic Kingdom. Before I talk about anything else, I want to talk about the amazing experience I had on Haunted Mansion. Haunted Mansion (at least the California version) has always been one of my favorite rides, if not my favorite, in Disneyland. I love the theming and the music and the history and all of that. I was riding Haunted Mansion with my grandma when we got stuck right at the entrance to the graveyard scene. We were stuck there for maybe ten minutes when the music turned off. It was really creepy with the music off, actually. Then they turned the lights on. It was really cool to see everything with the lights on, it looked so different! Then they came to evacuate us. My DoomBuggie was the first one they evacuated! Then, we got to walk through almost the entire ride, backwards, next to the track, with the lights on. It was like a VIP tour! The Cast Members were really nice and even pointed stuff out to us ("Show them the hatchet." "Oh, yeah! There's a hatchet right there!") and it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We even got some free FastPasses out of it! I loved Magic Kingdom. It felt really similar to Disneyland, but bigger and with some different rides. Here's some quick takes on rides. Snow White Mine Train: We rode this early in the morning to escape crazy lines. It was fun; I liked the train movements and the anamatronics. Haunted Mansion: I love this ride. I already wrote a lot about it, so... Big Thunder Mountain: Always fun. It's a blast in the back at night. I think I prefer the Disneyland version, however, because it has a better ending. Pirates of the Caribbean: Very different from California. The queue has a very different vibe, and it doesn't have the Blue Bayou restaurant. The ride also seemed shorter, and it only had one drop as opposed to two. Still great fun! Space Mountain: I loved it! The trains felt much more open then the one in California, and it was themed well. The queue was also awesome. At the exit, my family's names all showed up on a screen. I think they read our magic bands somehow. It was cool! Splash Mountain: Always so fun! I liked the trains better than in California because you can seat 2 or 3 across. I love the music, the animatronics, and how it never seems to end. Jungle Cruise: We had an amazing tour guide the first time. As we were leaving: "Now remember, I am not an anamatronic, I am a person too, with hopes.. and dreams.. and self esteem issues.." I love the ride, the jokes are corny but still great, and it's a different experience every time. After Magic Kingdom, we monorailed to Epcot and got pastries and beer (not for me, I'm 13) in the World Showcase, then we took the boat to Hollywood Studios. I'll talk about that park later. On to the next day: Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. We didn't expect much. We were looking forward to Expedition Everest, but we didn't think we would do much else in the park other than maybe check out the animals. As it turned out, the park shattered out expectations. We expected it to be maybe a half day, if that, but we spent the entire day there. It was beautiful. Expedition Everest was also my favorite ride in any park. The Tree of Life was intricate and amazing. Here are some more of my quick takes on rides and shows we saw that day: Expedition Everest: I loved it. The theming in the queue was great, and the ride was a blast. The drop after the part with the Yeti's shadow was great! The best part about the ride was the single rider line- No matter the standby line, I could get on the ride in under 5 minutes every time. I got 8 rides in! Dinosaur: I didn't know what to expect but it was fun. It had the same ride movement system as Indiana Jones in Disneyland, which was awesome. Finding Nemo: The Musical: I thought it was really fun! Finding Nemo isn't the movie I would necessarily expect to be turned into a 40 minute musical, but it was great! I'm actually listening to the soundtrack right now The Jungle Book Show: Not great. Just not the best show. I didn't hate it, but it just wasn't very good. Felt like it was kind of thrown together. On Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios in the morning. This was my least favorite park. I didn't dislike it at all, but the rides (with the exception of Tower of Terror) weren't amazing and it felt almost exactly the same as California Adventure. The Star Wars fireworks were awesome, though. Here's my opinions on rides: Tower of Terror: Amazing! Way better than the California version. I got the elevator that moves forward and backward both times. The first time that I rode I had a really cool bellhop guy who was having a lot of fun with his job, being intimidating and such. The ride was great! Rock 'N Rollercoaster: Not great. I didn't expect much, even though many guests said they loved it. For some reason, I expected it to be the same layout as, say, Poltergeist at SFFT (not that I've ridden that but I thought it was the same layout). The launch was good but the ride was really short and not all that exciting. Star Tours: I love this ride. Exactly the same as California though, so not much to say. Toy Story Midway Mania: Always so fun. I'm not very good, but it's fun to beat your high score/the person next to you. On Thursday, we went back to Epcot in the morning for the new Frozen ride. Somehow I missed the news that it had opened while we were there. I thought it would be at least another year. But we went in first thing in the morning to ride it. Unfortunately, there was a Magic Hour we didn't know about, so by the time we got there right at opening there was a 4 hour line. Then it broke down. We went to Disney Springs, then back to our hotel. We returned to Epcot in the evening with renewed determination to ride the ride. It was our last day and our last chance for a long time. We got there right as it reopened- it had been closed much of the day- and there was a reported 3 hour line. My brother bailed, but I waited in line with my parents. We were prepared to wait 3 hours, but were surprised to discover that it only took just over an hour. The queue was beautiful as well. The ride was great. The animatronics were amazing and I loved the Let it Go part. You go into a room where Elsa is singing, then you drop backwards and back away from Elsa as she sings in front of you, getting smaller and smaller, and ice is shattering all along the walls. It's a really cool effect. Then you have a big log fume-style drop, and I actually got a bit wet sitting in the front row. I even got to ride twice, and the line was only around an hour both times, even though both times it said the line was 3 hours. That was the last ride we rode in the parks. The next day we went to our Disney cruise. We went on a 3-day cruise aboard the Disney Dream. We left Friday and went to Nassua on Saturday and Disney's private island, Castaway Cay, on Sunday. The ship was beautiful and the cruise was amazing. There was free ice cream and beautiful views and great musicals and an awesome waterslide. Let's start with the ice cream. There was a free soft serve station and you could get as many as you want! There were 4000 guests on board and at the end of the cruise the cruise director said we had gone through 18,000 ice cream cones! There was also a Broadway-style musical every night. I thought they were great, and the final one, Believe, was amazing. The big waterslide on board, the AquaDuck, was really fun. It was in a clear tube and even went out over the edge of the ship! We rode it while at port in Castaway Cay a few times while there was no line. Castaway Cay was beautiful. I ran the 5k in the morning, and it was pretty, if miserably hot. The water was amazing. I snorkeled and even saw a huge sea turtle! I also watched Finding Dory aboard the ship late at night. I love Pixar, and Finding Dory is a great movie. It was the second time I had seen it, and I highly recommend it. A lot of the time on the ship I spent hanging out at Edge. It is an area just for kids age 11-14 and it was really fun. The counselors there were amazing (most were from England or Australia, and were just awesome people) and there were cool activities. There is always something for kids to do on the ship. The food on the ship was also great. There were 3 restaurants that we rotated between each night, and we had an excellent service team who followed us place to place. I have to give a shoutout to Craig, our amazing waiter. He was awesome. The restaurants were really cool, too- the Animator's Palate was all Finding Nemo themed and they even did a Turtle Talk with Crush thing on screens on the walls! This was my first ever cruise and it was an amazing experience that I'll make sure to do again. Thanks for reading all of that. Here are some pictures. Sorry, many of the pictures are in portrait mode Flying over the Sierras Made it to Magic Kingdom! Epcot! I take German in school, so it was fun to see Germany Haunted Mansion Space Mountain with the lights on seen from the People Mover! Expedition Everest! There was no bird on a stick A view from the Animal Kingdom safari Me on space mountain... Magic Kingdom entrance. Looks just like Disneyland Heavily Edited Tower of Terror! Tree O' Life Frozen ride entrance. 3 hours? Why not. It was only 1 actually Anna and Elsa were really nice. I'm the taller one The beautiful Disney Dream. That's all, thanks for reading!
  12. I got to ride the ride twice yesterday and loved it. The queue is beautiful and both times it said there was a 3 hour line but it only took about an hour. It was a great end to my first ever Disney world trip, I'll have a full trip report soon! The ride was great though, and I loved the backwards let it go scene.
  13. Already ridden it twice today, currently in line for a third time. Line is like 45 min to an hour now. And the ride? Amazing. Very different from Twisted Colossus, much more compact and forceful. The inversions are flawless and the airtime is great. In my opinion it's tied with TC (they're the only RMCs I've ridden). Operations are good, 2 trains. Line moves fast.
  14. The only RMC coaster I've ridden is twisted colossus, and it is by far my #1. I am beyond excited to have an RMC coaster just 20 minutes from my house!
  15. My family and I are huge Disney fans, and we've been to the Disneyland in California quite a few times. We know Disneyland very well. This June, we're taking our first trip to Disney World. We're taking a Disney cruise and then we have a 5 day park hopper. As we haven't been to the Florida parks yet, does anyone have any tips or recommendations for a first time visitor, such as what parks we need to visit within Disney World, which rides we should make sure we should ride/should ride first, or anything we should make sure not to miss? We are very excited, but we would like some insider information on the best way to tackle the parks in a span of a few days. Thanks!
  16. Went to the park today! Wasn't all that crowded considering that it was Spring Break. Joker construction is looking amazing! The outward-banked turn leading up to the breaking wave turn looks EPIC and the step-up under-flip (or whatever they're calling that first element) looks insane. The opening can't come fast enough! (although I have no idea when it'll open, exactly.) Here are some photos: The drop is insanely steep, and the laterals will be awesome This element looks crazy
  17. Heading to the park today. Hopefully won't be too crowded due to Spring Break! It'll be great to look at Joker construction. I'm super excited for Joker to open! It looks insane!
  18. I'm so excited that there is going to be an absolutely insane looking RMC coaster not 20 minutes from my house! I really want to ride this thing the first chance that I get. SO EXCITED
  19. I went to the park yesterday with some friends. I had a park hopper pass and we were at the park for under 12 hours. It turned out to be a great day though, as even though it was somewhat crowded and our time was limited, we were very strategic and planned stuff out so we got to ride a ton of things. We did the majority of the rides in Disney, and got the big rides down in California Adventure as well. Overall it was a great day!
  20. I can't wait for Joker to open. I live right by SFDK and love Twisted Colossus. If there is any sort of commercial shoot/passholder event/ ANYTHING where I can ride this thing, I would love to go! When Superman opened, they did this thing early in the morning where passholders could come and ride the ride a bunch before it opened to the general public. I'm really hoping there is something like that for Joker!
  21. I went to the park over New Years and had a lot of fun despite the crowds. I loved all of the star wars stuff in the park and can't wait for star wars land! I feel like if this is approached with the usual Disney magic, it'll be astounding.
  22. Wow, what an awesome, creative report! I wish I could have traveled as much as you - the farthest I traveled for coasters was down south for WCB (which was amazing). Great pictures, and I hope I can visit a lot of those parks eventually!
  23. I use Instagram the most, mostly to post. I also use Snapchat a little bit. I watch a lot of YouTube, but I don't use it to share things.
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