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  1. So excited for Twisted Colossus! The way it deviates from the animation is just making it even harding to wait! So INSANE! Can't wait for all of the airtime
  2. Whoa, this is a great report so far. The pictures are amazing, and everything you write about sounds so fun!
  3. Wow. Just... Wow. The scenery and theming on those is really good. I just started around a month ago on NoLimits2, and here is a wing coaster I've been working on for the past week or two. I know the supports are prefabs, but I think the coaster is coming along nicely. EDIT: for some reason, it won't let me post the screenshot.
  4. I was at the park last Friday, and was there from lunchtime to midnight. Crowds were high, but manageable. Didn't wait any more that 40 minutes for anything. Got 4 rides or so on Thunder Mountain (took advantage of crowds during Fantasia), got 2 on Space (almost three, but it broke down after waiting 40 minutes ), and rode pretty much everything else in the park. Overall I had a very good day at Disney
  5. I had an awesome day here yesterday. Will post a full trip report soon!
  6. Driving to Disney now, on a field trip. Leadership event thing going on tomorrow. I'll be there from around lunch time until closing at midnight. How crowded would you expect it to be?
  7. I am fairly new to NL2 and have figured out enough to make fairly good coasters (that are in no means perfect). I spent a few days making a launched coaster with a unique layout that I am proud of. I finished the coaster and went to Play mode, but for some reason the train wouldn't dispatch from the station. I have tried many things to solve the problem, and can't think of anything that could have caused it. The other coasters I've made have dispatched. I've tried manual dispatch, too, but couldn't get it to work. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be the problem and what I could possibly try to fix it? EDIT: I think I fixed it.
  8. That is really cool! Definitely looks like it could be a real coaster.
  9. Yeah! Millennium Force is still my favorite, and I don't get how it's "overrated" or anything. It was fast, smooth, and the location was impressive. And this is with just two rides, none in the front.
  10. Very similar to Goliath at SFMM Has an extra helix Is a slight bit taller Next Coaster: Green Lantern at SFMM
  11. How crowded do you think it'd be on New Year's Day? I'm thinking it may be light, as people stay up late the night before.
  12. 1. Very large looping coaster 2. In Superman's current spot 3. Now somewhere in Mexico Next coaster: Grizzly at CGA
  13. S:UF also has extreme ejector air in the front seat at that weird transition before the barrel roll.
  14. Yeah, I absolutely LOVE normal Mansion. I just haven't experienced the holiday one, and I think it'd be cool.
  15. Park looks good for the holidays. I wish the Nightmare before Christmas Haunted Mansion was still going to be open in the end of January, when I'm going. Still haven't ridden it, though I love the original.
  16. Wait, the M&M ads are gone? What's there now? I'm shocked. It seems like there's always been m&m/skittles ads there...
  17. Depending on how Magic Mountain is going to be doing the whole Screampunk thing, the parking lot lines may fit in perfectly!
  18. I am very excited about Twisted Colossus. Although I never really thought that SFMM was a bad park, it seems that the new ride is just one of many improvements the park is making. I think that it is going to turn out to be awesome, and I hope it has a single rider line. This is one of the only rides that I've ever eagerly followed construction progress on. I can't wait to ride it this summer, or hopefully spring!
  19. I've done the early entry ERT before. Got five rides on Medusa (3 in front), one on Kong and one on Skyscreamer. And this is with them letting us in at least 15 minutes late, as they had problems opening the gates.
  20. Awesome trips. You traveled a LOT. I wish I could do that
  21. .....If you go run on a trail around a reservoir, thinking that it would make a great GCI wooden coaster. Seriously, though, this trail by my house has tight turns, twisty little airtime hills, steep hills going both up and down, and a double down AND a double up! Airtime!
  22. Cool meet and greet! Just saw the movie today. You know a movie is good when the entire theater bursts into applause as it ends.
  23. I'm going to try to post some pictures I took at the park in August. Park on the way in Medusa and Roar A lucky ride op taking a spin on Superman in the morning This used to be my avatar! Cool shot of Medusa Superman! I like this shot of the torturous slow barrel roll. Riders on V2 enjoying their ride BACK SPIKE! But no holding brake. Cool shot of both Roar and Medusa, my two favorites in the park. ZERO-GEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bye-Bye, SFDK!
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