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  1. I'm definitely on team bring-a-sky-roller-to-the-old-flight-commander-spot, because those rides are loads of fun. As for the spot where construction is actually taking place... is a blitz coaster a possibility? The "falling trees" sign could be a red herring, and that would be a pretty good spot for something like that...
  2. I mean, I wholeheartedly agree. But it's been a while since we've seen a new slide complex, too, and we know which side of the park management tends to favor...
  3. http://www.mlive.com/news/muskegon/index.ssf/2016/04/michigans_adventure_sewage-gro.html#incart_river_home Not sure if this means anything to us, but if the park is allowed to discharge more water... does this point toward more waterpark expansions? I, for one, would love to see one of those trapdoor slide complexes here, I think they're loads of fun.
  4. Cedar Point and Kings Island may be three hours apart, but they have different markets. A significant portion of Cedar Point's attendance comes from Michigan (because the 5-6 million people in Metro Detroit can make a day trip out of it), while Kings Island draws significantly from Kentucky and southern Indiana for the same reason. Since traveling further is a nuisance for a day trip, those portions of the GP tend to stick to those parks for the majority of their coaster-based desires. While a giga at Kings Island would certainly create competition within Ohio, it wouldn't be detrimental to attendance. As for people further than that? Cedar Point has the longstanding reputation and the beach-side resort that make it the obvious choice between the two. Long story short: I doubt Cedar Fair is worried that Kings Island will cannibalize Cedar Point.
  5. Why do you think CW is getting something big? Screamscape seems to think so. They also thought Michigan's Adventure was getting a clone of Lightning Run this year, though, so...
  6. Roller coasters that could fit in that little Rivertown spot: Compact LIM invert like Wicked Twister S&S free spin 4D coaster an "El Loco" A sky loop/ Premier's better version of a sky loop An 800 foot tall polar coaster Roller coasters that I think they will put in that little Rivertown spot: ... A sky roller, though. I had the opportunity to ride that sort of ride at Dreamworld Gold Coast, and it was fantastic. I would be ecstatic if that's what they're planning to put in that spot. As far as a giga goes... I can see them doing it, but I can't see them doing the gatekeeper thing with it. I'd say it's much more likely to start in the old SOB station and travel around the behind x-flig--- I mean firehawk and flight of fear.
  7. There was heavy snow throughout the great lakes area about a week and a half ago. I don't know if Cedar Point got hit, but Ann Arbor got about 8 inches, and we aren't that far north of it.
  8. Especially when you consider just how packed this park gets on the weekends. Honestly, it's too small. We're not whining about not getting anything new because we want our podunk little park to receive some attention, we're whining about not getting anything new because MiA is not big enough for the crowds it actually gets. And also, we want our podunk park to receive some attention. But it shouldn't be as much of a pipe dream as it is.
  9. Michigan's Adventure is near Muskegan though, which tends to have a huge tourist draw in the summer. I mean, I try to get out to the west side of the state for various reasons every summer, and it's nice hitting MiA while I'm over there. Detroiters love MiA, but when we're choosing between the two (MiA and CP) we're more-so thinking "Do we want to go on a bunch of water slides or on a bunch of roller coasters," and roller coasters usually wins. Quite frankly, if the previous owners had built that hyper as planned, we'd probably head over there a lot more often.
  10. Somebody shared this video on Facebook and I swear I nearly died laughing about seven seconds in. (I tried to embed it, but it wasn't working, here's a link) https://www.facebook.com/AskMencom/videos/10153199488373723/?fref=nf
  11. Have we actually seen anything from planet coaster yet, though? Aside from how the guests will act? From what little of that game we've seen so far, it looks closer to RCT3 than this one does. I feel like the only reason we're looking at that one so positively is because it hasn't given us reason to believe it won't be good yet. World, on the other hand, has come a long way since march, and I'm pretty happy with the demo videos I saw. Idk, I'm looking forward to this game.
  12. It did seem like it was running really slowly in the video. It also looked like the seats were empty, though, and less mass means less momentum, which means it will slow down sooner in the course. Those of us who have actually been on it are aware of how awesome it is. As for the "I actually like millennium force better" comment, I mean, yeah, loads of people do. "Looks like something put together on RCT" though, I got a good laugh out of that one
  13. Consider yourself lucky then. I think that my brain still hasn't quite recovered from a lot of the posts that have been made since the rumors began circulating about Valravn all the way through the Raptor incident and the official announcement of Valravn. It's possible that mental scars could have been left. At times, I had to hit the back button & pinch myself to make sure that I wasn't trapped inside the Darien Lake thread. I think CP should buy Darien Lake's old Barracuda Bay slide complex! Who cares if th supports were custom fit and the slides were 20+ years old! It's the DarienLaker way of things! (But seriously... TPR needs a Barracuda Bay filter) Nah. CP desperately needs a Gerstlauer spinning coaster. 420/4 model of course. Maybe they can fit it inside the Good Time Theater? A 223 foot dive coaster could also take up the space of Good Time Theater no that's ridiculous, cedar point wouldn't do that not to us not the enthusiasts
  14. ^They would have to get an entirely new brake system. They use manual brakes instead of a block system, so, as of now, two train operation would be dangerous. I want them to that, though. That line gets ridiculous.
  15. All of that straight, upside-down track in the video is going to be great for recreating RMC's. I'm not going to lie, that impressed me.
  16. I know countless people are about to call me an idiot, but I honestly think the name "valravn" was a bad idea in the first place. I mean seriously, the word literally translates to "death bird." That's very different from something like Centurion, which, yes, killed people, but doesn't literally translate to "Killer Roman." I'm not saying they should change the name, I'm just saying that, with a lot of people unreasonably afraid of roller coasters as it is AND a recent death at the park... "Raven of Death" is (--not probably is, not might be-- is) a marketing nightmare.
  17. I dont mind discos. Not gonna happen happen but a frissbee style ride would be cool, or an air race I don't mind them either, but, similar to my (potential) complaint about a windseeker, Cedar Point and Kings Island both have relatively new ones, and seeing MiA follow suit with another lackluster ride would be... annoying. Cedar Point is right around the corner from the Detroit area (where I'm from) and if Michigan's Adventure gets the same new ride Cedar Point just got, MiA is barely worth the trip across the state. Now when the new flyers got installed at MiA before Cedar Point, that was pretty nice. I just want to see MiA get different rides from Cedar Point.
  18. I used to think Vortex was rough, like you, but then I took an Arrow to the neck. Vortex is definitely one of the best Arrow custom loopers I've been on. That says more about Arrow custom loopers than it does about Vortex, but still. Vortex may not be very "good," but that doesn't make it one of "the worst."
  19. I'm not to disappointed in the lack of a windseeker... I would have been irked, honestly, considering Cedar Point and Kings Island (the other two parks I frequent) had gotten them recently, and I find them lackluster. A drop tower, on the other hand... They could be worried about the incident at (was it Kentucky Kingdom?) a while back where a cable snapped cut a girl's legs off. So I guess drop towers don't exactly have the cleanest of records either. Either way, this park needs flat rides. I've said multiple times that I would love a new coaster, but if the "major capital" were a three flat ride package or something of the sort, I would be just as excited. Unless one of those is a disk-o.
  20. Maybe they just don't want to do that. It's the only thing I think of that those two rides have in common.
  21. I see a giga or a blitz coming before another wooden coaster. I'm betting they're gonna distance themselves from anything that'll remind the GP of Son of Beast for a while. Ride removals for the next three years? What with Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and King's Island (sort of) all having removed rides in the past few years, I wonder if we're gonna see more axed from the major parks, or if the smaller parks are gonna get hit.
  22. I think the issue with a drop tower or a windseeker would moreso be the the height, and the necessity to climb those towers for inspections and repairs.
  23. I would definitely agree. It's by far one of the best simulated experiences I've ever been on.
  24. I actually rode sky rocket this weekend, and it was pretty great. It was perfect for a small park like Kennywood, so it would probably also be perfect for a small park like MIA.
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