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  1. Like others have said, the hotels right along the park are decent and not that expensive, but if they are sold out or if you want to save more money I would suggest staying west of the park along I-20. Keep in mind, SFOG is literally 10 minutes from downtown so anything to the east is close to the city. The area immediately east of the park is VERY ghetto and I would not suggest staying anywhere east of the park. I had to stop for gas once off the exit just east of the park and I had a group of unfortunate looking people eyeing me and as soon as the cop that was present left, one came over and asked me if I was looking for sex or drugs. So unless you need a sketchy prostitute or drugs, I would avoid staying in that general area. lol thanks for the advice!
  2. Going to be visiting SFOG this weekend for the first time. Any good areas that has nice hotels that is no more than 30-45 min from the park. I like to go further out because rooms are usually cheaper.
  3. Has anyone rode Rush Street Flyer in 2016? I can't find it in our park!
  4. Just got back from Holiday World for the very first time...WOW!!! I hate saying this but now I see why people skip over our SFSTL and go to other parks. That place was amazing.
  5. The apocalypse is here. Imos has defected. I'm headed there this weekend! 1st time visiting Holiday World!
  6. Zach I'll be there on Saturday, 1st time ever going to Holiday World
  7. Here's a photo of my son on the carousel from last week. You can see that the carousel is in pretty crappy condition.
  8. Seems like crap from the other food locations thrown into one place. That is the only place you can get a bratwurst in the park. Other than that yes.
  9. Here are some new photos of the new restaurant at the park. I didn't eat their today. I completely forgot about it. But I did stop by and check it out!
  10. I love The Boss as it is too, BUT I'm ready for a RMC coaster at my homepark!
  11. I wonder when SFSTL will start giving out clues on what will be closing in 2016 in preparation for 2017?
  12. I wonder if they're going to open a new restaurant soon? Seems like they're doing some renovations into this old restaurant that has been used as a storage building. I noticed last night that. I sure hope so our park desperately needs a new restaurant!
  13. They were on last week except for the one in the first queue room (it's not really needed since it will loop a minimum of two times in the second room). Maintenance might have forgotten to enable them in the morning as the are separate from Cyborg's audio and movement and the main screens and audio in the loading area. They were also off on Saturday. See this is the stuff Disney and Paramount/Cedar Fair get right. I don't mean to draw the comparison, but I do. It's the little stuff that adds up. I would love to see the park sounds turned back on in the Batman queue.
  14. That's not a bad idea honestly! Good for them to coming up with the best solution available.
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