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  1. Thanks Robb for clearing out all of that crap!! I couldn't read it anymore...
  2. Does anyone know why the park will be open from 5pm -9pm on September 24th? It is not a typo, we were handed a flyer when we visited the park on Sunday that stated the shorter hours. I have never seen them do this before.
  3. But where will this be placed at? I hope they don't remove any current rides!
  4. That would be great to expand the park in that area! A new restaurant in that area would be great too!
  5. It's neat. But where will they put that? That's a pretty decent size ride that takes up a good amount of room.
  6. I wonder if SFSTL will do this? I think IF they do offer free haunted houses, it will be even more insanely packed at Fright Fest. What's everyone's thoughts on this?
  7. Looks like SFNE will be getting a 4D spin coaster. So maybe not our park now?
  8. It looks like September 1st will be the big 2017 announcement for all of the Six Flags Parks!
  9. 1) the souvenir bottle should be good throughout the rest of 2016 including HITP 2) I'm pretty sure the Dining Plan doesn't change during FF. Since the parks hours change during Fright Fest, they do change the hours for the Season Dining Pass hours. I don't remember what they change to, but they do change the hours.
  10. Here is a photo taken last night of the sky screamer. It used to look really cool at night.
  11. I really hope that Six Flags has a warranty from the builders that built the facade of Justice League. This looks really bad and has gotten worse over the last few weeks. This is not Six Flags fault.
  12. I just wish they would improve food services. That is where the park desperately needs help and attention. Waiting inline 40 minutes for a smoothie is just ridiculous.. that happened to my wife yesterday.
  13. I really wish there was another option for theme park besides SFSTL that isn't 3 hrs away. I only live 45 min from the park, so were stuck here for a home park.
  14. I wonder if and when SFSTL will start to give any clues for the 2017.......
  15. That's why they have the locket rental near the entrance of the line.
  16. My Trip report to SFOG! http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=72220
  17. Just got back from spending 2 days at Six Flags Over Georgia! Attempting to visit all of the Six Flags Parks in the next 2-3 years. My home park is SFSTL. I'll start with our hotel that we stayed at. Sometimes it's hard to find good reviews of hotels from people that you can trust! Anyways we stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Fairburn, Ga. It's only about 20-25 minutes from the park. We didn't have any traffic issues at all. The hotel is fairly new, only a few years old. The location is great and lots of restaurants in the area. Breakfast was included with our stay,so that's a bonus! Pretty good food selection and food quality is better than McDonald's! Our average nightly rate was about $115, not including taxes. Very clean ( I'm picky about my hotels) and their hospitality was top notch! I highly recommend them if you need a hotel in this area! I really loved this park! It is very clean! I was very impressed with how clean it was and how fresh everything felt in the park! This park seems to have a bigger layout than my home park SFSTL. Lots of places to sit indoors and have lunch or a snack while cooling off in the Georgia Heat! It was nearly 100 degrees with heat index reaching 107! The steel roller coaster lineup is very good from Batman, Superman, Dare Devil Dive, Goliath, Blue Hawk, Georgia Scorcher, Dahlonega Mine Train and the legendary Mind Bender! Now, the park really needs a new wooden roller coaster in my opinion. Something that is tall and fast! The Georgia Cyclone and Great American Scream Machine are OK, but aren't very fast nor are they tall. Six Flags Over Georgia has 2 awesome kiddie areas! DC Super Friends and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. Excellent selection of rides along with great theming! Our kids enjoyed them! The Hurricane Harbor water park is not the biggest water park, but it's still new and very clean. They don't have a lot of things to do in the water park unlike other Hurricane Harbor Water parks. They have one big 4 person raft slide called Tsunami Surge. This slide was awesome. Since it's the only big slide in the water park, the line does get long very quickly, so be sure to ride this slide first thing. The Bonzai Pipeline slides are your average single or double rider tube slides. The main family area is called Paradise Island. Our kids loved this, lots of things to climb and water slides to go down! Overall we had a great experience and would recommend visiting the park! I really didn't have any complaints about the park. Just needs a bigger woodie! Great hotel to stay at! a+++++ Pool This little pancake making machine is awesome! Yummy! Batman will keep our SUV safe! Could use a little TLC in cleaning! Love curvy track! This was actually a fun coaster! Ready for the day! Very nice! Love the brick! Very nice! Love Gotham City! My favorite themed area! Fireball... Wait I mean The Joker Chaos Coaster My Uber has arrived! First time riding a stand-up roller coaster! It was ok! The Blue Hawk. Sure does look pretty! A little token of appreciation! My daughter! We always ride front row! The refurbishments of Blue Hawk look nice! Up above in the Sky Buckets overlooking Bugs Bunny Boomtown Dc Super Friends! This was definitely the coolest kids ride in the park! Very nice kids coaster! Kiddie drop tower! Hurricane Harbor Just before we went in! Safety break! This is the wave pool! Another shot of the wave-pool and Tsunami Surge Cabana rentals Nice packages to chose from Paradise Island Paradise Island. They did have the yellow slides in the photo working just after I took the photo! Paradise Island Paradise Island Nothing like waiting 10 min to fill your soda cup! Nice bathhouse Ahhh Shark!! What goes up.... Must come down
  18. I agree the Sky Screamer tower used to light up in neon colors and looked really cool from the highway. It hasn't lit up since last year.
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