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  1. Too early to tell. Hasn't opened up to public yet for a full train. I will say the 1 full train they did run yesterday, it did take them awhile to get all of the VR headsets on the guests.
  2. From what I was told there will be separate staff to assist with the VR gear. I'm sure the first few days when The New Revolution opens it will be a little chaotic. Yesterday was the first real day when several people got to try the ride.
  3. I wondered the same thing. I brought my 10 yr old daughter and she couldn't use the VR headset. I was told it was the manufacture of the VR headset recommendation, not Six Flags.
  4. The New Revolution At Six Flags St. Louis Media Day Just got back from media day for The New Revolution At Six Flags St. Louis. This is pretty cool addition to The Ninja! As you depart the station on the roller coaster the action begins right away in your headset. As you are climbing the hill on "The Ninja" you are being raised on an elevator on the aircraft carrier. Once you reach the top of the aircraft carrier you are immediately thrown into the action. You are flying around the city and going through buildings and under bridges chasing your enemy. What you see in your headset is spot on what you are feeling on the rollercoaster. I was very impressed!! This isn't a very long ride at all. It's a fun short ride! It's just something different! Would I do it again? Yes, I would! This won't be for everyone. There is even a separate line for non VR riders. I do have a POV video from today... Welcome To The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster On The Ninja Lots Of Signage For The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster Only A $1 To Play!!! There Is The Line Just For The New Revoltuion Seperate Line For Non VR Riders Some Work Had To Be Done To The Queue Line To Accomodate Seperate Lines Read Those Rules!!! The Instructions To Put On The Headsets The Stats For The Ninja Some Winners Of Local Radio & TV Stations Got To Ride The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster On Media Day Six Flags St. Louis Ride Staff Assisting Guests Putting On Their Headsets Can I Borrow A Charger? These Guys Were Making Some Adjustments To The Headsets This Is The Station Where The Headsets Are Cleaned & Wiped With Sanitizer Aftery Every Use. Here Is The Samsung Galaxy 7 Gear VR Powered By Oculus Headsets Another Angle Of The Headsets More Riders Ready To Go. They Are Also Calibrating Their Headsets Before They Check Restraints The Sensors Out On The Track Scan The Back Of The Cars And Sync It To The Movement On Your Headset That's alot of Galaxy 7's!! Plenty Of Staff To Assist Guests With Headsets Guest Wearing The Headset Our Host Matt Was Outstanding!! We Were Treated To A Six Flags MRE Lunch! Don't Worry It Wasn't A Real MRE, It Was A Delicious Roast Beef Sandwich & Chips!
  5. Or nice ice cream cone from First Cone on your way out of the park! Tomorrow is media day for The New Revolution I'll have pictures and video tomorrow evening!
  6. I'm sure it was nothing major, but local media news stations will eat this up and make it sound like it was a horrible accident.
  7. Some type of incident at involving Boomerang http://www.kmov.com/story/31910894/3-injured-when-six-flags-ride-stopped-mid-point ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) – Three people received medical attention for minor injuries after a ride at Six Flags St. Louis stopped mid-point Friday. According to officials, just before 11:30 a.m., ambulances were dispatched to the park after the Bommerang stopped at a mid-point location. After the ride stopped, guests were able to safely exit the ride and the park’s first aid staff responded to treat those injured. Six Flags released the following statement after the incident occurred: "Boomerang did not complete its normal ride cycle causing it to stop at a mid-point location where all guests safely exited the ride. Our First Aid staff responded immediately and three guests were transported to a local medical facility as a precautionary measure. The safety of our guests is our top priority and the ride will be closed for a thorough inspection before re-opening" According to authorities, officials from the Eureka Police Department, EMS and the fire department were called to the park.
  8. Today is media for Fireball. Some of the news personalities on tv and radio are calling it the "Fireball Roller Coaster"
  9. There are multiple variables to consider when it comes to stocking certain parts. Can the part be stored for long periods of time, is there room to store the part out of the weather, does the part go out frequently, can pests such as squirrels and mice damage the part while in storage. The particular parts in question dont go out on a regular basis, are quite reliable, and are rather large in size making it hard to find a place to store them and making a perfect home for small animals. Thanks for answering!! Hopefully the parts come in very soon! This is my daughters favorite roller coaster now!
  10. I also feel like they need to add the Go Fresh Cafe inside Hurricane Harbor. If you're trying to eat healthy when inside Hurricane Harbor, you're screwed. On a hot day I would like a nice wrap or sandwich when I'm at Hurricane Harbor.
  11. I've been saying since Calico's closed that they should make it into a sandwich shop... sandwiches, soups, salads, wraps... something fresh that isn't offered anywhere else in the park that is light on the stomach. That would be great too! SFGAM has them along with Flatbread pizzas.
  12. The GoFresh Cafe has wraps, salads, veggie burger, grilled chicken sandwhich and turkey burgers, The wraps are really good too. Some downfalls to the GoFresh Cafe are it's in the very back of the park, in the kids area up on the hill, and when its a slow day at SFSTL this is one of the first restaurants that they close.
  13. They have the Vacant restaurant near the mine train. Why not place this restaurant back in service? SFSTL could use a fried chicken restaurant.
  14. I have had the dining pass since 2013. When we first got it, eating at restaurants in the park was fun and fast. Wait times were minimal then. Fast forward to 2016, now the 4th season of the dining pass, it is complete chaos at restaurants. Wait times are getting to be not worth it anymore. Over the weekend we waited 35 min for lunch at JB's smokehouse, then for dinner we waited in line for 45 for pizza. These kind of wait times are ridiculous. These restaurants are not built and designed to handle the amount of people that use them now.
  15. Seriously? Other parks in the chain are getting RMCs or similar - but hey, at least we get double rides on the Eagle. What wrong with double rides on Eagle. Allow me to answer that rhetorical question. Nothing. We got Justice League last year. Fireball, general improvements, and Holiday in the Park this year. Looks like a good year to me. Some people just have to complain!! That's because we are very Hyper-sensitive to what the other parks are getting, and the Screamin' Eagle isn't as 'High Per' those other coasters we envy. ...Catch what I am sayin' I know...I know... Anyone else going to the park tomorrow? I will be there
  16. Seriously? Other parks in the chain are getting RMCs or similar - but hey, at least we get double rides on the Eagle. What wrong with double rides on Eagle. Allow me to answer that rhetorical question. Nothing. We got Justice League last year. Fireball, general improvements, and Holiday in the Park this year. Looks like a good year to me. Some people just have to complain!!
  17. It's gonna take them awhile to remove all of the Frightfest decorations and put all of the Christmas decorations and lights.
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