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  1. I'm glad this article used the most recent photo they could of Cedar Point. Source: https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cedar-point-osha-violation
  2. With CCMR teaser poster, the #5 car is upside-down... suspended woodie confirmed! But for real, could the 5 in the diagram be a 5 part expansion plan? Maverick, Professor Delbert's Frontier Fling, SV, could be parts 1-3 or a 5 part master plan to reinvigorate the back of the park? And all 5 having a Cedar Creek Mining Company theme/story tying them together? Granted, PDFF doesn't really fit the "story" but has been very recently moved and incorporated nicely into the Frontier Trail part of the park. To continue the agument that CP is running out of room (which they are not, cough cough) CCMR does have a lot of wasted space. They could easily put a family coaster AND thrill coaster in that area. Think Taron and Raik at Phantasialand, two coasters interwoven to make one awesome area. It "could" happen... All of that to say, CP is really making some great overall improvements to the park, and I'm excited for the next several years to see what's next!
  3. Valravn. From the Sunrise Tour talking with one of the mechanics. The cars are so heavy that they can't be moved off site to work on them like the rest of the coasters. That was my second guess. Is it heaviest train or car?
  4. Fun Trivia Time: For all the coaster fan boys and mathematicians, what is the heaviest (empty) coaster train at Cedar Point? I do not know myself. On our yearly visit, my wife and I started speculating. My guess was Gatekeeper based on length, width and occupancy. But, does anyone else have an idea or PROOF of the heaviest coaster train at CP?
  5. I was at the park on 7/24! It was a great day filled with firsts. Saw a lady go toe to toe (via words) with a park security member for line jumping. Crazy and kind of scary as we had to walk past the confrontation to continue in line. First ride on Steel Vengeance! Wow, just wow. So perfect. The last loop inside the structure is one of the coolest experiences I have ever had on a coaster. I also had a first time rollback. Not on TTD as I pray every time I ride, but on Maverick on the top of the first hill. We coasted back to the bottom of the lift, a ride host told us we were going to back up and launch again. We accelerated to the top and felt launch stop and the train slow quickly again, just cresting the top of the hill. SO COOL! The back of the park was very busy in the morning, but the front was dead (except Valravn). By 6pm MF, Gatekeeper, Raptor were all walk ons. AMAZING! Question about Raptor: Is it louder and faster this year? My wife and I both thought it was running faster and LOUDER. Like, really loud. Or am I just making things up? Finally, the night was filled with Fire and Ice band. So much fun. The band looks and sounds great! An amazing trip.
  6. The first thing I thought when I saw Robb is at Cedar Point for the Media Day was "Oh man, I can't wait to "hear" his on-ride reactions." We've seen the video of Tony and the ride looks amazing, but nobody narrates a ride like Robb. Ok, I'm excited to SEE Robb's reactions as well...
  7. Has anyone seen this yet? OnPoint Blog post about some extra social media people attending the Media Event. Go read the article, and then read the LAST requirement to apply. Fine, don't go, just read this: Source: OnPoint Blog I can't wait to see #ThisForkIsForSV. If I had a dedicated channel to all things roller coaster, I would have so much fun. Anyone on here going to give this a go?
  8. I know I've really enjoyed this game. I like the simplicity of it, and how with the limited materials, if used in a smart way, you can create great rides and scenery to go along with it. I also like how it's still being developed. And insight is being asked for to ensure a great experience for users. Looking forward to the next update. Is it worth the money? If you are going for a realistic looking game with tons of custom scenery, no. But, if you are looking for a fun and challenging theme park game where you have to keep guests happy while building rides easily, than yes!
  9. I agree! It could have some really cool elements where it runs straight at the midway and then split into two sides. But, it would probably get the fate of Dueling Dragons and never run both in sync.
  10. This is an old thread. But the other day I had an idea for a new attraction, and wondered where there was a thread for it. Here it is. Anyways- A Launched Bobsled would be unique and could be fun. Less of a train but more of Disaster Transport bigger "sled." Also, if anyone has been to a waterpark in the last decade they see the halfpipe or funnel slides, almost a staple in every major waterpark now. Well, why couldn't a bobsled coaster have one (once engineered properly)? A second thought would be sort of a throwback to the feel of a Classic Drop Ride. If you ever rode one, they were great (mostly). But I loved that forward-facing freefall feeling and then the disorienting movement to your back. Well, what if a ride was created that had the forward-facing vertical drop, and at the base of the hill it then rode like a classic coaster? Also, if the drop was sequenced with a dark ride segment that drop could be extremely impacting. Imagine dropping into a cave, reentering earth's orbit, or falling and being caught by a bird to dragon. Then you exit the building at full speed to enjoy the open twists and turns of the track. I know VR has created similar experiences, but I think this could be a cool concept. Any one else have something feasible they would like? No jumping coasters through flaming hoops to land in a tunnel that goes under Lake Erie... Also, if this does exist in some other thread, I did look but was unable to find it.
  11. Cedar Point showing off some construction pictures in their last blog post. https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/february-steel-vengeance-update I really like where this one in particular is heading. They also hinted at the queue and that it will use the "tunnel" under the wood structure. That is a really great part. You get to see how massive and impressive that wooden structure is. Good thing they didn't give it all the "axe."
  12. Just saying, from where these guys must be standing they HAVE to be on the boat. Just saying. Maybe they stole it?!?!
  13. So, I looked around and didn't see it on the forum anywhere... How is Cedar Shores? I never went to Soak City because I heard it was not worth it. Secondly, what are the lines like? I like waterparks but waiting 30-45 minutes for a 20 second slide, come on, that's crazy! I know midweek should be calmer. Anyways, is it a whole day park, slide selection ok, lines reasonable, and worth the trip? Thanks everyone.
  14. So, this happened over Opening Weekend, DOUBLE ROLLBACK! From Marcus Leshock's Facebook page The closest I have been to ONE was on the loading platform. Saw a bunch the first few years. Has anyone experienced one?
  15. ^^ Robb, had they started the dismantling? haha, I guess that's how the haters tried to do you in.
  16. At 0:50 Magnum gets new Intamin Trains confirmed! JK Improvements look great! I've been going to Cedar Point every year since I was born, 27 summers ago. And I have never been to Soak City... CP Shores. I have to say, I think this might be the summer I go. They finally have a wide offering of slides. Add a ProSlide waterslide coaster (record breaking?) and this is a very nice lineup. Sandusky's Kalahari is opening up a huge expansion to their outdoor area. CP has some waterpark competition. But this is a great addition to the whole resort. Way to go CP, way to go.
  17. What if, and only an IF, this is a lift and a mid launch, the launch syncs up with the left and they duel that way? Kind of like Twisted Colossus, except not two lifts but a lift and a launch? Again, this is only an "IF." The launch could hold if needed to sync up with the lift so all the duel elements were perfect. I don't see this ride having two lifts. Also, because I can't miss this opportunity (engage sarcastic tone) "listen to the end of the video, there is the sound of a coster launching, not a lift sound or rushing coaster. LAUNCH CONFIRMED!"
  18. No lie, last night I had a dream about this. I have no idea why, but I did. The dream started at last rides on MS. As we exited the ride there was a sign for MS, and I thought, "Well, they are not going to need this, I wonder what's on the back of the sign." I look behind this sign and there is MS 2.0's layout! It was called HYPER (terrible name) and had the rendering. I take a quick picture of the layout. But things get bad quick. I freak out because Tony is walking my way! So, now I have this information of a sick layout, but I can't share it or Rob bans me from TPR because CP did not release it (even though it was on the back of a sign in the park. OR, even worse, Tony bans me forever from Cedar Point because.... Tony. The stress was too much and I woke up. What the crap, I think to myself. I have no idea why that was my dream, but I guess my subconscious wants to ride this thing, and soon. (I have met Tony before, and he's just as cool of a cat as you would expect. I don't think he would just ban someone.) Bill, I will have to tell you about the Von Roll dream, being built in my backyard. Seriously, I check in here like twice a week, this is getting out of hand.
  19. This is the kind of professional journalism we need these days. Taking cryptic information and extruding it for the facts that lie beneath the surface. Thank you for your diligence in the field of Cryptic Covert Coaster Analysis (CCCA as it's called in the biz).
  20. Agreed, it is bizarre. Since it has such a low layout it would almost work. The Last/First hill would have some serious ejector airtime if it somehow did run that way. I also agree, the new site is looking nice. And as Tony said in the CP blog, it's still being worked on.
  21. That new picture is great. If there is a double down in a prominent visual location, Double Down or Gambler could be cool western names. Something to fit in with the outlaws of Frontier town. Anyways, excited for next weeks photo.
  22. But Fast Pass, FP+, Season refills.... are all ok? Also, from the pic, it could look really cool coming over on the causeway and seeing what looks like MF has grown a new hill! As for theming, I think Skyhawk fits well with a steampunk feel. It has more of a "Turn of the century" feel next to the Antique Cars and the Modern Era. Think about it, you walk frontier trail starting at the tunnel and around to Top Thrill, the coasters keep getting taller, faster and more modern.... Interesting.
  23. We know Tony has fun with enthusiasts. Don't forget his 2014 fun. I regret posting this, because someone is going to say New MS will have ALL these things. Regardless of date, let's just be happy. Haha, I guess we should all ask, will New MS stop for high winds?
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