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  1. The amusement industry is going to take one of the hardest hits from this. Sad for the industry we all love
  2. Anyone else obsessed with planting trees? I have so many trees on my island, peach, orange, pear, coconut, I have yet to come across cherry yet!!
  3. ^I got bamboo, hijacked a few trees from a random island I need IRON NUGGETS!!!! SW-3481-4510-9627
  4. Rumblings Olympics will be pushed to 2021, seems the best case scenario. Just doesnt make sense to have them this year.
  5. If Tokyo does go ahead with the Olympics, I hope spectators are native only and some type of rigorous testing for athletes before they even enter the Olympic village. Seems like a tough feat
  6. Either scenario is a clusterfuck. How would the park (and quite frankly, any other park in the SF chain) recover from this? It's going to be a rough year (probably few years) for the travel and entertainment industries all around.
  7. It might be this easy if it weren't for the media fear mongering on a daily basis. I respectfully suggest reading accounts from doctors in northern Italy today who are no longer able to treat everyone and are stuck doing triage. they are overworked - in Italy's wealthiest region (near Gardaland). Plus, it is also disrupting other types of treatments. Broken arm? Appendicitis? Kidney stones? Sorry but the doctors are too busy and exhausted to see you. Here is a good account from Italy: https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/canada-covid-19-coronavirus-spread-hospital-surge-capacity-ventilators-1.5493178 I'm good
  8. It might be this easy if it weren't for the media fear mongering on a daily basis.
  9. oh yeah. . that's one serious silver lining. Did you see the cruise I posted for Bill over in the Disneyland thread? Starting at $265-300 for 7 day Caribbean, with ALL perks included free (drink package, excursions, onboard credit. . sheesh). and agreed! kudos for the cancellation options RC rolled out today! A 7 day cruise for $300 per person?! Such a steal!!
  10. Free Spins arent for everyone, but they're still a decent addition for any park. Cheap to build, dont take up much room, and maintenance doesnt seem bad since Six Flags is able to keep theirs running reliably. I wonder if this is a one off, or if we'll start seeing them at multiple CF parks.
  11. I agree. We went to Texas in the summer a couple years ago and the humidity was unbearable, felt difficult to breathe at times. I'll take California dry heat any day.
  12. Spiderman is soooo fun, spent hours getting the platinum trophy Haven't tried director mode on GTA, maybe I will now
  13. GTA V is so good, I don't even bother with the missions, just going around the city wreaking havoc is so fun. Cant wait for GTA VI, whenever that is
  14. Yes! I posted some about 2 pages back. You literally posted some photos of some dirt being moved around... None of the photos actually show any vertical construction... unless I’m missing something... This is all I saw... And it shows nothing... Because that's all there was to show at the time this photo was taken. So far, no vertical construction has started, just underground pipes and footers. I'll be heading back out to the park soon to, hopefully, gets some shots of the ride actually going up, which I will post. Any updates are appreciated, ignore the negative ninnies.
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