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  1. I was really surprised that they took out weikilou quite honestly. I wish they kept that and Carnevil around. From what i've heard Carnevil was one of the better mazes.
  2. My question is why on earth would people go into a maze with a "No Boo" necklace. I mean, its one thing wearing it to not get scared, and its another thing wearing it deliberately inside a maze to mess with the actors.
  3. Ironically that's what the greeter did to me at employee preview night so much so that my glasses fogged up.
  4. Quick Haunt employee preview report: Improved mazes: Asylum, Zombie High, Hellside, Bloodshed I was pretty disappointed with Graveyard, Humane Habitat,London terror, and Chateau I think the mazes have all good ideas but weren't well executed. Literally the actors in graveyard would just stare at you and stand around. Not to be harsh or anything but that's what I observed. Trails end is really cool though. Chateau's new building is nice but not much cast energy.
  5. I'm baffled with how much hate the flyers are getting when really the posters have never even been on a ride of the sort. I thought they were quite thrilling at Cedar Point
  6. I can see where they are frustrated, but I don't think its that big of a deal to comment 7-8 times on an Amusement Park's Facebook page to say how bad the announcement is. I mean, its just a theme park, there's more to life then them; and this is coming from a coaster enthusiast. You would have thought it was a worldwide tragedy.
  7. If you double click on the "What's New" it will bring you to the H20MG expansion info.
  8. I'm pretty sure a lot of people roll their eyes at your posts more than anything. I like both these comments equally
  9. I'm kind of the same way but less pessimist, more realist. I think there will be more than just flyers (vf 40 event or something, and definitely some activity near amphitheater thats confirmed because of that permit)
  10. It's only 2:45 guys! Why would they say they were announcing it today and wait another day? The twitter has been active since that reply and I'm sure they would have noticed their mistake by now if they were actually planning to announce it tomorrow.
  11. Doesn't it say "Permit Type: Building, and Work Type: Remodeling/Alteration"?
  12. Perhaps they're waiting for 4:00? I mean, it will be valleyfair's 40th.
  13. I just checked the screamscape site and I haven't found anything that would suggest that they have been talking about on Mondial. Aside from us having zero evidence towards a mondial (unless i missed something), I think we should say "if" rather than "when." I'm not sure where screamscape is really getting that assumption.
  14. The Valleyfair website had closing dates (they do it every year so most people know about) on their website. They may be taken down, I really havent checked that area of the website since may or june.
  15. Both of these pieces of information can be found on the Valleyfair site. You're starting to sound like coaster studios
  16. My final predictions: Larson Flyers near where chaos used to sit, some sort of development/demolition of the amphitheatre, and a large "VF 40" celebration of sorts similar to what Kings Dominion did.
  17. I think Renegade's seats have been that dark brown color since last season when they were refurbished along with the restraints.
  18. I gotta post this picture again (And for those of you wondering, I will not meet up with any users from this site. Just being cautious) Sorry about that just had to get my point across. you're very welcome
  19. Yes this is the first year. No one was happy. Because budget. Because they don't think we do enough already, IDK. It does say in our job description "other miscellaneous jobs" or something like that. Valleyfair is one of the only (If not THE only) park where you had to be 18 to operate ANY rides position. However, they got special permission from the state to allow 16-17 y.o. to operate all but primary controls, including single operator rides. They wear the orange park services uniform, and then get the red uniform once they turn 18. They are titled "Ride Attendants" instead of "Ride Operators". So the pay levels go $9.25/attendants, $10.25/operators, $11.25/leads, and $11.75/supervisors with the pay raise this year. Keep in mind that they do have some people (me) working in rides areas primarily for Park Services work. (My apologies in advance for the double post)
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