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  1. Disappointed that they're cutting the fireworks down to only two days during the season unlike the previous years.
  2. *gets radioed but doesn't hear it* *gets radio but takes a while to get radio off belt* *finally responds to radio call* *person doesn't respond*
  3. "Can you repeat that?" "I SAID klajshg;oliw4hog;nuvehtnbldajrkng;l srjbdlskm" ... "copy" Or: "Can you meet me somewhere?" "Okay, what is your location?" *no reply*
  4. Dang, when I completed IROC in the middle of summer I was just assigned a ride. Northern and autos was pretty cool though.
  5. As a former Power Tower loader (I did rides in the fall) it can be pretty great working at a popular ride but also very tough. I hope you don't get stuck with a ride you have to balance though.
  6. Since this thread has been dead, I figured I might as well start some discussion. Is anyone planning on working at the park this year? I currently I have a interview for a tech job in live entertainment, and will be switching to blackout in haunt. Hopefully all goes well! Although I will definitely miss park services.
  7. I've heard some rumblings in the metaphorical jungle about the possibility of a winter fest event next year. I wouldn't be to quick to dismiss it. On a different note, anyone planning on working at the park this year? I'm planning on applying for a live e tech spot (this will be my fourth season working)
  8. North star is a step in the right direction. As a former ride attendant for antique autos and power tower I can confidently say this will not be a ride for the whole family; its geared towards the thrill seekers.
  9. ^ Attendance in the summer rarely gets to the "3 Train Operation Number". However Haunt is usually when attendance gets that high but by that time they don't have enough operators to put 6 loaders at wild thing only.
  10. Theres a smaller plastic bin inside the can with two plastic semi circles encircling the top of the inner can. The first bag goes in the plastic bin (not all cans have the plastic bin) and the second bag gets tucked around the plastic semi circles (this is the part where the bag usually doesn't hold)
  11. My worst fear right there, bag breaking with guests around. I think my record was 3-4 bags last year when the schools went and ate lunch near the dino hill so the cans got slammed pretty quick. Probably one of my worst cans was a planet snoopy style can in dinos with no bag that was filled to the brim. If theres one general improvement I'd like to see valleyfair is the replacing of the planet snoopy cans with the regular ones; way too heavy to lift if filled with water or trash and the bags never say secured inside so you end up scooping a lot of the trash out by hand.
  12. First year working in Park Services in '14 I was at thunder canyon and about 6 gallons of trash juice went straight into my shoe. There's a reason why associates really hate going to queue lines. For me personally i've been working there long enough to know that its necessary to change them so I no longer mind it but its pretty evident which ride's have successful sanitary maintenance based off where the cans are located. Nothing better than trying to change the can in the renegade queue tunnel when its full of people.
  13. As a three year Park Services employee (going on four) we're definitely ok with the trashcans we have. And I definitely support the idea of having an easy queue line because harder to get to rides in regards to trash cans (renegade, wildthing,corkscrew, power tower) almost never get attention from garbage teams because of that.
  14. I actually heard a rumor from another employee that Looping Starship might not be back next season due to maintenance issues, but that is just a rumor so don't quote me on that. Regardless, if Looping Starship was removed, I don't think many tears would be shed. Highly unlikely that they'll just pull a ride like that after the season is over; I'd imagine they'd have a pretty big PR issue on their hands if they just pulled a ride without warrant.
  15. I was there as well and can back this statement up. However, I believe Berserkers is more of a theatrical attraction rather than scares-around-every-corner type of maze.
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