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  1. I was more referring to the typical top scan that can be found at most fairs.
  2. I wouldn't mind a sky warp but I guess what i'd rather see is something a little more out of the ordinary than the typical top scan. A man can dream.
  3. I work in Live E and I doubt it will be going anywhere soon unfortunately. If it was torn down VF would lack any sort of contemporary indoor stage and technical services center. I would like to see a complete makeover of galaxy like whar they did with amphitheater but i doubt it wikk happen for a while
  4. Considering there's already a western themed scare zone I doubt it.
  5. I was confused by that as well. I guess the outside company hasn't had time to come back and pick them up because they are brand new racks
  6. I hate to rain on the parade but they are not construction materials, they're firework racks. I personally help stack them in that area in early July.
  7. Yes. However, associate guidelines prohibit any employees from disclosing company secrets. So take that as you may. The announcement will come soon enough.
  8. We are actually speculating the chance of dueling dragons coming to valleyfair? Man, I really thought i've seen it all on this thread.
  9. We literally needed to get a pass from Human Resources in order to attend the event. It wasn't "Basic Information" at all.
  10. Gonna butt in here a little bit. Employees can be good sources but it really depends on who you talk to. For example, during my earlier years of working I knew what was coming usually a month or two in advance. However, telling others (especially guests) company secrets can and will get you fired. There is a reason why Mr. Frazier was so tight lipped about this kind of thing. I'd say theres a better chance that these people do not know what is really going on than there is the chance of them absolutely knowing. Because to be quite frank, if they really did know they wouldn't say it. As of right now, there is no evidence other than speculation that a boomerang will be coming to Valleyfair. Yes there is a chance that we will get a boomerang, but that's using the same logic as saying that there's a chance of a meteor hitting valleyfair. Chance? Sure. Is it likely? Not at all. Overall talking with contempt and judgement around people's opinion of what might happen is not really the smartest thing because honestly none of us know what is going to actually come next year. There really isn't a right or wrong party or opinion when the announcement hasn't even happened yet. Just be civil.
  11. The holding brake was probably due to having mechanical issues yesterday. It was down the entire day.
  12. If you ask me it sounds like valleyfair security could benefit from a little more gear more generated towards crowd control. I'm apply as security next year so i'm interested to see what it'll be like.
  13. No. For a few reasons, 1. Cedar Fair got major backlash at their other parks for asylum themed attractions 2. Most of the budget will probably go towards replacing Berserkers, since that was a pretty big flop. 3. The maze had been there since the start of haunt, they only are around for so long. 4. If Asylum would return, it would require a new building since there would be no other place to do it. I want asylum to return as much as any other person would but I'm being realistic. It's been gone for a year and that is a testament to itself.
  14. Could agree more. Worked Park Services in Area 2 summer of 2015 (for those who don't work at valleyfair thats from snoopy statue to where enterprise used to sit) and you'd be surprised how many people it pulls on the warmer and busier days. Once you're there nearly every day you kind of get a better understanding of what rides are busier on what days. Anyways, I would miss the mist that comes off the ride as you're walking past because it was definitely a life saver. Ironically I remember getting hit directly by the water at least twice because I wasn't paying attention sweeping. Good times.
  15. Visited the park for the first time since last fall and here's my two cents: I'm loving for the most part the more "corporate" additions like the new ticket booths and the system for that as well as the metal detectors. Definitely gives the park a more professional feel. North Star was great, can't say it surprised or disappointed me; pretty much what I was expecting. On the flip side, I was pretty disappointed to see that they discontinued the 70's music in Route 76 and replaced it with Pitbull and that jazz which is pretty much polio for your ears. It would be great to actually keep the theming in that area for more than two years.
  16. N.....n......nnn...new d...d..dd..dining patio....? Have fun with that Park Services
  17. I would love to see a webcam of the walkway from entrance to corkscrew, as it is one of the more busy areas in the park and it would be useful to gauge how busy the park is.
  18. You have no idea *thinks of chickies and petes and shivers* The worst was having to close it right after you closed down your ride in route 76 (this was before PS was reinstated). It's bittersweet that Im not returning to PS this year, but man it was it a fun department
  19. Fingers are crossed they took restroom four with it.....only Park Services can know the pain of closing that restroom
  20. Looks like I'll be returning this season as a Live E Tech Shadow; super excited!
  21. As much as I would really want an all season fast lane I don't think I could justify it unless it has fright lane included. (I would have bought it if I didn't just buy a new car)
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