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  1. As an actor Valleyscare was a lot better this weekend. As for announcements, they have said they do not have an announcement for us this year so like I predicted it will be a GE year. All things considered, our last GE year was like, 2013 which was a pretty solid run of 5 seasons containing significant expansion.
  2. I probably can't say because then it would be pretty obvious to everyone who I am, but I can confidently say that you've probably seen me at least once (I am also in the awakening, but I am not the overlord or DJs)
  3. That really isn't the critic's job to figure out to be honest. The burden of proof is on whoever is claiming that it is for Valleyfair
  4. Has anyone else noticed that the park has been a lot slower this year?
  5. I honestly don't think that's even a big enough detail to imply that it would be Valleyfair to be completely honest. My guess is it will just be a general improvement year since we haven't had one since 2013.
  6. Still confused as to how this relates to Valleyfair...The coordinates are no where near VF and its quite obvious its not for us.
  7. Is it bad if they're trying to raise awareness for a good cause though? I mean they're just trying to spread their message. I remember VF did Valleyfair Cares in support of cancer research, but would you consider that an ad as well?
  8. This is a bad thing? I'm kind of baffled as to how this is surprising.
  9. I don't think any of us have a sure answer to your questions, but my guess would be lack of interest or maintenance. Considering its an empty area (save the small statue) it will probably be filled in the next few years. Also, on the subject of the land clearing by Excalibur, I just rode it today and could not see any land clearing that was allegedly said to be there.
  10. Was at the park yesterday, it looks like Delirious will have fire as scenery. There are two pillars that appear to have gas lines running up them but are not yet set up.
  11. Seems like Delirious has been closing a lot. Anyone else notice that?
  12. I just wheezed out loud. But honestly they should play Purple Rain near the ride. I believe the ride's playlist will be prince themed.
  13. I noticed on my drive in Ritas in Route 76 is a permanent building it seems.
  14. *sheds a tear* Am I the only one that didn't mind what it looked like before? First the timeclock shed and now this!? Just kidding, I'm being overly critical of this since it is my fifth season working there XD. Is anyone else working this year?
  15. Screamscape is reporting today that they have confirmed the removal of Riptide! It was removed last year at the close of the season! So that spot opening up along with the arcade area on the north side, that Mr. Frazier told me they wanted to demo, opens up a pretty large area for something! Any ideas??? Mr. Frazier has not worked at the park in over a year. Whatever he said before may not be relevant to the park today because it is a completely different management.
  16. This is my fifth year working there and I've always applied late november/early december
  17. Although the Galaxy isn't being used by guest for a show it is still being used. VF's main Entertainment techs are based out of that building and all of the dressing rooms are used for various shows currently at the park. There are also promotional events for companies/clubs as well as midway movie nights/GPF movies.
  18. The two new mazes this year are Dark Harvest and Berserkers Unleashed. Berserkers is becoming a maze and is nothing like the berserkers from last year. Dark harvest is obviously hellside but revamped and moved to the pavement behind berserkers. Having helped set up both these mazes I can definitely say we will not be disappointed. Especially with dark harvest, which in my opinion will be the best maze this year from the looks of it. Super pumped for haunt this year, I'll be in bloodshed!
  19. Thought I'd chime in on this a little bit. Being disappointed is perfectly valid, there is nothing wrong with that. They aren't forcing you to like the ride. However, complaining to the park, and just general whining is not valid. I think we might be mistaking disappointment with whining.
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