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  1. I'm just wondering how they plan on competing in the local area with Carowinds getting the largest giga in the world and Dollywood opening Dreammore Resort and them another $20+ million ride in 2016. Hopefully they are saving for something truly epic....then again, we'll probably see a Crazy Cyclone remake of Georgia Cyclone. Not saying that would be a bad thing.
  2. Sorry I'm not trying to complain. Yes I'm glad that they are getting more flats. I've just never been a fan of super loops after my last experience with one at the Tennessee Valley Fair a while back. Happily riding and my seatbelt came undone and your arms are so cramped I couldn't reach it to snap it back in. The harness was very loose so I was hanging on for dear life. Granted it was a carnival....but still. Bad memories.
  3. Makes me wonder....why on earth did they get rid of Wheelie and then two years later put in another looping (and in my opinion less exciting) flat ride? I mean...these things are a dime a dozen at almost every carnival and fair in the nation. They could come up with something new. Oh well. And the coaster part? lmao! Way to go six flags! Carowinds here I come!
  4. Mystery mine down as well. Not a good day for Gerstlaur.
  5. FireChaser seems to be having some issues lately of trains stopping on the brake runs and such. I was there Monday and am here right now, and both times riders have been on portions of the ride for 5 to 10 minutes before returning to the station. Maintenance is working on the track now. It's pitiful a brand new ride is having issues like this.
  6. I rode several times with a couple almost empty and the other full. It just felt very different from what I'm used to, and I rode it at least 40 times last year. As I said, the first time I thought that something malfunctioned, cause we were sitting there and there was a deceleration noise like when a jet engine is shutting down. Very strange. Maybe they just had the brakes working a little tighter then usual? It did that on every train I was on, no matter the amount of passengers. It isn't that important though.
  7. Well I don't remember seeing the trim brake on the hill last year. They had to have done something did something to it because used to you would get a good pop of sometimes violent airtime when it jumped up on the brake run but yesterday there was absolutely none. The back of the train basically crawled up the hill.
  8. Hey just made my first full visit to the park this season and thought I'd post a quick trip report. I usually only go on weekdays such as Monday and Wednesday to avoid the crowds, but since spring break is on the park was as crowded as a typical summer weekend. I entered the park at opening time went straight to the back of the park, hoping to get a ride on Firechaser before the crowds reached it. That was not to be. I'm guessing even though the park was closed they let people through the gates to line up at their favorite rides, because the line extended past River Battle. Only Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado opened with the park, however, so I headed over to check it out. It appears they did a few adjustments in the off season, as when I took my seat in the last car I noticed the seat padding appeared to have been replaced. A trim brake was also installed on the last small jump onto the brake run, so it's much less violent for riders in the front of the train. It does slow it down to a crawl on the brake run, however. The first time I rode it I thought something had malfunctioned as we almost came to a complete stop and then just barely creeped into the station. I think it's for the better though. Now if it can just get a fresh coat of paint and a station rehab. Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! Blazing Fury was next in my list, as I wanted to check out the changes made throughout the ride. As was said before, they replaced most of the fire affects for something just a tad more realistic. They also replaced almost every one of the animatronic characters, leaving only three that I remember. There was no wait time at all so I rode twice in a row. (Poor Blazing Fury, overshadowed by its new cousin that by now had finally opened and had a 2 hour wait time.) I then did the obligatory run on Daredevil Falls, although it about froze me to death. Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! Barnstormer came next and had almost no wait time as usual. Slidewinder, just like most of the coasters, was still closed so I had to skip it as well. I then made my way to the Country Fair to see what improvements had been made there. Not a whole lot, actually, but Wonder Wheel looked pretty snazzy as it received a nice red and tan paint job.Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! Dizzy Disk got some touch ups as well, although nothing was done to the track portion of the ride which needed it most. Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! I believe the Wave Swinger also got a paint job, but other then that everything looked the same. I slowly made my way back to the coaster end of the park, only to find that Thunderhead had closed and was making test runs. Mystery Mine had finally opened but had lines extending almost into the street, so I skipped it again. Firechaser still had at least a 2 hour wait, so I knew I'd have to ride it another day. It's nice to see that it is a hit with the public and fulfills their wish to make a ride the whole family can enjoy. I'm not one to wait in lines here since DW is my home park and I can always come back the next morning if I had a bad day before. Wild Eagle had been strangely silent all morning, but finally around noon it was seen making test runs. I rode Thunderhead while waiting (it had reopened a few minutes before and for some reason had almost no wait time. I don't know why, but for some reason today it surpassed Wild Eagle as my favorite DW coaster. All last season I couldn't decide which one I liked better, but leaned toward Wild Eagle. Maybe it's getting that airtime extravaganza in the front seat! Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! I finally made my way to WE, and joined a small line waiting at the entrance. We probably waited another thirty minutes as they made almost 10 runs. Finally, however, it opened and the first full train left at 12:25. I got my favorite seat in the house (left side, outer last seat). Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! I didn't do too much after that, as all the rides had atrocious wait times. I did try the new Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin' Dots, and yes they're awesome! Fire Chaser Cherry Bomb Dippin Dots. Yum! I was pretty disappointed with DW's management for the first time today. You would think that on a spring break week, when Pigeon Forge becomes a madhouse and one solid traffic jam (which I happened to get into on my way back), they would be better prepared to handle the crowds and get them spread throughout the park. Some places were almost deserted, while Wilderness Pass was packed. Having only two of the major rides open with the park as well as having a lot of the food and shops closed did not help at all. The improvements made in the off season, while not as extensive as I had hoped, were great. I really loved the new plaza at the park entrance. Overall, it was an enjoyable way to spend a Monday morning (and certainly not the worst day I've had there before.) Finally up and running...er flying. Awesome weather to be out! The crazy line for Wild Eagle! Wonder Wheel's new paint job! What better way to spend a Monday morning? Cold cold cold! (They've fixed the jet sprayers so now you do get soaked if you stand on the bridge!) Dizzy Disk's got a brighter look! That coveted front seat...all mine! Tornado coming home.
  9. Amen! That's what I'm hoping they'll be building for 2016, and if they do, it'll be the perfect park. Period.
  10. That sounds great! I've been wishing it would get some upgrades for a while. I'm going tomorrow and am gonna check it out. Wish they would bring the splashdown back though.
  11. What about the one where couples who want to have a girl should ride rollercoasters a lot before trying for one? Also, I read one about how riding coasters regularly is healthy exercise for your heart due to the adrenaline rush. Wish I could get a workout riding Thunderhead every day instead of jogging two miles!
  12. Finally found the satellite image Robb posted of the two buildings. It indeed is Adlabs Imagica. Check out the Google Earth Image I found. The buildings are located just behind the park. Adlabs Imagica is my final vote.
  13. It won't anymore. Country Fair is receiving a lot of refreshing this year, I have the paint on my hands to prove it! Some of the signs could use some rehab, admittedly. But it has fresh paint! And considering how colorful the area is, that's big! That's great to hear!
  14. Yeah and if you look at the front of the park you will see there is absolutely no room for any major coaster. All the attractions and shops are crammed too close together. About the only thing that could fit might be a wild mouse or small spinning coaster in the fair section, and that's only if several rides were relocated or removed. I honestly wouldn't mind this because honestly, the only ride I visit the Country Fair for is Dizzy Disk. I know they redid some of the area in the mid 2000s, but it is just looking a little rough around the edges. Many rides, buildings, and signs have faded paint or even patches of rust, and they all seem tamed down too much. They could redo it again with some thrill rides like you'd see at a real fair and add a small wild mouse, or go the other way and turn it into an all out kid's themed area. How does Kiddiewood sound for a name?
  15. Not really. This is the "Dollywood Discussion Thread" and people are speculating over possible additions to Dollywood. I was talking about the argument over the price of Spidey.
  16. Personally I like the way the park is set up. Separating the smaller rides and attractions from the thrill ride area at the back of the park allows you to hit all the major rides before the rest of the park visitors get there. That's my strategy, get there at opening time and them start at Thunderhead or Mystery Mine and work your way around. Sometimes it's a solid hour before the back starts getting crowded, and by then I've gotten two to three rides each on each of the big coasters and am ready to do some smaller and less crowded rides like Barnstormer.
  17. No it didn't. Spider-man came in at a lot closer to $100 million. I googled this and researched it on another TPR forum and the general consensus was that the price was around $200 million. Just quoting the facts I read.
  18. Somewhere in the west Tennessee, northern Mississippi,and southern Arkansas area. That whole area of the southeast is completely devoid almost of parks. Throw Louisiana and western Alabama in there too.
  19. Only twice have I had a terrifying experience on a ride. First was a few years ago at Lake Winnie when I made the mistake of getting on OH Zone. I had ridden free falls before, but this one seemed so much taller then the ones at the fair. The worst part was the air compressed blast back to earth. I had to sit down a few minutes after I got off. I've yet to ride a free fall after that, but for some reason I'm excited about riding Falcon's Fury. Lex Luther...don't know. I have always been terrified of heights, so going up the lift hills used to be the worst part of the ride. First time on Wild Eagle I was completely freaking out...but after the first hill it was pure fun.
  20. How about the guys who think they can just waltz on through the line to join their friends-AFTER they've already ridden the ride! Busch Gardens Tampa had that problem to the extreme!
  21. Now that's an idea I didn't even consider. $20 million is well within the price range for a good dark ride (Spider Man cost $200+ million though if you can believe it!) But would they add another dark ride? After all, both Mystery Mine and Blazing Fury, while technically coasters, have many dark ride elements to them.
  22. Cool video-a tad bit short- but like you said, I can't get enough of anything Dollywood.
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