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  1. Hey Robb, I noticed a recent topic on to many RMC coasters was closed for comments. Although it may have been a strange angle to approach a discussion from, I think it was fair and I would have liked to have read peoples opinions. 8/9 years ago anyone writing something similar about B&M would have been a genius today. I do not wish for an RMC coaster in every park, but there will be a point where the fun is watered down somewhat so we all get that. I just consider forums as a place to discuss points of view (whether an individual considers them right or wrong) but surely that is the fun of them! It's your site, you can do whatever you like, and I do not mean any disrespect. Thanks.
  2. I cannot think of a five letter swear. Unless I missed the point and called him: CHILD?
  3. I think it depends on your mood! Some days little things ruin it and some days the little things make it special. But enjoy the ride I guess!
  4. I think that's a really unfair and rude comment to make. Sure, they've had some issues in the past, but I think you're totally over-exaggerating some of the problems. And it's not like other ride companies haven't had their fair share of issues either. How was this comment rude??? I would say giving the time lapse since, it is 100% spot on. We all know you have friends and S&S and there's nothing personal (until you make it) but I would hardly trust them to deliver anything, even a pizza. When they contribute to this finished project I will be impressed; but currently it's all hype.
  5. Or an innocent stalker??? I'm sure all done in good humour. Lucky I married someone called X 2.
  6. If you know why Griffon on Google Earth looks pretty amazing! If you haven't seen it, I would recommend.
  7. I dont think any right minded person is blaming the water! Just awful irrigation planning! Bring in the hippos!
  8. You look forward to turbulence on a plane and then try and work out how big a drop that turbulence might have been in feet/meters.
  9. The only thing I think when seeing this is; I really need a new hat. Helix looks pretty awesome, and dare I say it, best coaster of 2014..... But of course not ridden it yet.
  10. For those lucky punks to have ridden Banshee, more than 20+ times in some cases, can you compare it to other similar coasters/theming/fun etc?
  11. It looks certain to be dive coaster with water features at a height of 37m. http://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2014/04/18/de-efteling-heeft-nieuwe-attracties-nodig-de-eerste-is-al-onderweg-dive-coaster/
  12. Surely if the seats are further away from the track (higher) and the train's speed and track are the same, the fact the height away from the track means the forces are more intense as the centrifugal forces are more? Like on a carousel the further away from the center you are the faster you are moving?
  13. Superb commentary. I was always indifferent to Chessington, but now I am not too sure!
  14. I think it is a very interesting discussion and it seems like most enthusiasts got my point! I have met some of the nicest people from all over the world in queue lines; even if they didn't have a clue about the ride they were queuing up for! E.G. Nemesis Sub-Terra was Nemesis just all under ground! But, were they idiots and need to be ridiculed: NO! Do I spend more time than them reading up and talking with others interested in theme parks: YES! I stand by smoking, queue jumping, swearing etc should never be allowed, but maybe, some individuals would learn far more by listening to those who are just there for a fun day out. Who knows, as an expert in return you may pass on your wisdom and knowledge to those that didn't even know such a website and forums existed.
  15. It always seems the the GP get a horrific representation in general on this website; but the bottom line is we love them. If you were in a shop, for example, and someone lit a cigarette or pushed in front of you, would you go on a forum and rip that type of human being together? I hope most of you said YES It is unacceptable, disgusting and shows a lack of all common sense. However without the majority of the general public we would have zero parks or coasters. I'm not sure if I am a thorough hard core fan or not, but without some of them we would have no-where to go, nothing to talk about during our weekends away. It's like supporting a local sports club; soccer, baseball, basketball etc etc, and people can be pretentious, but without those who flood your favoute club/park with money, it would not exist. I think some respect is due from enthusiasts.
  16. I cannot believe users on this righteous site are so annoyed. RCT has brought a lot of fun throughout the years and now releasing a game for use on mobile phones is a disgrace? Anyone with opinion are I hope are under 1.4ms tall and have no clue about the real world. Atari will make a fortune from such a game and any coaster/theme park fan should enjoy playing, what looks like RCT2, on their phone. I certainly enjoyed that game ten years ago and I would pay a few pounds to get it on my phone. It is what it is and thinking you are more knowledgeable than Atari if you have an issue makes me laugh. If they would have made more money bringing out the next offering on PC they would have; fortunately business sense trumps poorly put together criticism.
  17. I feel sorry for the Vet but that has nothing to do with him not being able to ride a roller coaster. However if he's not careful he will end up worse than he is with his current attitude.
  18. Guys, this game is for your mobile (cell phone) so it cannot have all of the capability that a modern PC has. But next time you are on a boring car journey or queuing up for a ride, maybe this will help pass the time. I think fair play Atari.
  19. On a slightly different note to their exciting new ride; here's a look back into the past: How Space Mountain came about and how! Pretty interesting and still one of the best themed and exciting rides in my opinion.
  20. Please feel free to use the worst theming "theme" of the topic, as you wish as long as it's justified. The dog looked at me funny on Pirates of the Caribbean is not justified.
  21. After looking, I couldn't see a dedicated topic for this. Apologies if I missed one. What would you regard as the best ride theming, and why not add in the worst as well!? Best theming really speaks for itself and very much a personal preference. But worst theming shouldn't be considered as a kiddie coaster on a travelling fair as theming here is not present. But instead a ride that has been themed but completely missed the point of how theming works, or just done it so badly it detracts from the ride experience. Personally, the best theming on any ride I've ridden is probably Mystery Tower at Phantasialand Germany. I even preferred it to all the Disney's Tower of Terror's all over the world. I know to expect that from Disney. However I was young at the time at Phantasialand, but the dressed up staff, speaking German (scary) with the detailed queue line and at the time having no idea what to expect, just blew me away. Worst attempt at some sort of theming would probably lie with the re-vamp of Rita Queen of Speed at Alton Towers UK. A poor ride made worse by sitting in a supposed race, that has been haunted. What on earth? Maybe Alton Towers had no choice but it still makes no sense. It would be good to hear other good/bad comparisons!
  22. I love this topic and great to hear from both sides of the story! But I guess some comments need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Queue jumping for me is like someone I do not know taking something off of my plate at a restaurant; to be fair if someone I did knew took something there would be trouble. But queue jumping is a no-brainer at parks really, and most parks do take this seriously. On another note however, the general public (and I am probably by most members here deemed as one of these) over doing a ride's stats or history, I would say fair play to the general public. Smile and move on if you know better. Some people do not need to know what they are talking about to enjoy a ride. In fact I would say if someone told me a 25 people died on this ride last week, and believed it, the thrill factor would go through the roof! Father Xmas/Santa comes to mind. If it annoys you then I think you are probably not much fun in a long queue to be around! Or maybe as a person.
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