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  1. Id there any reason why a hyper couldn't have a loop? The restraints are surely secure enough.
  2. Good topic, and I would have to say Kumba for the aesthetics and originality. However for a lot of others the launch and first 4 inversions on Hulk are just the dogs knackers. Until Kumba who rode a coaster pre 93, was it? quite like it? I've never ridden Dragon Kahn but I imagine similar to Kumba with an additional loop and a bit less theming. Why were only (is it 5 or 6?) sit downs ever made? I think that's quite incredible that the figure is so low; but also makes the ones still working that bit more special.
  3. Personally being from Europe: Space Mountain (mission 1) - Euro Disney Corkscrew - Alton Towers
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