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  1. You also said something big was coming in 2016 while referencing a coaster, there would be an expansion in the thunder hawk area this year as well, and there would be more than just planet snoopy expansion, so......
  2. ^ Those stonehenge structures would be for the wall between the queue and path shown in the rides rendering
  3. That would be the fence shown in the ride renderings. It just appears that they went for a nicer fence that the one shown
  4. Man Valleyfair fans love to complain. Remember that is a $20 Million up charge attraction. I am sure that you and most people on this forum would be seething mad if this was their new attraction this year, because it costs an extra $16 to ride. Now onto the oh so often used red headed step child reference. If you look at Cedar Fair over the past several years you will see that Valleyfair is being treated like most other parks in the chain. Top Tier Investment Parks Cedar Point Canada's Wonderland Carowinds(just for the time being, it will fall back to tier 2 in a few years) Tier 2 Investment Parks Knotts Berry Farm(Maybe a Top Tier) Kings Island Kings Dominion(another slow year or 2 and it will drop to tier 3, not much added in the last 6 years) Tier 3 Investment Parks Valleyfair Dorney Park Worlds of Fun California's Great America Michigan's Adventure Tier Michigan's Adventure(Basically gets nothing, but up keeping to keep things running smooth) You may not like how Cedar Fair runs their chain and that's fine, go spend your money elsewhere, but by no means is Valleyfair the poor redheaded step child of Cedar Fair. Valleyfair is getting the same or more invested into the park than 4 other parks.
  5. ^Why yes they did. I was only there once when it was there and on 3 separate occasions that day i saw it valley on the dip up top. You can also check out the RCDB page. Pretty interesting ride that had a short life. Probably the biggest surprise is that it was not taken out because it sent someone to the hospital or worse
  6. Reading this thread gives me such a good laugh. After pages of people complaining about how cedar point isn't innovative anymore I come on here to see that todays complaint that valravn should of had a splash down like the other 2 dive coasters in the US
  7. Yeah, it is really sad that Adventureland will be getting a looping coaster before every cedar fair park excluding Cedar Point and every six flags park excluding discovery kingdom(excluding super loops because you wouldn't count it if valleyfair got one), plus they will be getting one before other great parks like dollywood and holiday world. I like how Valleyfair fans complain because adventureland is getting a coaster for the 1st time since 1996 and they aren't getting one too.
  8. Here is the post that best sums up this thread I just love the part where there is a complaint of not getting a steel coaster in the last 20 years, excluding the 3 you have got over that time (technically 4 if you go by valleyfairs website). I really feel cedar point is being mistreated as they haven't got a wooden coaster since 1964 (I don't count mean streak because it makes my statement look better if I don't count it).
  9. ^^ Saw on Facebook I won a lottery, just have to send them a small payment so I can claim my prize. Can't wait to go on my free Cruise of the Caribbean.
  10. ^ We didn't see Negan last night. We saw his crew which I will admit surprised me because of how much of the second half of the season was filmed before his role was cast. This leads me to believe that most of the second half will be that the group is split, which has been the case for the past several seasons and they will build up Negan until his big reveal, probably in the finale. Just so everyone knows I wasn't claiming to be in the know with my last post I just put spoiler on there as it had to deal with a future character and his rumored debut. Meow on to the mid season finale, that was terrible. I am all for a good cliffhanger, but this just felt like it ended randomly in the middle of an episode. I feel that they should have ended this half the season with Alexandria defeating the zombie horde and end with the 2 minute clip of daryls trio or just ended the season with the wall coming down. When you do any type of a finale it should read like an end to a chapter in a book not like you just stopped reading mid page.
  11. Spoilers ^ Negan won't be in the next episode as he has just recently been casted and all of part one of this season was filmed months ago. There is a slim to none chance of his group being seen as his character was cast for the season finale and I doubt they will show members of his group for half a season without showing their leader. The mid-season finale will be a positive episode where everyone gets back together and the alexandrians will learn that they can fight off zombies. I not too sure as to what will happen with the wolves though.
  12. I just want to quote a few of my favorite posts from before the announcement. Previous post contained a picture of the permit which said remodel/alteration. These were the posts that soon followed Here is my personal favorite that I have seen in this thread Finally I must give props to Valleyfairfanatic who actually hit the announcement right on the head with his post on 9/2 Now my insider sources say that for 2017 Dinos will be on their way out and replaced by a B&M invert, along with the removal of Excalibur, new parking lot in back, and 4 new slide towers in the waterpark. Sadly though the Valleyfair thread on TPR will still claim that Valleyfair is the redheaded stepchild of CF because the invert turns out to be a clone of Patriot Disclaimer[*] I did not mean to offend anyone with this post, I just find it funny how crazy people are in this thread with their prediction and "insider knowledge"
  13. I get the feeling that lore of the vampire could be a lot shorter this year. I am starting to think that the entire portion under orient expresses station will be the blackout room. I know that club blood is gone(thank goodness that part was awful), but I hope that they add something in that area and not just the blackout room.
  14. Looks like the haunt site is up I looked through the last few pages and didn't see anything on this so if this is old news my apologies.
  15. They aren't doing it on purpose, coasters aren't businesses. It in no way benefits efficiency, if anything a decent line makes them go faster? (Wait, maybe they're doing one train to create a line to give the ops more motivation, yeah ) My apologies I worded that wrong. I know there are reasons to run rides at reduced capacities. I meant it as I hate it when the only reason there is a line is because they are running rides at reduced capacity. Really? No airtime on Wild Thing? Did you actually go over the the first hill? If so you might want to try the front car then if you didn't get any air from any of the other seats. To me Wild Thing aka Mild Thing doesn't have airtime or at least didn't when I rode it. To me air time is when you are out of your seat or in the air. Yes there were times where I felt lighter but my butt never lifted off the seat. Also glad to see that people that don't share the same experience as you is "stupid" Man the Valleyfair thread isn't very welcoming unless you only say positive things about the park and think they need a B&M
  16. I went to the park for the first time since Renagade's opening season on sunday. I must say the park looks great up until wheel of fortune, from there the park just looks meh. Renagade was much better than I remember it being. Also to me Excalibur is easily the second best coaster in the park. It has airtime and fast curves which neither high roller or wild thing (no airtime but fast corner) have. The only thing I enjoyed about wild thing and high roller was looking at all the Halloween deco they have back in the staging areas. Now time for the downside of the park, the morning operations are terrible. If you plan on getting there early for some short lines on the coasters you will be highly disappointed. Only wild thing and mad mouse run multiple trains. High roller had about 20 minute wait due to one train operations. I ended up waiting an hour for Renagade due to one train operation with the line reaching the switchback area. Also they really need to add more shade and/or fans in Renagade queue. Corkscrew was manageable due to me getting on one of the first trains. The last issue I had was with cedar fair and not Valleyfair, funtv has way too many advertisements for the amount of content they have. I feel like this park is really starting to look great, but I feel that if they remove Excalibur that the quality of their ccoasters will really suffer. I really hope that they will look at beginning the days with multiple train operations, at least on the weekends. To me it is the most irritating thing when parks operate coasters at reduced capacities to create lines.
  17. ^^ Yeah, you never get big expansions..... 2014-Route 76 2015-Upgrade waterpark entrance with new slides
  18. Please tell the event isn't October 3rd, that is when I am going and am hoping that the crowd will still be manageable.
  19. Not sure where you are getting the "we know we are getting a dark ride in the next 4 years" from. 6 Parks don't have dark rides (VF, CP, WOF, Michigans adventure, Dorney, Cal. great america) so going by the four years and their current trend of one a year, 2 parks will be left out. So there is a decent chance you will get a dark ride, but in no means is it a guarantee.
  20. It will be pretty busy. Go straight to the water park. Once you get there do all of the tube slides first. After that do whatever you want in the water park and enjoy your time there. The body slides lines are always manageable. I would actually recommend the wave pool after doing the tube slides as it is a pretty nice one and will get full later in the day. As for the regular park everything won't be too bad besides the log ride and raging river. All other rides should be 20mins or less for wait time. Maybe try this cool new feature on the internet called GOOGLE
  21. Please work on your english, your posts are full of errors and very tough to read.
  22. They do count it, here is the press release from valleyfair when they announced Northern Lights
  23. I mean this in the nicest way possible, but those are some really dumb reasons to get upset. A park gets a coaster for the first time in 20+ years and 3 other parks are having a coaster removed. So a small park in Iowa can't get a coaster without Valleyfair fans getting upset instead of being happy for the small park? Also you guys would rather lose a coaster and get nothing than get nothing at all, because that is what you are saying. Just because a coaster is getting removed doesn't mean you will get one in return.
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