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  1. I am still surprised by how many people expected this to be an ultra realistic park simulator. RCT has always been a game with some realism, and a lot of cartoony aspects. The game is being designed for the same crowd that it has always been designed for, people that like amusement parks and want to make crazy rides and manage parks. For those of you who want a realistic game go play NL or theme park studio (if that ever gets finished). The only think I don't like that I have seen so far is that your park will be divided into 4 lands. The only plus is this will help fix the lag issues from RCT3. Everything else looks like what you would expect from a roller coaster tycoon game.
  2. This happened to me at Hershey last week. We went to storm runner and the station was packed and being a group of three we wanted to be on the same train, so we waited. The people behind us asked where we were going to sit and we told them we were waiting for the station to clear out first. They continued to ask if they could cut in front of us and we told them no. So they ended up forcefully pushing us aside so they could get in line for the front seat. The next person was complaining too and threatened to call security because we wouldn't pack into the station when there was at least a three train wait per row. We couldn't help but laugh at him, but we got tired of dealing with stupid people so we finally herded into the cattle barn, oops in mean station. The employees were nice though when we told them about the first group that line jumped and forcefully moved us aside they went over and talked to them. Not sure what was the outcome, but it was nice seeing something being done about rude guests.
  3. For those of you who don't think you have received your steam key and are using gmail make sure to check your promotions tab; that is where my email containing the steam key was.
  4. Anyone go out for opening weekend for the haunts? Would like to know how the haunts were along with how the crowd levels were compared to last year.
  5. ^ thanks for the information but, do you know if one of the weekends typically has a lighter crowd (opening weekend, end of September, or early October)? Also will it be easy to knock out all of the rides in the afternoon allowing for ample time to leave, get food, and just relax for a bit before coming back to hit the haunts when they open? Again thanks for the help
  6. I have a quick question for the locals, Which Saturday would be the least busy to visit their Halloween event? I can only go on Saturday as i just got a new job and don't have any vacation time yet. I know Saturday will be busy. I was thinking the second Saturday would be my best bet as i think first Saturday will be super busy along with any Saturday in October. Any help would be a greatly appreciated.
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