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  1. I'm sure they will, but I'd be pretty shocked if anyone did at this fair, at least any time in the near future. Can you imagine how anyone that saw the accident last year would take that? Especially since quite a few of the people there would have a rumor started within the hour that it was the exact same ride... People wouldn't believe them if there was a rumor, since there is video footage of what the model looks like Never underestimate how human gossip works! People could still spread it and numerous others would believe it. Then, when someone points something factual out, there will be a rebuttal of "its just painted different" or 'they made some changes to it". I've seen it numerous places and it could also happen here.
  2. It's being built on the old Tanganyika Tidal Wave spot. Adjacent to Jungala. It's a nice location because then the Tiger exhibit will fit right in with the ride.
  3. Don't come in here making sense Bill!! Everyone knows that if Michigan's Adventure got a B&M Invert, they'd push over 1.5 million and if Valleyfair got that B&M Giga, they'd pull in the same number of attendees as Cedar Point. It's clear that if you build it, they will come!! All jokes aside, you struck the nail right on the head. I do, however, like the direction Cedar Fair is going with their ideas and that does give some parks hope in the future. But, at this point, it is what it is. It's a strong portfolio and 2018 just isn't operating at a good pace. Hopefully Q3 & Q4 operate better!
  4. Well, Mack is German so I guess this won't be fonduing then. Oh well, forking it is!
  5. Well...looks like I missed out on this pfun Spinning, non-spinning, forking, whisking, stirring, fonduing...I don't care! I'm looking forward to this announcement!
  6. There will always be upset people no matter what is announced. The Antique Cars returning have been a rumor for over a year now and the teaser just played on nostalgia. I don't see anything wrong with it. Many people (well, at least outside of the GP realm) figured this could be it! Marketing is all about drawing attention, and it worked. They teased an old attraction would become new again. Never said anything about something super big or a coaster. Simply an old attraction was returning. And they didn't lie.
  7. No... they definitely won't be adding the brand new coaster to Fastlane Plus. Why would they ever do such a thing? Can tell if you're being sarcastic or not but if you're not why wouldn't they include it? They did for Behemoth and Leviathan. It'll help sell more of those expensive tickets. Yes, it'll end up being on FastLane Plus, usually the shiny new ride is.
  8. I have been dreaming of the day where we would see a vertical loop on a Dive Machine! B&M designs loops so well, it just seemed like a natural fit. Now, we finally have it! Terrific layout and that drop will take the cake I think. A dive 23 feet under the lake. Tunnels are great on coasters and take Oblivion for example, they're terrific on Dive Coasters. But the small looking opening with a wide train and surrounded by the water here will make it even more thrilling (especially for the GP'ers that don't get around like all of us do). Nice action packed first half of the ride before turning into a somewhat more of a scenic maneuver ending (a la GateKeeper) which I know some will probably gripe about, but if the first 3/4 of the ride is terrific then I don't care what comes after the MCBR. Cannot wait to ride it next season to see where it ranks against the other Dives.
  9. Their website specifically points out that they do Steel Coasters. Go right to their website (www.skyhigherectorsllc.com) and it says "Leaders in Quality Steel Coaster Erection". All they talk about is a lot of steel on their site. It's definitely looking like this will be steel! They could, of course, have submitted a bid for a water coaster/water slide project here and got awarded it. They could dabble into that, but they're all about the steel it looks like!
  10. And Intimidator 305 is in an African themed section of a park Drop Tower: Scream Zone, Speed City Raceway and Leviathan sit in the Medieval Faire area at CW. Some parks don't have rides fit a theme 100% (though Cedar Fair has been drifting that way and I am a fan of it). Sometimes its just where the room is! Lots can fit into the theme of an area named "International Festival". Not saying it'll for sure be "Ziz", but it is entirely possible. The fact that all the Dive Machines in North America have been named after flying creatures and that Ziz completes the trifecta of mythological creatures, its possible! The name (if it is ever used by CW) could always be used for another coaster/ride as well. I'm all for a mining themed Dive Coaster, but I have a feeling it'll be named after a creature.
  11. I think its a good mixture of both. The Senior VP of Planning & Design position exists for just that reason. It took three builds of Giga's after Millennium Force for Cedar Fair to go above MF's height and we got a terrific friggin ride out of the deal (and actually, all four of the Giga's in the chain are terrific rides, IMO) With all of that said, Canada's Wonderland has never seemed to be a big one where they go for "records" at but rather build some interesting designs (the flat rides alone at this park are worth the visit). I agree with you in that you can have a terrific ride without breaking records. That's all from a marketing standpoint. Cedar Point obviously still cares very much about Valravn's records. They love being able to say its the "King of Dive Coasters" and its tagline on the website is "Tallest, Fastest, Longest Dive Coaster in the World". The decision may be around to have this new one going in up at CW to be shorter than Valravn. The decision could also have gone the other way. It's a double edged sword because eventually there will be a Dive Machine built that is taller than Valravn. It's just bound to happen! Might as well make sure the record stays in your chain (if records are that cared for). My prediction is that this will be shorter than Valravn but the drop will be about the same. Maybe it'll end up taking all three records. Either way, I think it's going to be a solid addition to the park and a coaster that I can't wait to get up there and ride. I also think it'll be "Ziz" because of the teasing going around and the fact that it would complete the trifecta of Behemoth, Leviathan & Ziz.
  12. Didn't mean to post this. Fail on my part. So I'm going to just post a statement below. With that said, we are not owed anything as enthusiasts and I just think a lot of hardcore park fans should realize that. Easier said than done. I am excited for this new Mean Streak to open and get announced. Whenever it will be. I'll be patient and hoping its a great ride. For GP & enthusiasts alike. But if it does good for the park, that's what matters.
  13. It is, enthusiasts are still annoying as sh*t. Oh Bill just shut up! Stop being such a GP'er. Can't you see that we the people of the coaster community demanded this ride to be built and that's why they are doing it? It's also going to be 2018 because we can't imagine anything else going in that is better for the park's big 148th anniversary celebration!! I mean come on...it's a big anniversary year in 2018 and parks always build stuff on the big years, especially if they aren't rounded. GateKeeper was built for the 143rd Anniversary and Valravn for the 146th. #AnniversariesMatter Also, I talked with my sources this morning and they have CONFIRMED to me that there is a coaster that is replacing Mean Streak. And its going to break a whole bunch of records. You heard it here first! (Hopefully everyone sees the sarcasm in this post! I agree with what Bill is saying. We are not "owed" anything as enthusiasts. And it's true that catering to the GP and families is more sustainable than focusing on enthusiasts. Its good to be in touch with fanbases, as Bill said, but they shouldn't just cater to one demgraphic and we shouldn't expect it. And yeah, don't act better!) Just bring back the boat and I'll be pleased!!
  14. I like all of the rides mentioned above, but actual ridership numbers do not lie. Capacity also plays a large role in the number of people in line/how quickly the line moves. Maverick's lines won't move as quick as the B&M's and Maverick, usually, also faces some hiccups throughout the day. EDIT: Coasterbill went more into detail but explained exactly what I was typing out.
  15. You really can't please everyone can you? I mean, I love this addition but reading the comments on their FB page is ridiculous! Usually people whine about NOT getting a coaster...these people are whining about getting a coaster!
  16. Could it be a Sky roller? Or possibly a different brand than Mondial? This is a good investment but where's the coaster??? Valleyfair...wyd? The fact that it says STAR FLYER makes me think it will be one of the Funtime models like Six Flags has. Remember, Cedar Fair was looking to go with Funtime at first but then went with Mondial for the WindSeekers because they were concerned about wind (specifically at Cedar Point). Then there was that whole lawsuit and stuff. But obviously things have been repaired and returned to normal business because Cedar Fair has been purchasing the SlingShot's off of Funtime. Maybe this will be one of their models!
  17. For the most part, I didn't have a problem with Coaster Studios. He posted on the boards for awhile but has since disappeared. I think what really irked me was when he reported his so called "opinions" as facts for awhile. Like after the incident with Raptor at Cedar Point, he guaranteed that Valravn was going to be renamed and that he had several sources he'd consider reliable that told him. When people questioned him on it saying that no one else was reporting that the named would be changed, he just responded with "They don't have the sources I have". Folks like that just irk me sometimes. And that turned out to be 100% false (some reliable sources). A lot of folks (on TPR and not on TPR) would laugh when someone would cite his videos as official sources (not 100% his fault because there a lot of morons on the internet that will believe anything they see. But for awhile it seemed as if he was reporting things as fact) I will say, however, that I have watched some of his videos since and he does seem to have kind of stepped away from doing things like that. He states in his speculation videos that they are his opinions and just speculation (unless he has hard proof that everyone already knows at that point). So he has changed the way he operates. Most of his review videos now also come from parks he has actually visited and he will grade rides he has ridden. Overall, he has done a lot of maturing. Personally, I have nothing against him. He's a kid who is passionate about coasters and amusement parks. More power to him! I'll still watch his videos occasionally because he really has changed and matured a bit.
  18. Not doubting that! Wish they could've snagged some more at a good price. I really love the Screamin' Swings .
  19. As much as that would sound like a legit story (and not denying it), there just seems to be a gap in the timeline. Would make sense though. VertiGo opened at Cedar Point Mid-Summer 2001 and an additional one opened at Knott's in the Fall. The towers were only allowed to sway 8 feet but, as part of the preventative maintenance for the winter, Cedar Point removed the ride vehicle and running wires. This was important in stabilizing the towers, and one bent too far during a wind storm in the winter and it partially collapsed (it literally sheared the pole off). Soon after, the chain announced both attractions would be removed because the ride was likely to face popularity issues after the incident. With that said, the one at Knott's did NOT close until March of 2002, but the one at Cedar Point was immediately removed. In 2004, S&S built their first prototype Screamin' Swing, which happened to be the one that opened at Knott's. Dorney was next in 2005 and then in 2006, the two larger models opened at Valleyfair & Cedar Point. That means the closure at the two parks came two years before the one went into Knott's (which was the replacement of VertiGo, it went in the exact same spot), three years before Dorney and then four before the other two parks. With the two smaller ones coming first, wouldn't that technically be "Buy three rides from us and we'll give you one free" or "Buy the two smaller models, including your one replacement for the one at Knotts for full price, and then buy a larger one at full price and we'll give you another free"? Not denying a deal was involved, but just wondering how it worked in the bigger picture with their two smaller models and the replacement one at Knott's. What does give credence to what you said is this, however. The tower partially collapses and the decision to remove it is immediately made because of "popularity issues". That does tend to make many believe that the ride was already having issues before it even closed for the season. Correct me if I am wrong, but do any of these types of SlingShot type rides like VertiGo exist anymore? As for the park at 2017, whatever it is, it will be a pretty exciting addition it sounds like. WindSeeker, Frisbee, Sky Roller, but what if it is something completely different that shocks everyone? Speaking of SlingShot, I believe someone mentioned one of those. I don't think we'd be seeing an announcement for a SlingShot ride. The previous installations pretty much just got installed and then announced. I don't think we'd be looking at an announced closure of a ride and then an announcement in Mid August for one of those.
  20. Not somewhat similar IMHO. I love both models, but they definitely ride different. The sensations are also different. For history, lets take a look at another Cedar Fair park, that flagship one in Ohio. 2004: MaXair (Frisbee) 2006: SkyHawk (Screamin Swing) Comments like those sounded like a lot of people 10 years ago when SkyHawk was announced but before it opened. Once it opened, it got awfully quiet! (for the most part). But there are probably some people who do feel that they are the same. It is what it is at that point. You say tomato, I say tomato (this really does NOT work well when not actually speaking)
  21. In a bit of sad news that I saw on my feed today, a guy reached into Pinky the Flamingo's exhibit in Jambo Junction, picked her up and slammed her to the ground. Due to her injuries, she had to be euthanized. Pinky was always one of my favorite animals at the park and she was extremely friendly. She was one of their animal ambassadors and known throughout the country because of her appearances on several talk shows. I'll miss seeing her there. Dude better have it coming for him! Here's the news article: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-flamingo-euthanized-after-attack-busch-gardens-n622296
  22. Why are people still saying, "Centurion"? I thought it was common knowledge that the trademark for Centurion was not accepted because someone else already owns the name? Nope! Cedar Fair still owns the trademark to Centurion since 2013 and actually just recently filed for an extension as of May 2016 (and it was granted): http://www.trademarkia.com/centurion-86094874.html With that said, Banshee is not owned by Cedar Fair but rather Kings Island Park LLC. So I do not think Centurion would be the name of this ride as it is not trademarked with the other rides in the park, but rather the chain overall (not to mention it does not fit any of the teasers or anything to do with the woods at all). OK, I'm extremely confused because I *know* I read on that same webpage a couple of years ago that the trademark was suspended. Did Cedar Fair purchase the rights? No clue! I never remember seeing that but do know some people reported it as such. Not sure what happened but I'm assuming something will happen with the name eventually (or hopefully, because that's a decent penny to spend on something and not use it!) ^As for the comments on the Livestream. Yeah...I had to exit out of the comment stream. That and a lot of the comments are repeated and just ridiculous.
  23. Why are people still saying, "Centurion"? I thought it was common knowledge that the trademark for Centurion was not accepted because someone else already owns the name? Nope! Cedar Fair still owns the trademark to Centurion since 2013 and actually just recently filed for an extension as of May 2016 (and it was granted): http://www.trademarkia.com/centurion-86094874.html With that said, Banshee is not owned by Cedar Fair but rather Kings Island Park LLC. So I do not think Centurion would be the name of this ride as it is not trademarked with the other rides in the park, but rather the chain overall (not to mention it does not fit any of the teasers or anything to do with the woods at all).
  24. ^ Well, obviously ODA WAS THERE! (Jokes aside, that's the Ohio Department of Agriculture and they are responsible for ride inspections prior to their opening for the season. They head up amusement park safety in the state)
  25. The issue with MiA is getting employees to stick around past the first few weeks in September, especially with the majority of the seasonal work force being college students.
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