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  1. What would be awesome is if it has this Phantom's Revenge thing going on, with a drop about halfway through the ride that's significantly larger than the first one (assuming it's a roller coaster, of course).
  2. I think that a very large-scale wooden roller coaster (something like The Voyage) would be pretty darn sweet.
  3. Thanks for the awesome TR! I haven't visited Star City in 9 years; surprised to see how much it's changed. Would love to ride Surf Dance. Also, I agree that Enchanted Kingdom just needs one more major attraction (They haven't gotten a new coaster ever since opening day, so I hope it's a great airtime machine )
  4. Good luck trying to focus on school once NL2 comes out
  5. Once I dreamed that X2 was running with B&M Flyer trains, but then you would hit the ground at the bottom of the first drop.
  6. ^ Yes < Ride in avatar = Pure awesomeness v Has ridden a roller coaster
  7. A new roller coaster, specifically a wooden coaster (preferably a Plohn Toro-style GCI) would put my home park Enchanted Kingdom on the map. Over the years, the park has received better theming all over the park, and has gotten some good attractions, notably a Zamperla Disk'O, a Larson / ARM drop tower, and a refurb of the Vekoma boomerang (with new trains, paint and magnetic brakes), which makes me believe the park is capable of getting this kind of ride. For the park's 20th anniversary, a very good medium-sized wooden roller coaster would be a perfect addition.
  8. I would make the station part of a Vekoma Boomerang similar to an airtime hill, so that when the train flies past the station, you get some great air. Along with the new-gen Vekoma trains and magnetic brakes.
  9. The best coaster I've ridden definitely has to be T Express. So much airtime!
  10. Hi guys I'm Luis. Some of you might know me from other forums under the same username I use here. Though I've been interested in roller coasters for as long as I can remember, I have an incredibly low coaster count right now. (I think it's somewhere around 6 or something, hahaha ) Yes, I know, lame. But I have ridden T Express, that has to count for something, right? I've been a lurker here for quite a long time, but today I decided to start posting in the forums a bit. So hi, I hope I'll enjoy posting here a lot!
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