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  1. Yep. Ski slopes absolutely dwarf coasters. A decent one has ~1000ft. vertical.
  2. That's the one part of the ride I thought needed re-profiling the most as that particular turn always felt like it was going to tear the train apart. I'm surprised that this part saw so much re-profiling though — it never seemed quite that bad at that spot. Original: Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 5.18.14 PM.png[/attachment] I for one, would disagree. My ribs were not a fan of that turn.
  3. RMC's spend a lot of time close to the ground specifically so they don't lose speed. They all come roaring back into the station and are intense from start to finish. Well no, actually, Being close to the ground causes it to loose more speed, not less. It's low to the ground because that's how they like to build their coasters, an I must say: it works for them.
  4. Why not just time the coaster from beginning to end with a POV and divide by the total length of the track? It might not take into account station and transfer track lengths and stuff, but if you're looking for a very crude measurement, you'll get something. While I'm not an engineer, I would side with chicken. *WARNING: MATH* Let's say you have a function (or group of functions) that defines the speed at every given point in time during the ride. You could integrate this to find the total track length. Now, I may be getting this completely wrong, but the average of a function between points a and b in the domain is just the definite integral from a to b divided by the absolute value of the difference of a and b. Thus, no matter what the actual speed function is, the average should be that same as long as the definite integral between say, start and finish (the track length) in in proportion with the change in the domain (the elapsed time).
  5. The fault in this statement is that it assumes that those people have any sense of decency and common sense to throw out the window in the first place...
  6. Could it be a Intiman - RMC collaboration, and could they have brought Stengel out of retirement to help Schilke design?
  7. It was going backwards in the first photo, because that photo is of the first corkscrew. *Edit* I just realized the photos were mirror images if each other...
  8. You have all the right to argue that the new track system is "far superior" than the old, but hammering it multiple times in one post doesn't really get the point through as to "why" you say it is superior. Your mention of Vekoma was a start: I do see your point considering Vekoma's latest mine trains, even though they have a very close partnership with Disney and they basically do exactly what they tell them to. But mounts their trains on the inside...
  9. Could we just make the Twitter feed an option in the control panel?
  10. Why do I get the feeling that the train will haul butt through that loop?
  11. I saw them at a number of attractions. These are required to be posted at all attractions in California. Every park will have them in CA, typically the message is on the ride restrictions signs. In all my time at a park, I've never heard of someone asking for one, but I'm sure it happens. On rule I like to go by is that there are more things illegal or criminalized than there are legal in California. *Edit: For example, 300 foot tall chair swings named Windseeker.
  12. Well, it did go upside down that one time... My recolection is that it only went 90 degrees.
  13. What are you guys talking about with this "Iron Streak?" Based on the look on that guy's face, they're obviously building a wooden inverted launching aquatrax.
  14. No, sorry. Megalite is not a name for hyper coasters around 100 feet tall, it is Intamin's own name for the specific model that is the Megalite. I do believe that Chance calls theirs a Hyper-Lite.
  15. Looks like some progress on the lift hill. Will anyone be covering the media day?
  16. One could almost say that hell has just frozen over...
  17. Recently, I lost NL in a hard drive crash. Is there any way to re-download it, or am I just screwed?
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