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  1. It goes to the 2nd. Does the park close before the haunt starts, or do you get to stay in?
  2. Quick question. I'm a season pass holder, and am planning to hit Knott's on the 1st (And not do anything Haunt related). Am I able to enter with my pass or do I need to buy a ticket?
  3. Well that was fast. Maybe they're planning to pull a Magic Mountain on us.
  4. ^ Same here. are all pre-upstop coasters this bad, or is it just this one?
  5. SFMM - Get Sharp - The Limousines DLR - Good ol' Fasioned Nightmare - Matt & Kim
  6. The batwing almost looks like the 6.2g pretzel knot on Moonsault Scramble.
  7. ^^ I remember watching a review with a guy from RMC on IRat, and he stated that they presented Six Flags five designs, and they picked the one that was built.
  8. If they get a wingrider, I think that we all agree that it needs to be named "Keymaster".
  9. Yah, yikes. This report can't be right. Those trains don't "click" because they use a hydraulic locking system. No employee would ever say "As long as you heard it click" because you'd NEVER hear it click. Now they are just making stuff up. Exactly. Here begins the part of the aftermath where the media lies for the sake of ratings. Disgusting. My deepest condolences to all those involved.
  10. Glad to hear that Vekoma is revisiting good ideas. Maybe we'll see some other good ideas make an appearance. *opens rcdb page on Gravity Max*
  11. I was at Knott's, and there were two siblings ( about 10 and 12) walking to Silver Bullet. Girl: (points at train vertical loop) "Ohmygoditgoesupsidedown?" Boy: (points at train in over bank) "And then it does a knife edge".
  12. I'm sorry, but I don't recall cobra rolls being a Vekoma secret. It seems like B&M stole the element's design from deep inside corporate headquarters. Forgot the smilie.
  13. Just go to TPR's iSpeed POV. CedarCreekLobster is an insult to intelligent thirteen year olds (meaning only me)
  14. The drop has an angle of 360°, making it a full circle--however it's clearly 180° . And the drop really doesn't have any definitive steepness since it's an inversion. You'd think the steepness record would go to the Screamin' Squirrels (180°), but those actually do not "drop". 180° is moving a straight horizontal direction. Or inversions just don't count as drops.
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