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  1. I have tried to view the page on 3 different computers using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Same problem on each. I just gave up with looking at the website a week ago. Let us know if there is a solution!
  2. Did this guy get a new paint job since I was there last year, or were there multiple Wii characters roaming around the park?
  3. I was also fortunate enough to see Neil's amazing restraint check re-enactment at DSB. It was spectacular. La Ronde is a very strange park. I was there a couple weeks after the TPR trip and actually got on all the coasters, but it took nearly all day. The Freecreditreport.com: Exceeded expectations. 600th coaster. The French Attack: A used SLC. No more to say. The Pooping Dragon: A pooptastic good time. The Monsters: Old, unexciting wood. The Super Nicki Minaj: Decent, but looked like it came from a carnival. The Toboggan Mouse: Its a mouse. The Millapede Kiddie: Boring. El Boomerango: I actually loved these when I was a kid. Batman The Vampire: Solid ride. Queen Cobra: This ride looked like it was in an undeveloped country section of the park. Keep the pictures coming dawg.
  4. The best thing about these trip reports is that everyone has a completely different perspective of the event. (Although all perspectives were extremely positive!) Even though we were all at the same park on the same day, it is still extremely enjoyable to look at each person's pictures of the day. Great report Chuck!
  5. Awesome as always! I feel like that exact newspaper article could have been written about me when I was about the same age. I still have all my original park "blueprints" in my storage closet, including my favorite Nintendo themed park.
  6. This comment definitely made me laugh. Seriously though, great pictures. The bash was a blast! Clever Guy. Clever Girl.
  7. See Below: Someone puked all over this kid on the monster at Waldameer. The ride operator found a hose, and proceeded to "hose him down" in front of everyone. Of course I had to take a picture.
  8. ^ The worst part is that this same scenario is happening at the majority of parks across the country. The main goal is a quick turnaround and sell, sell, sell.
  9. Not sure if this was the one at that specific fair. There were 2 of this same model, so its hard to be sure. However, Dixieland Amusement Park is only a 20 - 30 minute drive from SFOG and there is a credit there if you have not got it yet. It is open Saturday, 12 - 9pm and Sunday, 2 - 8pm.
  10. Untamed is oddly rough for a brand new coaster. Dare Devil Dive is a lot better in my opinion. Canobie is awesome though, and the Corkscrew used to operate on the ghetto side of Birmingham, a couple miles from my apartment. Mystery Mine > Dare Devil Dive > Spongebob > Untamed
  11. Top Thrill Dragster / Opening Week / Lots of downtime / 5.5 hours X / Opening Year / Lots of downtime / Slow Loading / Over 6 hours - I must have been a lot more patient back then, because there is no way I would wait that long anymore.
  12. Monday, August 22, 2011: Little Dipper / Tuscora Park / New Philadelphia, Ohio This credit took some extreme whoring skills. Last coaster I needed to ride in Ohio.
  13. I can't wait to see the trains. I really think they are going to be a little "different" than the rest.
  14. Tickets purchased; hotel booked, Club TPR card and Season Pass in my wallet. See some of you next Friday night!
  15. First off, let me say that I am VERY excited for this new ride. Dollywood and Silver Dollar City are two of my favorite parks anywhere. The following is only meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and comes from my interest in "conspiracy theories" and twisted movie plots. Let's ponder for a moment on the possibility that this was not always intended to be a "Wing Coaster." Now I know there's a thousand reasons why this could not be true (design process, type of track, clearance of train/track/etc), but let's only focus on the few items that could make this true. There is NO artwork/close up pictures of the train design. - Now with this being the first of its kind (to be built/in America) don't you think it would be important to show off to the public what exactly makes this coaster so unique? There is only an extremely blurry view of the train in the concept art, and really nothing else. How is the general public supposed to know what a "Wing Coaster" is without any pictures of the train, or the ride in motion at all. Which leads to the next point: There is no POV video, or off-ride video of the ride. - Once again, an extremely important feature to advertise such an unheard of design in regards to the general public. Although I am sure there are videos being made, a switch in design could have thrown these efforts behind. The "teaser" video also shows nothing of the trains and only includes a couple split second, generic, POV clips that are taken from the middle of a coaster track. - Hmmm, could be nothing; but interesting. The layout is MUCH different from the other "Wing Coasters," and more closely resembles that of a more standard design. - This needs little explanation, but we all know this could believably be concept art of a Floorless or Sitdown coaster (like Wildfire) and we would could all could see it. "The Sky is Not the Limit" never really was explained. - So now lets say it was originally intended to be a Floorless coaster. "Soar like an eagle through the Smokey Mountains with your hands towards the sky, and no coaster train below you; proving the Sky; is not the limit." Cheesy, I know, but possible (as anything is ) So why would they change their mind? Maybe they really were planning on making something very similar to Wildfire, but bigger. Maybe with all the great new coasters being announced in the coming year, they decided they wanted to be more unique. Maybe they saw the announcement for the Swarm and thought, "Wow, that could be a way more exclusive design than what we had planned." This would have been proceeded by a quick call to B&M - "hey, is there any of your new train designs that you could make work on our Wild Eagle coaster. We are willing to pay a couple million extra if you can give us something more unique." B&M runs a bunch of things through their computer models (weight tests/clearance tests, etc), and finds that because of the large, and exaggerated size of the Wild Eagle layout, they could actually fit their new Wing Coaster trains on the Dollywood coaster and its supports safely. Dollywood of course says yes, alters the station plans, and quickly tells the marketing team, they have something even more unique to work with. (This was before X-Flight was announced, so they thought they would have the first in the country). Once again, this was only meant to be a FUN exploration of the mind, and I obviously don't really believe this. This only came to mind as the people I work with (who are far from coaster enthusiasts) asked me today if I heard about the new Dollywood coaster. I of course said yes, and then they asked what they meant by "Wing Coaster." They asked if it was something like Batman or Superman, and I proceeded to explain, but then got to thinking; Why was this not made more clear in the announcement? (Like it was with Raptor, Swarm, and X-Flight). Wild Eagle - Fly On The Edge... With No Floor Below You.
  16. The anticipation is killing me. Seriously though, this is one of the best plans for an announcement ever! Kudos to the Dollywood Marketing team!
  17. ^^^^^^^^^^ THIS...is exactly why I deleted Facebook. And the fact that it is destroying the the world. Along with text messages, it is bringing us one step closer to the movie "Idiocracy." If you have not seen this movie; you need to. It's the future.
  18. I am very happy to see that the park is still doing well! With the addition of that awesome new slide complex for 2012, the waterpark is really going to be great. With all the crazy comments about Astrosphere, I really wish I would have taken the time to ride it, rather than sprinting through the park on a quick credit run as usual.
  19. Hahaha, that is awesome. I guess I do miss out on some good stuff since deleting facebook. Oh well, it gives me more time to spend on here instead.
  20. Heard this weekend in a ride queue at the park where I work: "Have you heard about the coaster in New York called King Kong? It was the tallest and fastest in the world, but my cousin who lives out there told me it got blown down in the hurricane."
  21. Great pics! I am very excited for this project as well. 2012 is going to be a very exciting year. Oh and I hate you for getting to live so close to Busch and Dominion.
  22. All this discussion about the new coaster makes me think about how much the park has changed in the past 20 years. I really miss driving in through the toll booths and seeing Shockwave's giant blue and white structure looming in front of everything else. No one texting on their phone and almost hitting your car when you were parking. No facebook to act as a breeding ground for complaints about everthing imaginable before you even get to the park. Anyways, I'm still super pumped about what is coming to the park in 2012! I'll be visiting for sure.
  23. 1) Acme Gravity Powered Roller Ride (Six Flags Over Mid America) 100) Hoosier Hurricane (Indiana Beach) 200) Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags Over Georgia) 300) Lightning Racer - Lightning (Hersheypark) 400) Maverick (Cedar Point) 500) X Coaster (Magic Springs & Crystal Falls) 600) Goliath (La Ronde) 666) The New Texas Giant 700) Cyclone (Lakeside) Other notable milestones: 13th SLC) Ednor - L'Attaque (La Ronde) 22nd Boomerang) Tidal Wave (Trimper's Rides) 100th Wood) Hell Cat/Avalanche - (Timber Falls)
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