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  1. KINGMAN COUNTY CARNIVAL Alright, so I have to give credit to the smartestscoasterkidever! for finding this rare little coaster. I decided to stop by this little place in a town called Kingman, Kansas on my way to Colorado a few weeks back. I just stopped to get pictures of this "abandonned" roller coaster when I noticed a couple ladies nearby. They informed me that they ran the carnival and that it would be open for 4 days at the end of July. They informed me that they decided to buy their own carnival rides about 7 years ago, because they didn't like the image traveling carnival folks brought to their town. They have bought a new ride almost every season, and staff each one with volunteers during this once a year fair. Everything about this little place reminded me a lot of Brookhaven Exchange Park in Mississippi. Needless to say, they invited me back to enjoy the carnival, so I did just that. I hopped in the Mini Cooper Friday afternoon, and enjoyed a fair (and a coaster), that not many people have ever experienced. Now, let the fair begin: So 30 minutes West of Wichita, you will find Kingman Kansas. During my first vist I saw the only two rides that are left standing all year; the Ferris Wheel and... ... The Screamin' Eagle!! And it looks like it someone is getting ready to put the trains on the track! And there are the coaster cars. Looks like I will be coming back in a couple weeks to see this super rare coaster in operation! So here we are, July 27, 2012. Parking at the Kingman County Fair, next to a statue of some guy riding a bull. Here is the flyer for the fair. I met up with the nice ladies that run the carnival, and they were so excited that I drove all the way here, that they gave me one of their volunteer buttons which enabled me to get VIP treatment and a free dinner! On the way to the food, I smelled, and saw a nice sized rodeo going on. They also had Kingman County Idol taking place, with all the communities best singers. (There were 4 people in the contest) Yes, I found the food! That sweet corn was amazingly awesome. 2 minutes later. Now that I have a full tummy, its time for the main event. The Kingman County Carnival!! Looks like there is a bit of a wait for tickets. But who cares, they are only 25 cents! They had a lot of homemade games to play as well. Here you can see Milk Jugs and some random Beer Pong looking game where you tossed a ping pong ball into one of about 30 glasses from someone's kitchen. A couple more classic games including the Bottle Toss, where you can win a 2 liter bottle of Sam's Choice Soda Pop. They even had Plinko! And a carnival wouldn't be complete without Mini Golf and Drinks. These lovely old men ran the High Strikers. You can also see the men's and women's restrooms in the background. And yes, there were rides as well. Ride #1: The Motorcycle/Dune Buggy/Car/Truck Ride. Ride #2: The Classic Carousel. Ride #3: The Swings. Ride #4: The Tilt A Whirl. Ride #5: The Ferris Wheel. Ride #6: The Spider (By far the most popular ride at the Carnival) And last, but definitely not least, Ride #7: The Screamin' Eagle. Lift Hill POV. (Yes I took a full ride POV as well). Overall ride layout. Track close-up! Action Shot. A shot from the back. My favorite iphone picture of the evening. So I got a new coaster credit, met some nice people, ate some great (free) food, and had a fantastic evening. So that's the Kingman County Carnival. PS - This coaster does stay here all year, so rcdb needs to add it. Thanks for reading!
  2. Awesome trip report! I'm glad you enjoyed the park, and I hope to see other TPR members visit in the near future! It's cool when I can look at a trip report from my own park, and enjoy it just as much as a trip report from a park I have never seen! Looking forward to your future travels!
  3. I have ridden at least one new coaster every year for 23 consecutive years (beginning in 1990). The biggest year was by far 2002, with 188 new coasters that season. That included a visit to every US Six Flags, Cedar Fair, and Paramount park at the time. 2011 was my runner up year with just over 100 new coasters (thanks to a Jersey Shore and Canada trip). I highly doubt I will ever break the 100 coaster barior in one year without some major international traveling.
  4. I do agree with Ravine Flyer 2. It is represented in my profile picture for goodness sake.
  5. Oh; and the Coney Island Cyclone. I totally dig the city views from coasters.
  6. Goliath; La Ronde. Not my favorite park, but I love how it's so close to the city. (and the coaster is just as good as it's taller counterparts). Millennium Force takes an easy second place.
  7. I am completely regretting not going on this trip! I have been wanting to ride that slide for years!
  8. 1) Frontier City 2) Andy Alligators (Oklahoma) 3) Celebration Station (Oklahoma) 4) Zonkers (Kansas) 5) All Star Sports 6) All Star Adventures 7) Wonderland Amusement Park 8) Six Flags Over Texas 9) Sandy Lake Amusment Park 10) Zero Gravity Amusement Park 11) Speedzone (Dallas) 12) Skateland Playdaze 13) Fun Plex 14) Worlds Of Fun 15) Kiddieland (Kansas) 16) Kiddie Park (Oklahoma) 17) Bay Beach Amusement Park 18) Six Flags Great America 19) Santa's Village Azoosment Park 20) Six Flags St. Louis 21) New York, New York Hotel 22) Adventuredome 23) Stratosphere Tower 24) Cliff's Amusement Park 25) Joyland Amusement Park (Lubbuck) 26) Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park 27) Lakeside Amusement Park 28) Heritage Square Amusement Park 29) Santa's Workshop 30) Elitch Gardens 31) Kingman County Carnival 32) Western Playland 33) Playland (Vancouver) 34) Galaxyland 35) Calaway Park 36) Silverwood 37) Riverfront Park 38) Lagoon 39) Trafalga Fun Center 40) Cowabunga Bay 41) Hollywood Connection 42) Country Mercantile 43) Oaks Amusement Park 44) Enchanted Forest 45) Wild Waves 46) Remlinger Farms
  9. Definitely one of the strangest parks I have ever been to. I can't remember how many times he sent me around that coaster, but I know I eventually said, "Ok, thats enough." And there is no shame in driving long distances for a kiddie coaster; I just got back from a 18 hour round trip that was based on kiddie coasters. Anyways, great pictures as always, it was nice to revisit my personal trip to Wood of Deadness. Keep the pictures coming.
  10. 100% Storm Runner. I really hope that whatever Magic Mountain gets next year has some similarities to this awesome coaster.
  11. Dammit Steve, I'm going to need pictures from your trip last week ASAP. Get on it slacker.
  12. ^^ Steve - I have problems reading your posts because I am still staring at that creepy a$$ profile picture. On a more related note, I will be riding this lovely new coaster in 2 weeks.
  13. 40 mpg when I'm on cruise control on the highway.
  14. I bought it with 25,000, and it is getting ready to break 90,000. So about 65,000 miles so far. 50,000 of those miles were within the first year. By the end of next month (April 2012), I will have had the car one and a half years.
  15. The rest of my 2011 season consisted of small, 2 or 3 day trips whenever I could escape from work. Deep South Bash was one of these awesome trips, and was honestly one of the best park days I have had in a long time. Here are some of the highlights, and a couple left over pictures from my Northeast trip. Back at Seabreeze, I got up close and personal with a classic old woody. I also drove past another defunct park that I had visited about 10 years ago. Fun Spot Park in Angola, Indiana. I'm pretty sure this is still for sale. At Deep South Bash, I got some more rides on Dare Devil Dive Coaster! Random photo of Mindbender, but I liked it a lot, so I included it. The day after DSB, I ventured back to Valdosta, Georgia to check out what was new since my last visit. On another random trip I stopped by this little rinky dink place. Returned here for a quick photo op, but then off to the real goal of the day... Six Flags Over Texas! This is my new home Six Flags park, now that I live in OKC, and with rides like The New Texas Giant; I am thrilled to be within a few hour drive. Batman The Ride! And Golia...err, I mean Titan! And another classic, that is almost as good as the Mindbender at SFOG; Shockwave! And not too far down the road, a coaster was open that didn't used to be open very often. Of course I had to take advantage of this. Yesterland Farm! Another random weekend took me up the freeways of North and South Carolina. I always stop to check things like this out. Oh, and there is a park here! Too bad the coaster was lying in pieces in the corner. Now for the real purpose of this trip, Deadwood! This place is very unique, and I highly suggest you ride the train. Its a once in a lifetime experience. As for the kiddie coaster, the guy in charge has no problem at all letting adults ride. He even let me take a POV. Back down the coast, I needed to grab a photo op. at O.D. Pavilion. Hey look, there's a new ferris wheel in town! Hooray, and Family Kingdom is open too! This is the Swamp Fox. Oh Hardrock Park. Good thing I got to visit a couple years ago; This was actually a very good coaster when it ran. There are a lot of Go Karts in Myrtle Beach as well! Hey, I think TPR has done some credit whoring here before. My sister lives in Texas, and just recently had my first niece, Tatum. While she was resting from being in the hospital, I decided to get a couple new coaster rides in at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Goliath was new for me, and also was the last B & M in North America I needed to ride. Looks like that won't be the case after this coming weekend! Ah, the last trip of the 2011 season. I had always wanted to drive all the way around Lake Michigan, so that I did the final week of 2011. I stopped by to see the new Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach in Green Bay. Too bad it was 10 degrees outside. I'll be back to ride someday soon, I promise. Half way around I crossed the beautiful Mackinac Bridge. This seriously was gorgeous trip. Coming down through Michigan, I stopped to get my winter photo op. at Kokomo's! And, of course I had to get some new coaster credits on this trip. This is Jeepers in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Python Pit was coaster #675. Jeepers in Southfield, Michigan. THis was right off of 8-Mile road, and possibly one of the scariest coaster experiences I have had. I was pretty sure someone was going to steal my car, I got growled at by a group of teenagers in this mall, and I 100% witnessed a shady looking guy twirling a knife in the parking lot. Long story short, I rode the coaster and left in approximately 8 minutes. This Python Pit was coaster #676. Jeepers in Clinton Township was waaaaaay safer feeling. No issue getting on the coaster, and no worries for my life. My final coaster of the year was this Python Pit, at coaster #677. This concludes Mikey's 2011 coaster season. Stay tuned for 2012, as well as some trip reports from the past. I will be busy working at my new place of employment in Oklahoma City, so be sure to stop by Frontier City and say hello if you're ever in the area. I'd be glad to show you around!
  16. ^ I have not made it to Land of Make Believe yet. That and Bowcraft are the only two parks I have yet to visit in New Jersey. I will be sure to visit both next time I make it up that way!!
  17. I'm really sad I didn't stay long enough to really explore the park. I really just came in to ride the new coaster at opening and then jet because I had to drive back to Alabama. Fortunately, I came in on a comp ticket from someone at IAAPA, so I didn't feel so bad. Next time I will be sure to spend a lot more time there. Great pictures, it made me want to bust out my Lego's, which I definitely still have. Fun Fact: I was once featured in a issue of Brick Kicks/Lego Mania magazine. I was like 10 at the time, and I thought I was a big deal.
  18. So now its time to whore the Jersey shore. Speaking of that, here's a Snooki joke. Q - What do Snooki and Garfield have in common? A - They are both fat, orange, and love lasagna. Now we can proceed onto the pictures. Keansburg Amusement Park. The first of a whole lot of similar rides throughout the day. Next was Jenkinson's Boardwalk, then Funtown Pier, but didn't get the picture at either. Parking was a nightmare, and all these parks were super packed this particular weekend; so I missed a lot of photo ops. I did get one of Casino Pier on my way out! In true whore fashion, I conquered the kiddie coaster at Blackbeard's Cave. I arrived at Storybook Land just as they were closing. They actually let me in free to go ride the coaster after I explained what I was there for. Next up was Gillian's Funland, Gillian's Wonderland Pier, and Playland's Castaway Cove. These parks have some very interesting ride; and very carnival-like feels. The pizza and orange soda was delicious though. After this, I headed to Steel Pier, and ended up at Fantasy Island Amusement Park. Thank goodness a lot of these shore parks were open till midnight that night. Just down the coast, I found myself starting the day with another kiddie coaster at Baja Amusements in Ocean City, Maryland. What's this? Could it be? It is, it is!!! The last Boomerang I need to ride in the United States! Hooray! Thanks Trimper's for providing me with such joy. There were two Jolly Roger Parks nearby, so of course I had to stop by and get some coaster rides. This was Jolly Roger Amusement Park, and the other was right next to Trimpers and called Jolly Roger at the Pier. On my way to my next destination, I found an abandoned park complete with an old coaster just sitting around. Blue Diamond Park in Delaware. RIP. Next up was a quick credit run at Sesame Place. Thank goodness I had a Busch pass because I would have hated to pay the rediculous admission price for this little place. It was nice though. A return trip to Dorney Park to ride Possessed, as well as some re-rides on some old favorites. It had just stormed, so the park was dead this night. Lucky me. This day began at Seabreeze in Rochester, NY. The park opened at 11, but none of the coasters opened until after noon. I was slightly annoyed. The bobsled coaster here was very interesting. Strange park, but very pretty location. Back to Ohio to get my last credit in the state at Tuscora Park. This very small park took some major convincing to get on the kiddie coaster. Finally, a new ride operator came over and asked how old I was, and I responded with "how old do I have to be to be able to ride?" He said under 17, so I promptly responded with "Well then I'm 16." 2 minutes later I was happily making laps on the tiny coaster. The last park of this giant trip in August was at Paige's Crossing in Indiana. This was the last credit I needed in Indiana, so I made sure to stop by. Basically just an FEC with a few small rides, and other kids related stuff. Now its back to Birmingham for some rest before my next weekend trips. See ya soon!
  19. ^^^ 99er: Yes it definitely was! ^^ Skycoastin Steve: I am a master, and I have no shame. Big Mike is pretty good too . ^ Big Mike: We are very similar! I have a little over 100 coasters left to ride in the US, and the majority of them are out of the way kiddie parks. I actually went back for a second visit to Route 66 Carousel Park at the end of the season last year, and was able to finally convince a ride op to walk over and let me ride the Go Gator. I told him I only needed to go around once, and he gave in. Currently, I am only sitting with only one denied kiddie coaster, the Dragon Wagon at Funtown Pier in New Jersey. I tried really hard, but failed. Many others have taken multiple visits, but I have been pretty lucky. Two things have helped me get a lot of those kiddie coasters - 1) I rode a lot of them when I was younger, 2) I work in the industry, so I actually know a lot of the management at parks around the US; and even where I don't, it seems to help with my persuasion when trying to convince a supervisor/manager to let me ride.
  20. Hey Big Mike! As you saw on my Mikey's Mini thread, I am defintiely on the same track as you are! So here's my list of parks/coasters that i have that you haven't yet: Parks: 1) Cobra Adventure Park - 2006 2) Sam's Fun City - 2010 3) Grady's Family Fun Park - 2009 4) Celebration Station - 2010 5) Dixie Landing - 2010 6) Kokomo's Family Fun Center - 2011 7) Brookhaven Exchange Club Park - 2011 8) O.D. Pavillion - 2011 9) Knucklehead's -2009 10) Little Amerricka - 2009 Coasters: 1) X- Coaster 2) Dragon Wagon (Cobra) 3) Miner Mike (Sam's) 4) Hangman 5) Swamp Thing 6) Viking Voyage 7) Dragon Wagon (Grady's) - This one took some convincing. 8) Little Dipper (SFGAM) 9) Miner Mike (CS) 10) Galaxi 11) Loco Loco 12) Ragin Cajun 13) Xtreme 14) Cosmic Coaster 15) All American Coaster 16) Wack Worm (Gillians) 17) Fiesta Express (GIllians) 18) Soaring Eagle 19) Dinosaur Canyon 20) Steel Lasso 21) Sky Rocket 22) American Flyer 23) Miner Mike (Zuma) 24) Miner MIke (Knuckle) 25) Little Dipper (Little Am) 26) Mad Mouse 27) Meteor 28) Wild and Wooly Toboggan 29) Hades 30) Opa 31) Wildcat (Funland) - took 3 visits 32) Cactus Coaster 33) Sooper Jet - rode with a kid i did not know 34) Miner Mike (Adventuredome) - got this only because I knew the manager 35) Brain Teaser 36) Little Dipper (Conneaut) 37) Speedy Gonzalez - took 2 visits and a talk with management 38) Go Gator (NA) - talked to a supervisor Wow, I must be your younger brother from another mother .
  21. My journey through the Midwest and the Northeast continue in this update. Six Flags Great America! Had to make a return visit to one of my favorite parks growing up. Can't wait to make a return visit for X-Flight reloaded. Oh, and there's a kiddie coaster nearby that I needed to ride! This is Haunted Trails in the suburbs of Chicago. Well here is where I began my amusement park career. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. Ha. Not the best indoor waterpark in town, but still pretty good. Castaway Bay! And in true credit whore fashion, I got my ride on another tiny coaster at Memphis Kiddie Park just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. Had to make a return visit to Waldameer in Erie, Pennsylvania to get my rides on Ravine Flyer 2. During this visit, a kid puked on himself on one of the spinning rides, and the ride operator took him to the middle of the midway and hosed him down in front of everyone. I'll find that picture and post it soon. Ravine Flyer 2, you so perty. So I stopped at Canada's Wonderland, but didn't get my signature picture. Later that day I traveled to a nearby, off the beaten path park called Wild Water & Wheels. The last Pipeline coaster (that I know of) was actually very fun. I got multiple rides on it as I was literally the only one at the park. I missed the picture opportunity at La Ronde because the parking lot confused the poop out of me. I traveled to Santa's Village the next day in New Hampshire, where I did get a picture, and another kiddie coaster. Just a couple miles down the road, I found myself whoring out another coaster at Six Gun City. Missed the picture at Canobie Lake Park as well, but Untamed was good, but definitely not the best Euro-FIghter. Later that day I found Funworld where I really whored it out on a dragon coaster. Quassy Park is so unique, and with a new coaster, I had to make a return visit. Wooden Warrior is great for its size, as everyone else has said. I also visited Adventureland in New York, but it was too dark for a picture, but I made it to Boomers right before close to ride a coaster and take a crappy picture. Six Flags Great Adventure added Green Lantern, so I went to get my ride before the Jersey Shore parks opened around noon. And of course I had to get a picture of Kingda Ka. I still love this ride. Now off to the Jersey Shore parks, but first... The kid getting the puke hosed off of him at Waldameer. Now that's customer service!
  22. I personally liked Renegade more than Prowler, but it could have been because i got a bunch of night rides on it which may have influenced my decision. As for the "Chomp, Chomp, Roar," the Worlds of Fun operators take the gold. I'm working on finding the video of that operator now. DSCF2789.MP4 So this video was only meant to capture audio, so pay no attention to the horrible camera angle. only Skycoastin Steve will appreciate this.
  23. So I've been busy since last August. I visited a ton of parks, traveled a ton of miles, and moved to Oklahoma City. I suppose its about time to post some more pictures of the Mini's travels across the continent. I'll just pick up where I left off after my visit to Brookhaven Exchange Park. I decided to drive by the abandoned Six Flags New Orleans/Jazzland. I was actually fortunate enough to visit this park in 2002. I also decided to cool of on some waterslides at Gulf Islands Waterpark in Gulf Islands, Mississippi. The water coaster was a lot of fun, but not really worth the wait. Oh, hello Alabama Adventure. My former place of employment the past 4 years may soon be hitting the history books. New for 2011, Buzzsaw Falls. So yeah, I helped build a ride that may have only operated for one season. Not my proudest moment. Hooray! Its time for my yearly August trip! First stop, Adventureland in Altoona, Iowa. I drove straight through the night to get here so I was pretty tired this day, but the park definitely had some interesting coasters. I also made it to Arnold's Park, in Arnold's Park, Iowa. Nice park with a very "old school" feel. Wild Thing! I made a return visit to Valleyfair to ride the somewhat new Renegade. Great coaster. Oh, and Steel Venom was new since my last visit too. More to come very soon.
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